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Easy Kettle Corn

I use a West Bend Stir Crazy popcorn popper and it works great and I get perfect kettle corn, with little effort and it is fairly healthy. I use a little less oil than this recipe calls for, but I put the oil, popcorn AND sugar in the popper and turn it on. Once it is done, I flip it over (the lid becomes a bowl), add salt and give it a quick stir.

The Stir Crazy has a non stick coating and it stirs the Kernels continuously. It didn't' take much time for it to pay for itself over buying kettle corn. Also, I find that kettle corn right out of the cooker is best and many times at fairs and such, it is not as fresh. Even if they are making it right there, unless you see them bag up your bag, chances are your bag was made that morning.

Aug 26, 2009
KimJSCP in Recipes