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Farmhouse Cresskill

Hasn't Piermont restaurant been closed down?

Oct 29, 2012
doxy216 in New Jersey

Bergenfield/Bergen County trip

I think it was the Green Door and they never reopened. Has been a few places since then.
Not much in this area a bit of a wasteland. For good Cuban try Casual Habana in HAckensack always a good filling meal. Good Indian, Brick Lane Curry in Ridgewood. Good Luck

Oct 17, 2012
doxy216 in New Jersey

Fink is returning to Bergen County

Enough already of this "fink".

Oct 15, 2012
doxy216 in New Jersey

Pancakes-Best in NJ?

you are correct, worst pancakes ever! Have lived in HoHoKus for a long time and never venture over to the Pancake House, once was enough. Doughy large and flavorless. You are almost better witha diner. Still like Original pancake house in Fort Lee.

Sep 10, 2012
doxy216 in New Jersey

Best BBQ in Bergen County?

We like Baileys off 303 in Blauvelt, NY, always a good meal and great sides. The Boar was horrible, heard Lippin is on Chopped next week.

May 25, 2012
doxy216 in New Jersey

great Asian fusion food in Wayne

what is the restaurants' name?

Feb 22, 2012
doxy216 in New Jersey

Best Food in Bergen Co, NJ

This is my favorite pizza in the whole world. We drive down from HoHoKus a few times a month,
try their pasta sauce too.....yummy. Also ask for the homemade tiramisu, the best.

Jan 24, 2012
doxy216 in New Jersey

Sear House in Closter - anyone been yet?

they are reviewed in todays' Bergen Record. she gave them ***

Jan 06, 2012
doxy216 in New Jersey

Where can I buy Honeybell oranges in NJ?

(Note: This thread is a duplicate of http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/826858 so we've locked it, if you've got a suggestion, please respond in the other thread which is still open. Thanks! -- The Chowhound Team)

Its Honeybell Orange time in January. Does anyone know where we can purchase them in New Jersey.
I usually go the mail oreder route, but want to find them locally. If this is not an option, any mail order places you know of?

Jan 06, 2012
doxy216 in New Jersey

Where can I buy Honeybell oranges in NJ?

January is Honeybell Orange time. You can get them by mail, but does anyone know a place in New Jersey
that sells them. They are juicy and delicious. If I have to resort to mail order any suggestions?

Jan 06, 2012
doxy216 in New Jersey

Favorite Italian Restaurant in Bergen County

Our favorite is Arturos Midland Park.
Always a great , never rushed, delicious experience.

Nov 30, 2011
doxy216 in New Jersey

Blind Boar, Norwood, NJ, anyone been?

Had the chance to go to Blind Boar, new BBQ place in Norwood last week. This is the new home of Jay Lippin of Backwards BBQ, and other BBQ joints in the area. Sorry to say we did not care much for it. Everything was over smoked or sauced. The chili in which the Bergen Record reviewer raved was too sweet for my taste. The cornbread tasted smoked no corn taste. I had the ribs, they were ok. The famous brisket stuffed burger that launched Backwards BBQ was just OK too. The beans were so sweet too, The place is real cute inside and the staff were so nice. I think I will stick with Baileys in Blauvelt.

Nov 29, 2011
doxy216 in New Jersey

Indian restaurant near Ikea Paramus, NJ

My ultimate favorite is Brick Lane Curry new to Ridgewood on Franklin. It is in the old Raddicchio space. The food is excellent. We used to go to their NYC place, and then their Montclair spot.
You will love it....

Nov 28, 2011
doxy216 in New Jersey


My vote goes to Rispoli in Ridgefield, although last week I had one from Sorrento in Lodi and it was really good. The green nuts on ther end and filled with choc chips and citrin.

Nov 08, 2011
doxy216 in New Jersey

Need a nice restaurant/lounge in North Bergen to go to for my 21st birthday with my girls.. Any ideas?

We love Son Cubano in West New York on River Road. The decor and food is beautiful and its a great "scene" and be seen place. Live music, alot of fun.

Oct 20, 2011
doxy216 in New Jersey

Good eats from NJ to Vermont?

Can anyone suggest a few good places along our way to Vemont this Saturday. Our destination is Bennington via Ny thruway . Maybe a few good breakfast spots either in NY state or Vermont. Also a few good lunch or dinner recs once we get to our destination. Hate the Blue Bene, last two times very poor. thanks.

Oct 06, 2011
doxy216 in Northern New England

Moving to Demarest (near Tenafly) from NYC Need lots of advice

Welcome to the culinary wasteland. Try venturing into Englewood, a few new spots, check the chowhound site for suggestions. Try Samdam in Cresskill, turkish, very good. Mr. Wok in Tenafly good Chinese eat in or take out. If you are used to Manhattan choices, there aren't too many in your area. Don't fall for the Ridgewood choices either, not that great.

Sep 06, 2011
doxy216 in New Jersey

Anything good or new in KENNEBUNKPORT area or beyond?

We will be traveling from NJ to Kennebunkport and areas above this Thursday for 1 week and then onto Cape Cod for another week. we have been to Maine several times, but now am looking for the hidden gems for lobster and breakfast. Am sick of the Maine diner, need some new off the beaten path places. We live 15 minutes from Manhattan and know good food. Help!

Jul 18, 2011
doxy216 in Northern New England

what's your favorite greek place in bergen county?

Have a great time. We loved the assorted appetizers, hummus, eggplant dip, potatoe dip etc. very fresh and presented lovely. The fish is excellent, as well as gyro. Very cool decor great for a double date nite. I personally don't like Greek Village, it is not my idea of dinner out, takeout or quick bite maybe, but not nice dinner. Taverna Mykonos has a nice vibe.

The Greek Village
211 Livingston St, Northvale, NJ 07647

Taverna Mykonos
238 Broadway, Elmwood Park, NJ

Jul 08, 2011
doxy216 in New Jersey

The Fresh Market coming to Montvale - Thoughts?

My sentiments exactly. I was in there the other night and was trying to figure out who this place appeals to. We live in Saddle River, but always go to Fairway, very quick ride and I find myself in Market Basket once a week. These two run circles around Fresh Market. Their fish was tooo
expensive, I'll stick to Peters in Midland Park. Market Baskets produce is my favorite as well as their bakery. I think Fresh Market will have initial visits by people just to see what its all about, but I don't see many return trips, certainly not us.

Market Basket
300 Sicomac Ave Ste 2, Wyckoff, NJ 07481

Jun 30, 2011
doxy216 in New Jersey

what's your favorite greek place in bergen county?

Ditto. Classy, flavorful, excellent staff. Our go to for Greek.

Jun 28, 2011
doxy216 in New Jersey

Midland Thai Kitchen in Midland Park

We tried Midland Thai last week, sorry to say we did not like it at all. The chicken satay type appetizer was good, but the dip sauce was very thin and flavorless. I had chicken mussaman curry, again flavorless and thin. My husband had the chicken with green curry, again thin and flavorless. I too Like Gao and prefer their food.

Jun 24, 2011
doxy216 in New Jersey

Anyone tried St. Eve's in Ho-ho-kus yet?

They bring it to your table at Legal Seafood, great idea.

Jun 20, 2011
doxy216 in New Jersey

Pearl Restaurant in Ridgewood - comments? reviews?

The only thing I know is where it is located. It is in the spot where Natalies old restaurant was on Broad St. ( I believe the spot also had a BBq place before Natalies, very short lived ), before she moved to Marras" spot. Friends have tried it , said its ok, but a kittle pricey.

May 26, 2011
doxy216 in New Jersey

An issue with the Blackthorn in Kenilworth

Usually when I see that type of offer on a menu I interpret it as a burger for me and a free one for my mate, date, or whoever is at my table with me. As the waiter, he could not realize you wanted to have both. Not a good reason to give up on a place. Maybe now restaurants have to print a rules to order by page for the less savy.

May 18, 2011
doxy216 in New Jersey

Did Sally Lings close?

They appear in the health inspection section of the newspaper almost every week, not in a positive light, maybe they were forced to close.

May 04, 2011
doxy216 in New Jersey

barbecue comparison

When are you going for the old cholesterol check? only kidding, good job.

May 03, 2011
doxy216 in New Jersey

Restaurants that do brunch near Ridgewood, NJ

Lets get one thing straight, fine dining and ridgewood lately in the same sentence, not happening. We like Restaurant X in Congers for a nice Sunday brunch. Check out their website, we did Mothers' Day there one year. Great assortment, at least 12 courses maybe more, pass around, butler style to each table, so noone is slobbering over the buffet tables sans sneeze guards. Very elegant, affordanble and just plain relaxing. Not too far either. Enjoy.

Apr 12, 2011
doxy216 in New Jersey

In need of an AFFORDABLE venue for small intimate wedding

I really thought about this one. How about the Merchant Tavern Inn in Fairfield? We have had several small parties there and they were great, sit down or buffet. They were very helpful with our budgets. The place is pretty and convenient. check their website. Also, try Macalusos We were married there, it was fantqstic. They do cater to small parties and will work with you for morning or afternoon affairs, give them a call. Good Luck....

Mar 02, 2011
doxy216 in New Jersey

Fort Lee Pizzeria

Boy you said it. There is nowhere to get a good slice. Tryed the new,( they moved to the next corner) old Vincents in Cliffside the other night, very disappointing. We used to live in Fort Lee and never had pizza at Fort Lee Pizza aka the old diner. We did like Pizza King in Fort Lee and presently like Garden Pizza in fairview in the Bergen Blvd, strip mall. Now we reside in the Saddle River Valley area of Bergen and guess what ? Its a pizza wasteland. Margarita and Grandma style pies are rampant, but a good ol slice faget about it!

Garden Pizza
153 Bergen Blvd Ste 3, Fairview, NJ 07022

Feb 28, 2011
doxy216 in New Jersey