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Singapore - Street Food at Changi Airport Terminal 3

It turns out that most of the stalls are not related to the original ones. More can be read here:


Please choose wisely......

Chowdown in Singapore

I've moved home to Singapore so count me in if there's a chowmeet here. Still catching up on all the new restaurants in Singapore!

Anyone tried Waku Ghin yet?

@fourseasons: I would love to join you on the 11th for the chow meet, please send me the details.....(how do we exchange detalls without pm feature on this board???)

Anyone tried Waku Ghin yet?

is anyone going to galera robuchon on 5 Mar when the man himself is cooking? it's around $3600 per pax (food only)....i've booked don alfonso (half the price of robuchon) the following sat instead - father and son are cooking, so not sure if i want to spend 2 consecutive sat nights in macau.....

Anyone tried Waku Ghin yet?

Best meal I've had in Singapore for sure (would hesitate to say best in Asia as there have been some great meals in Japan). Wine pairing was also excellent and service was exquisite. Memorable dishes were the uni/caviar/ebi on frozen egg yolk, alaskan king crab steamed with sea salt and drizzled with lemon/extra virgin olive oil, lobster and scampi cooked with the best broth and the teppan grilled abalone with a very refreshingly light tomato sauce. Desert was the only disappointment - had the strawberry shortcake and their house special white cheesecake. Highly recommended.

Real Authentic Thai Food in Phuket? Where?

thanks for reminding me of jamie's blog.....i find most of the better recs are in the southern part of the island, and I do drive down south to my fav haunts during my trip, but does anyone know of any gems north of the airport?

high end restaurant in Saigon for special dinner

May not be ultra high end but the italian restaurant at the park hyatt is very good

CNY in HK - Yu Sheng/Yee Sang

Hi, if you're looking for the ones commonly found in Singapore over CNY, I don't think it's available here (and even if you could find one, it probably wouldn't be that great)......come to think of it, it's not even that good in Singapore unless it's home made! i know people do it for the occasion but it's quite lame having the traditional "white" fish replaced by salmon in a lot of restaurants these days.....

Anyone tried Waku Ghin yet?

after starting this thread almost 6 mths ago, i'm finally getting to eat at waku ghin in 2 weeks time! really looking forward to it....will finally make it up to my wife for giving the original reservation away last year....

Hong Kong - need recs

agree totally with peech - yat lok on stanley street has been a fav of mine ever since a friend convinced me to try it a couple of years ago. the roast pork is also pretty good but the trick is to go early (before 12pm) to get the goose and pork when it's just been roasted.

have not been back to yung kee but do agree that the best i had there was when i ate on the 4th floor and they reserved a "special" goose for me...if i heard them correctly, it was a "virgin" but it did taste spectular and totally different from the normal ones downstairs.

Hkg Next Week

thanks will give it a try.

Hkg Next Week

hi klyeoh

are you certain that you don't need to be a member to get in? my wife usually eats there with her day-time friends who are members but i've not been there yet but she keeps raving about it.....

hi charles

was going to try out zhiwei as a second choice but read your less than impressive review about it, so having second thoughts now...would love to try ningbo if i could just do a walk-in:)

Best BUFFET restaurant in Hong Kong?

recently been to the sunday brunch at whisk and i was pretty impressed! excellent suckling pig (spanish style), iberico ham, cavier and good selection of cheeses. their main courses were less impressive (small portions so you can order everything on the menu) but we were so stuffed with the other earlier choices, it didn't really matter. the laksa main course was surprisingly good but more importantly, service was excellent. it's 550 all inclusive of champagne and any other beverages, no hidden charges.

Anyone tried Waku Ghin yet?

i was lucky to have mine booked within 2 weeks but it's now at least 2 mths out to get a table (the review on ST doesn't help!).

glad you liked yazawa....the ban on japanese beef export in japan has been lifted for a couple of months now and hk has resumed import but there's no sign of sg ava relaxing their import ban anytime soon....

Anyone tried Waku Ghin yet?

I offered my reservation to a good friend so that she could celebrate her husband's birthday on that very night (she called late and couldn't get a table till Oct)...so I'll have to plan a trip back to Sg in Oct to try it personally.....they thoroughly enjoyed themselves!

i did have a very good meal at Yazawa (Japanese BBQ) and was pleasantly surprised that night when they told me they still had a small supply of japanese beef available. Can't compare to the previous time I was there (when everything was wagyu) but still hands down best yakiniku outside Japan. In case you're not aware, they are offshoots of the very excellent Jumbo Yakiniku in Tokyo.

Anyone tried Waku Ghin yet?

Hi, I've not found many reviews of Tetsuya's new restaurant in Singapore - has anyone on this forum tried it yet? I've got a reservation in 2 weeks time and I've chosen this over the other 2 new restaurants at MBS (Santi and G Savoy)....thanks.

Peking Duck for solo diner in Beijing

Datong will definitely serve 1/2 duck and you should call ahead for reservations. Their bamboo shoots go nicely with the duck for one person.

22 Dongsishitiao, Dongcheng District
+86 10 51690328/9

Alternative is the chinese restaurant (Made in China) at the Grand Hyatt which also serves good peking duck but I can't remember if they do half portions (I usually have the whole duck even if I'm dining alone on business trips...)


Your Culinary Opinions Sought...


Quality is not the issue but if you have the set course during lunch, it's pretty boring fare and i enjoy the omakase experience better over dinner.

Sep 09, 2009
muttley in Japan

Your Culinary Opinions Sought...

not sure if i'm too late with my post (relatively new to posting but have been an avid reader)....my last visit to Saito for lunch a couple of months back was underwhelming. i ordered the bigger/more expensive lunch set available and even though it was good, it wasn't exceptional and i was hungry again after 2 hrs! personally i will stick to dinners at such sushi places if i can get reservations.

Aug 28, 2009
muttley in Japan

Matter of Pride- expat Sg needs a great restaurant recommendation in Singapore!

sounds like fun....found some other posts of yours on the japan board and i think we have some common hunting ground, especially for yakiniku.... went 4 times during my last trip!

Matter of Pride- expat Sg needs a great restaurant recommendation in Singapore!

I live in HK now and spent 4 years in Tokyo prior to moving here. Tried both Dons and Goria and they are quite different from the beef at Ryugin. Between Goria and Dons, Dons is better value at 25-30k for 400g vs Goria at 40k for approx. same size - both are done in a similar fashion i.e. charred on the outside (which is very different from Ryugin). I agree that the variety is lacking at Dons but I don't have a problem with that - I'm there just for the steak. I made the mistake of having appetisers at Goria and sharing the steak with a friend and I was left totally unsatisfied. At Dons, we skipped the appetisers and ordered two 400g steaks (they had 2 selections that day), finishing with deserts and we were totally happy - the total bill was similar to Goria.

I've not tried the others you mentioned - Koju was on my list but never got round to it. IMHO, Ryugin, Koju and the like will be remembered for the entire dining experience and variety of tasty treats, whereas Dons will be remembered just for the steak. I think you should give Dons a try when you crave a nice steak and nothing else.....

Matter of Pride- expat Sg needs a great restaurant recommendation in Singapore!

hi fourseasons, agree that tokyo was probably off topic (i have recently been to numerous steakhouses in hk and was so disappointed that i have sworned off steaks here and rekindled my memory of Dons....). however, i thought that julialim asked for recommendations to modern yet fun and casual places in sg, not equivalent high end places that she listed in hk....i thought that was just her stating her opinion of them.....nonetheless, all the recommendations listed are most helpful for my future trips home.

Matter of Pride- expat Sg needs a great restaurant recommendation in Singapore!

Being a fellow Singaporean who's lived in HK and Tokyo, I sort of get what julialim is saying....HK has the big names but I find the quality doesn't justify the price (compared to Tokyo), whereas in Tokyo and Singapore, you have a better selection of mid-tier restaurants that you can go regularly. Obviously, ultra high end restaurant choices are more limited in Singapore. For example, I would rather go to Les Bouchons in Singapore for a simple steak (I know what I'm paying for) than paying through my nose for a steak in HK (e.g The Steakhouse at Intercon or BLT or Ruth Chris) which are all neither here nor there.....I would much rather go to Dons in Tokyo for the best steak (which is well worth its price), or go simple at Les Bouchons and skip the pretentious steak offering in HK.