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3 Nights In New Orleans w/a big group of NY'ers

You'll have to split up and freelance or you'll all end up eating in banquet rooms. Don't miss galatoires, comanders palace and jacques-imo"s

Mar 15, 2010
srqmichael in New Orleans

Istanbul, what spices to bring

can't help with your choices,but make sure you visit the spice market at the foot of the galata bridge. Barrels and barrels of every spice know to man. they'll help you with your selection.

Mar 11, 2010
srqmichael in Europe

Trip Report: NOLA December 4-8, 2009

Oh no. I,m staying at the sheraton starting on thursday. Don,t tell me I made a mistake.

Dec 15, 2009
srqmichael in New Orleans

New Orleans Trip Report (LONG!!!) November 9-14, 2009

my wife says I have a drinking problem, but I,m an amateur next to you guys. We're coming into town on the 17th of dec. and along with all the usual spots(nola-galatoires-commanders palace) we're trying luke for the first time and the sazerac bar in the roosevelt hotel. Last june the roulette table at Harrahs bought us two meals.Hope our luck holds this time

Nov 27, 2009
srqmichael in New Orleans

T.O. visits N.O. redux.

I agree about Mothers. I was there before Katrina and it was interesting and good, Went there last time (June) and it was awful..Terrible service and terrible food. Do any of you natives know what happened to an institution??

Oct 23, 2009
srqmichael in New Orleans

Best restaurants open after 1000pm

I would imagine that Harrahs would have Late night Dining. That's where I would go about 3 minutes after I dropped my suitcase in the room. Watch that roulette table though.

Oct 23, 2009
srqmichael in New Orleans


coming back for second time this year.. okay, what's the best steak in nola? no chains please. you people are the most informative on chow.

Oct 13, 2009
srqmichael in New Orleans


need a breakfast place in foggy bottom(20th & penna) sunday and monday. no brunch please.
i'm a jersey diner kind of guy. thanks.

fried chicken in d.c.

Who serves the best fried chicken that is not a chain??

prime rib in d.c.

you guys are trying to kill me. Ray's sounds good but I don't want t travel. Thinking lamb chops at Martins, prime rib at The Prime Rib and Veal chop at Palm. Spending days sightseeing city,since I haven't been to washington since "75".

prime rib in d.c.

oops- what about the Palm ? any other suggestions for a steakhouse thats not a chain,but locals are aware of?

prime rib in d.c.

thanks everybody-How,s this sound?

sat nite-Martins tavern

sun nite-The Prime Rib

mon nite-Mortons and back to Florida tues A.M.

prime rib in d.c.

thanks elyssa-I think i,ll try it. I,m a prime rib fanatic. Best I ever had was at Lowrey,s prime rib in L.A..

prime rib in d.c.

coming to d.c. in sept and will be alone, so will want to sit at the bar for dinner. Do the following serve at the bar??--capital grill-prime rib-occidential-sam & harry.. Also, why do I always hear such negative reviews for The Prime Rib?? Any other suggestions for a good prime rib dinner. Thanks