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Teatro Calgary - Experience with Private Functions?

Great - I'm excited to have our event there. FYI to anyone who books large functions - today I went to a luncheon put on by the Calgary Stampede. They have several nice venues already (we had a Christmas party in the Rotary House, a log cabin and absolutelybeautiful setting in winter) and they've redone some areas. The Arabian room is where we had our lunch and there was a very nice wide view of the downtown skyline, the food was absolutely delicious - creative apps, a delicious plated lunch, and excellent desserts. Excellent service, too. Quite a change from the usual fare I've had at events on the grounds (beef on a bun, anyone?)

Sep 30, 2009
forbsie1 in Prairie Provinces

Teatro Calgary - Experience with Private Functions?

Thanks everyone for your feedback - i've gone ahead and booked the room! After a second conversation with the restaurant, they were more willing to add items not traditionally included, such as roasted vegetables (they were initially strict with staying true to the listed options).

At our party there will be gift opening and games of sorts, so the buffet allowing for mingling is ideal.

Thanks again! Cant wait to see the beautiful room at Christmas!

Sep 14, 2009
forbsie1 in Prairie Provinces

Teatro Calgary - Experience with Private Functions?

I am looking for a venue to host my team's Christmas Luncheon. Given the industry, we have been put at guidelines of approx. 50/per person, totalling 2500 for my team.

I have my heart set on Teatro becasue the Opera Room is beautiful......unfortunately with our budget restrictions I can only order from the Food Station menu which is failry limited

Prime Alberta Beef on a Fresh Baguete
Seafood Selection
Risotto in a Grana Padano Cheese Wheel
Fruit platters
Dessert Platters

I can make this work for my budget, but I am worried about the food. Does it seem sparse to you? THey dont offer a christmas menu at all. Has anybody had these items? Shoudl I jsut go elsewhere and forgo the rooom???

Aug 25, 2009
forbsie1 in Prairie Provinces