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Bachelor Party Seafood restaurant

You should pick a better city for your bachelor party if you're willing to travel that far

about 20 hours ago
Beachowolfe in Greater Boston Area

LA not mentioned as a good city for foodies

Went back to TPC again. It's just not that great. Under crisped fish and shrimp tacos, breading was actually a little soggy in places and seemed overly thick. Tortillas weren't as lackluster as previously thought but they still didn't stand out.

Had a scallop tostada as well. Scallops were great eaten on their own but the whole tostada was overpowered by the pickles. Nice crispy tortilla.

Salsa verde was excellent, roja ok (not as good as TPV), chipotle was good, pineapple habanero was ok - could have used more heat to balance out the sweet.

$1000 mandatory minimum bill for a large group?

Out with the damn restaurant!

Row 34

Or just stay at Row 34 and put a dent in that awesome beer list.

dunkin donuts, time to make the donuts, opens in LA sept, 2nd

fahkin lahge iced regulah, ked!!!!!!!!!

Aug 22, 2014
Beachowolfe in Los Angeles Area

Where to "wow" a visitor with "do NOT miss this place" recommendations

Interesting list. Where is that Malort, btw?

Aug 21, 2014
Beachowolfe in Los Angeles Area

Boston - Saturday Night - No Reservations - Where to Go?

Never too late for a reservation, if it's full on Open Table call the restaurant, be pleasant, and ask if they can squeeze you in.

You have good Asian in Portland? Maybe a trip to C Town?

LA not mentioned as a good city for foodies

That looks good, even more so if I think of "cauliflower" as some exotic fish that I've never heard of.

Like I said, I the place, tacos included. Just don't think it's mind blowing.

Aug 14, 2014
Beachowolfe in Los Angeles Area

First Dunkin' Donuts Lands in Santa Monica

Dunks is like the In-N-Out of coffee and breakfast sandwiches. Comparing it to a place like Huckleberry or Amandine for pastries is silly.

Aug 06, 2014
Beachowolfe in Los Angeles Area

Liquid Art House

There is some amazing plastic surgery on that website

Foster's Ale

Caramel color

Australian for koala piss

Jul 30, 2014
Beachowolfe in Beer

Traditional Boston eatery? Need multiple recs

Can you guys provide some clarification on the word "bad"?

Accusing a restaurant of having bad clams, in the sense of spoiled, is a little different than either

1) not liking whole belly fried clams or
2) having subpar clams

I'm not saying you did or didn't have spoiled seafood, but that's quite an important distinction and not one you should make without being sure.

Is Maison Publique the right choice?

stak, correct

Best Seafood North End

Mamma Maria is one of the top two or three restaurants in the North End. I think it would have come up in the recs frequently had you not asked for seafood.

Keep the rez.

Need rec near Park Plaza Hotel ASAP

+1 for downstairs at BdM

three nights in boston -- please help, lots of questions! (warning--long post)

Also, right next to Row 34

three nights in boston -- please help, lots of questions! (warning--long post)

Day 1 - If you're having dinner at No9 there are two great beer/cocktail bars right around the corner for post-dinner drinks: Stoddard's and JM Curley. If so inclined, you can hit Lord Hobo, CBC, Meadhall (maybe one other beer-bar on this route that I'm missing?) on a mini-crawl pre-dinner, then hop on the red line to Park St for No9.
Cragie is just as spendy but much more casual (it was Cragie Street Bistro, orginally). The food is phenomenal.

Day 2 - Harvard, Muqueca, afternoon coffee/pastry in N End sounds pretty sweet. If you wanted to do a lobster roll instead of Brazilian, the best one in Boston is at Neptune in the North End and lunch time is probably easiest to get a table there. For coffee, I like Caffe Paradiso to sit down.
Skip Sunset Grill, they have a ton of beers but nothing very interesting and people often express quality control issues. Publick House is very good, IMO, and close to Ribelle.

Day 3 - I'd vote for ICOB (unless you do Neptune on D2), it's a complete apples/oranges comparison to James Hook, though. ICOB has a top notch cocktail program and there are some other great bars around Fenway: Hawthorne, ESK, Citizen Pub, Lower Depths (cash only) for pre and post-dinner drinks.

It's going to be tough to squeeze in your other targets, but Toro is great. I think you may be sorry if you skip the South End in general. You have two lunches, I'd aim for a lobster roll (Neptune or ICOB) one day and either Muqueca or South End the second. Plenty of recs on SE if you search.

I would try to get down to the seaport if possible. It's lively and the views of downtown, especially from the roof deck bar at Legal Harborside, are really nice. You can hit Flour while you're down there, nothing too destination-worthy for dining.

The Old Rip Van Winkle 10 is gonna be hard to find unless they are releasing a shipment to Boston that arrives when you do. Most of those bottles would likely be spoken for anyway. I've had good luck with the lottery system at Julio's in Westboro, though.

Union Square Donuts is in Somerville (I think). Not Dewey square, which is downtown. It's probably kinda out of the way for a donut.

EDIT: Ribelle and No9 are both Italian-ish... Skip No9 and go to Craigie, esp if you are already having second thoughts. You should still try to pop in to JMC or Stoddard's if you're in the hood at some point though.

EDIT AGAIN: I'm an idiot... ICOB people just opened Row 34 in Fort Point. Open for lunch. Go there.

LA not mentioned as a good city for foodies


Jul 09, 2014
Beachowolfe in Los Angeles Area

Is Maison Publique the right choice?

I'm coming in town for a bachelor party in September. A couple of us will be in one day early and want to have a non-bachelor party dinner. By that, I mean a little more focused on food (we're going to Buonanotte for dinner on Saturday) but not Toque!.

Is Maison Publique a good choice? If not, then where?

Awesome burgers: new thread

BBSC waaaaaay better than JMC

LA not mentioned as a good city for foodies

Let's not turn this into Boston vs. LA, at least in this thread. I'm not saying that Boston has better Mexican. It has a glut of expensive "Mexican" and a few small, quality places.

I'm also not attacking TPC, I like it there. I just don't think it's anything special. I would never drive more than 10 minutes to get to it. As I've stated before, the only standout to me is the hot sauce bar.

I'll ask for a third time... What am I missing? What makes it so special to the rest of you?

Jul 07, 2014
Beachowolfe in Los Angeles Area

LA not mentioned as a good city for foodies

Kind of a different interpretation of "city" as "major metropolitan area" rather than defining by Government style.

Still waiting on why anyone thinks TPC is "special" or any responses to the comments about the crispiness of the fish (and scallops) or the mediocre tortillas.

Jul 07, 2014
Beachowolfe in Los Angeles Area

LA not mentioned as a good city for foodies

Jesus dude, you're not making this discussion easy are you? My original claim was "Tacos Punta Cabras, while good, is not special by any stretch of the imagination."

I can see that you're not willing to go beyond my slightly hyperbolic following statement that "I can find similar tacos in any city in America." If I concede that not every single city in America, especially Loveland, OH and it's population of 12,000, has a comparable taco stand can we move on to what makes you think TPC is special?

I've had better fish tacos in Boston, btw.

Jul 07, 2014
Beachowolfe in Los Angeles Area

LA not mentioned as a good city for foodies

I'm not mad, brocio. Tell me what makes TPC so great, I asked a clear question and I'm willing to admit having missed something if you can show me what that is. But, to this point you have still failed at pointing out anything extraordinary about the place.

I'll re-ask:
Maybe someone could enlighten me? What is it that's got you guys so hyped about this place?

Here’s something for you to contest- IMO, their batter isn't all that light or crispy (has at times, even been soggy) and the tortillas are a bit flavorless, I can barely tell that they're corn and not flour. I like the tortillas at Paco's in Culver more (though the rest of their "Mexican" food was just OK).

Jul 07, 2014
Beachowolfe in Los Angeles Area

LA not mentioned as a good city for foodies

Wow, the amount of butthurt is amazing. Loveland, Ohio? Ad absurdum much?

Similar - resembling without being identical.

In this case, simple, battered fish/shrimp tacos with the typical fillings - cabbage slaw, etc.

Listen, I like the place and I go there once every couple months, but I don't find anything remarkable about the preparation.Maybe someone could enlighten me? What is it that's got you guys so hyped about this place? Tortillas? meh Fish? nope. Shrimp? nope. Hot sauces? They're the only thing that stands out in the least bit to me.

Jul 06, 2014
Beachowolfe in Los Angeles Area

LA not mentioned as a good city for foodies

I can find similar quality tacos in any city in America

Jul 03, 2014
Beachowolfe in Los Angeles Area

Must-do Boston eateries- July10-13


Must-do Boston eateries- July10-13

O Ya

Best....French and/or seafood... 4 people $300 dinner inc drinks

Bistro du Midi or Troquet, not as cool as ESK or Row 34 but not stuffy like L'Espalier either.

Best Italian restaurant - limited to Boston itself

I probably shouldn't put this out in public, but fuck it, I live on the west coast now. That line down the street at Mike's is for tourists. Just walk in the left side and go up to the counter.

I love those neon green pistachio macaroons at Mike's. They're sickening sweet but really, really good. Modern for cannolis and torrone and Maria's for sfogliatelle.