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bread in birmingham

I am looking for some very good, very beautiful artisan rolls and breads in Birmingham, AL. Anyone have any favorite spots?

Feb 03, 2010
charlottecooks in Southeast

Athens, GA: Heresy!

I said it before, but my post was removed. You don't get nominated for James Beard two times in a row for nothing.

Athens, GA: Heresy!

always order from the special board... all the greatest meals have been from there

Cafe 100 (market place) Asheville

Isn't it called Bar 100?

Bon Appetit Cover - August 08

it only has to be real ice cream if it's an ice cream advertisement. - truth in advertising act. fake ice cream (made from crisco) is still very popular.

The "new" Bon Appetit (magazine)

take it from a food stylist- the messy look is huge right now in editorial outlets. we'll be seeing it for a while longer


this is weird, but I think the two youngsters teamed up would make a great little show. They work well together. A youngster show cooking for other youngsters......

figs in western NC

I know this is way too soon, but what month do we start to get them up here?

Brevard(NC) - Maple? Anyone been?

Thank you for going to all that trouble!

Brevard(NC) - Maple? Anyone been?

Have they put the thai beef salad back on the menu?

Ready for the Next Food Network Star?

Daisy is a real chef with a real book- and she cooks real food. I bet her dish tasted 100 times better. Why don't you try both recipes and report back? Please remember that when the producers of a food network show are choosing and planning the "talent's" menu more is taken into consideration on how it looks and how to dumb it down rather than teaching the viewer anything useful or how it tastes....

Atlanta, Marietta, Tasty China. Full Report

I ate there about a month ago and the exact same thing happened to me. It was kind of a bummer, as I was very excited to eat there and wanted to order some items that you nice folks had recommended. I was overruled two out of four and told to order 2 others. Why bother having a menu? She was, very, very inhospitable. She acted like she didn't even want us to be in there and refused to let us order appetizers before entrees. I believe her exact words were "you don't know...."

ps. her recommendations were fine, but after reading that blog I wonder about her intentions

NFNS - Ep 1

she could have at least bought proper size carrots and cut and peel them---

avenue sea in apalachicola fl

We're visiting in june. What in you all's opinion is the best hole in the wall fried seafood and/or raw oyster place?

Jun 03, 2008
charlottecooks in Florida

Salsa Asheville - May 2008

I think they either infuse the habernos in a simple syrup or just use some ground haberno powder.

Last Resort Grill in Athens, Ga.

recipe for soup or the bread? I'd check cook's illustrated for a good tomato basil soup recipe

Blais at Home in Atlanta

what all was in the bouillablais? what makes it so "blais?"

Holeman and Finch - Atlanta

What's the address?

Uniquely Georgia Cuisine?

Go to Watershed in decatur. You won't be disappointed- the guy's a beard award winner and is truely southern with an upscale take.

Athens, GA: new businesses news.

A third mikro? holy cow! That guy needs to step on the brakes. Eager to hear about the pho place, we'll be returning to athens soon to visit and I'd love it if that place turned out to be good. keep the updates coming!

Top Chef-Improv

I think the most eye rolling ugghh moment of the whole episode was that pompous richard and his "..I'm really witty," complement to himself. Well, alert the internet folks, another jerkwad who thinks of himself as a god-like phenomenon, never met one of those before---
He makes me cringe.

Times Reviews Asheville? [moved from South board]

date check.

Asheville - The Green Sage is open!

I feel you budget pains believe me, but what they are trying to do with their green/eco/organic/humane mission isn't cheap. I applaud their efforts, and hope they get acquainted with their salt shaker.

Take 5 Review Asheville [moved from South board]

i agree with you leah. I also enjoyed reading her reviews, no matter what kind of literary references were involved.

Take 5 Review Asheville [moved from South board]

Hmmm. He ordered the steak. Steak was tough. Tough steak detracted from steak dish? I'm sorry, I thought the dish was the steak. What goes through this guy's head?

Anyway-- Couldn't agree with you more! That mcdaniel guy really boils my blood. I can't even read that crap anymore because it actually makes me angry to read. Can't believe he takes himself seriously, with such great phrases like "it had complex flavors.." (from bouchon "review") DID IT REALLY! complex flavors, how so mr.mcdaniel??? We've never heard of that before! Someone please alert the internet!

But, I suppose it has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that he is married to the features editor of the paper who makes those assignments. Oh, ethics, ethics, ethics...

If you really want a laugh visit his website.

One of you chowhounds that has a website with restaurant reviews that you do for fun should seriously try and query with that ridiculous rag. Probably won't have any luck, but it's worth a shot

Quarry - Brevard, NC

Tapas? eh? Hmm. Can't wait to hear about your next meal! Good riddance to that terrible Jason's place.

bar 100 at marketplace - asheville

Anyone eaten off the new bar 100 menu? How is the dining experience different?

Chorizo - Asheville

We actually had a fantastic dinner there a few weeks ago. Hector was cooking. Amazing crispy squid and a wonderful chile rellano crusted with pumpkin seeds with pickled squash. Everything was really spot on and clean (in presentation and flavor).

p.s.- I'll take my jalapeƱo with the seeds in any day!

Lawrenceville, GA (or nearby) suggestions?

I second the thai lotus. Always have had excellent food and friendly service there

Vit Goal Tofu Restaurant (Korean)- Durham

I was just in durham this weekend and went there for dinner on saturday. First off, the interior was was much nicer than I expected and the service was much nicer than I expected. I went alone and didn't get any rude attitude for taking a two-top table when the place was packed. My waitress was even nice when I decided to upgrade my original order of tofu soup to the combo with shot ribs. Overall, very polite.
Food was amazing. Enjoyed every last bite and am glad I made the wandering trip from downtown to find it (I did get lost a few times). I will go back for sure when I'm visiting durham again. But, someone tell me, what is that drink they give you- it kind of looks like water but more yellow and has a taste like sweet rice. Anybody know?

Mar 31, 2008
charlottecooks in Southeast