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Pumpkin Spice Almonds -- Tried Them?

Digging up an old thread here, but the pumpkin spice variety is DELICIOUS.
They're similar in texture to the ones dusted with cocoa powder, but these have a clove/cinnamon taste, and actually a very mellow pumpkin flavor as well (powdered pumpkin IS listed in the ingredients). Very subtly sweet, but hardly at all. Really well-balanced flavors.

I picked up this can at my Walgreens when they were on sale 2 6oz cans for $4. This was the only can of this type they had. I need to go check for more!

Jun 04, 2013
matthewf01 in General Topics

Creative Taco Ideas from Chowhound

Made some killer tacos last night from leftover beef shoulder fillet I'd roasted with a lot of rosemary, mixed with leftover cubed butternut squash. Big hit... I think you can put any old thing in a taco and have a decent experience.

May 01, 2012
matthewf01 in Features

Leftover smelt roe - what should I do with it?

Thanks gordeaux and FishTales, didn't know it could be frozen. This helps a may become a regular staple now :)

Ended up last night mixing a considerable amount of it up with some canned tuna, chopped cucumber, celery, parsley, Sriracha, rice vinegar, a little mayo, soy sauce, couple drops of sesame oil, and some crumbled nori, for a pretty tasty Asian-flavored tuna salad.

Feb 29, 2012
matthewf01 in General Topics

Leftover smelt roe - what should I do with it?

I was considering that too, actually... the only thing throwing me off was 'eggs with eggs' --- would this be so meta, it'd be a waste?

Feb 29, 2012
matthewf01 in General Topics

Leftover smelt roe - what should I do with it?

Good joke, 5 points :)

Feb 29, 2012
matthewf01 in General Topics

Leftover smelt roe - what should I do with it?

I'm coming off a homemade sushi bender weekend... bought a big tub (probably 1 cup in total) of smelt fish roe (the tiny orange ones) of which I used a few tablespoons worth.

After making some standard varieties of maki/temaki this weekend, and using up the leftover sushi-grade tuna/salmon last night by making "quinoa sushi" (the results of which were surprisingly impressive), I'm still left with a big pile of roe I don't want to waste, since I do love it.

Any other ideas on what to do with it? I'm trying to avoid rice/grains/fast-burning carbs during weekdays (which is why I saved my sushi binge for the weekend), otherwise I'd probably eat it mixed with Kewpie on Saltines :)

Welcoming inventive suggestions.

Feb 28, 2012
matthewf01 in General Topics

Chocolate Lava Cake

Can you elaborate on why pastry chefs came to "loathe" these types of dessert? Just curious.

Feb 13, 2012
matthewf01 in Recipes

Make Your Own Corn Dogs

How about a chorizo dog? How about breading it with a little bit of blue corn added in?

Aug 04, 2011
matthewf01 in Features

Pork and Pâté Vietnamese Sandwich (Banh Mi)

There's definitely something unique about the BBQ pork, as glendabbrown eludes to. Some places have better pork than others, and the best usually has a little of that nice charred taste from cooking over a flame. But it's also usually stained a deep red from some kind of crazy marinade, almost the same as Chicken 65 (Indian dish).

ALSO, there is SOMETHING really special about the mayonnaise they use. It isn't just straight mayo, and it has a yellow tinge and some considerable sweetness and tartness. If you can't figure out what the traditional mayonnaise 'sauce' consists of, then Kewpie Japanese mayo is a close second...and Hellmans would be like, in case of emergency. But don't you dare... :)

Feb 02, 2011
matthewf01 in Recipes

Why Do Bananas Turn Black in the Refrigerator?

I find I can preserve a banana that's turning dark brown for another few days without much ill effect on the fruit itself by refridgerating...

Jun 03, 2010
matthewf01 in Features

Caesar Dressing

As a few others have mentioned, coddling the egg is traditional, and may placate any 'raw egg' fears, though coddling really doesn't cook it at all.
Also, Alton Brown says that anchovies are NOT an ingredient of caesar salad; they are a component of worchestershire, which IS traditional, therefore people made the assumption that anchovies were an ingredient.

Here's an episode of good eats where he builds a caesar salad:

May 10, 2010
matthewf01 in Recipes

Easy Buffalo Wings

On the subject of fried vs broiled vs baked etc - I actually came across a pretty awesome food experiment (well, awesome if you love buffalo wings). This guy set out on a mission to find a way to make buffalo wings in the oven that are AS CRISPY AS ones that are fried.

He details the trial and error process until he finally settles on a method of getting the wings SUPER DRY --- air drying them in the fridge overnight after patting dry --- with a coating of salt and, get this -- baking powder. Apparently it changes the pH of the skin in such a way to promote browning, without lending any off flavors. His final recipe follows after the experiment part.

I found this site, and coinciding with super bowl, I had a go at it --- I pulled them out of the oven and squeezed a wing --- I lost my crap. The results are AMAZING. They were perfectly crispy, not dried out at all, and no burnt spots from using the broiler trying to crisp them up. The crispy skin holds sauce immensely better than soggy slippery skin if you just baked them normally.

If you love wings, do check THIS recipe out instead. I'll eat my hat if you don't like it (I don't have a hat...but I know you'll like it!)

Feb 09, 2010
matthewf01 in Recipes

Smoked Duck Pizza with Hoisin

Boboli crust with smoked duck? No way.
Try this dough recipe... it's based on a ciabatta bread - it's a very high hydration (about 94%) which gives you huge air bubbles and its nice and light and crisp... perfect.

Jan 19, 2010
matthewf01 in Recipes

Limoncello questions...

I'm bumping up a pretty old thread here, but for the ones like me who come across this post in the future, I wanted to contribute. Ever since my dad and I had some limoncello in upstate New York, then had some while in Italy, we've tried a few various types. One was oranges, one was lemons and limes, and one that didn't work out so well was melon (we had this kind in Rome though and it was fabulous!).
I've since found some pretty good recipes out there, including this guy's site; as you can see, he's taken the matter VERY seriously, and has documented each and every deviation from what he eventually settled on as his perfect recipe.
His lime-cello variations have me thinking, and I may try my hand at it in the future. I've currently got a batch going that 'steeped' for 45 days and is almost through with the 45 day, post-filtration aging.

Dec 10, 2009
matthewf01 in Spirits

Where to eat in Charleston

Check out Jestine's Kitchen. My girlfriend and I drove from Atlanta and stayed in Charleston for a weekend, so I'd done some research on a few restaurants I definitely wanted to check out. This was at the top of the list - and it could have been the only place we visited! We tried two dishes I'd heard countless recommendations for -- shrimp & grits, and pecan-crusted chicken. Both were OUTSTANDING. Their cornbread is held as pretty good too. For dessert, I ordered a slice of Coca Cola Cake to go, and we drove out to the pier at night and sat and ate our dessert. The cake was awesome, and though a bit windy, the pier was a beautiful sight at night with the bridge in view and a few container ships sailing in and out.

Jestine's Kitchen
251 Meeting St, Charleston, SC 29401

Oct 27, 2009
matthewf01 in Southeast

How to Make the Best Granola

Making my own granola is something I've been working on lately -- the problem is, although considered a 'healthy' food, it can become unhealthy very fast, with all of the sugar and oil that's added.
It's possible to substitute some of the oil with applesauce to cut some fat and calories... give it a try.

Oct 06, 2009
matthewf01 in Features