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Chicken Wings In The Lower Mainland

One of the guys at work told me that Pak Tak Chiu Chow doesn't have wings? Anyway, I'm going to have to make it to Chinatown in the near future for sure!

A couple more to the list:
Don't bother with Woody's pub in Coquitlam for wings. Very small, and they charge extra if you want them tossed. Otherwise it's just a plain skinny wing and a dipping cup of Franks Red Hot. First time I've ever left an establishment on wing night after only 30 wings (10 each between 3 of us).
We then walked over to the French Quarter pub since it's on the same block. They had more flavor options, and even tossed them in the sauce! The wings were pretty small there as well though (And it wasn't even their cheap wing night). Overall the French Quarter was a lot better then Woody's though, although the actual building is not as nice as Woody's. Not sure where we'll head next, but the other one I want to try in Coquitlam is John B's pub. Never been there, but their website looks tasty.

That's all for now...

Chicken Wings In The Lower Mainland

Hey all! Me and a couple of the boys from work are currently embarking on the quest to find the best chicken wings in the lower mainland. We've got a small list started so far, but if you have any suggestions for the "Spring Of Wing's" tour, I'd love to hear them.

So far we've hit a few locations including:
-Wings on Granville
-The Thirsty Duck in New West
-Jack's Pub in Surrey
-Fox & Fiddle in Langley
-Pizza Hut
-Cat & Fiddle in PoCo
-Flying Beaver in Richmond
-Fleetwood Arms Pub in Surrey

My list is at work, but I think that covers where we've been so far. We are judging wings on price, size, flavor options, flavor quality...

I've been to:

Pretty decent places for ideas on where to go, but while they mention where the CHEAP wings are, they don't say much about where the BEST wings are...

So far the only disappointments have been The Flying Beaver and Pizza Hut (although Pizza Hut expectations were not all that high anyway). Breaded wings bad!

Topping the list so far are Wings Granville, Cat & Fiddle, and Fox & Fiddle.

In any case, this should be a tasty journey.

Fraser Valley Favorites

Hmmm...Never heard of it...I'll have to check it out next time I'm at my friends place in Abby to watch some football and drink some beer...Pizza goes so well with those things...

Greek (upscale?) in Vancouver or Richmond?

The best Greek restaurant in Richmond (Steveston) is "Kisamos Greek Taverna" .

It's a small place, but the food is great, and very reasonably priced.

Probably not too useful to the original poster now, but perhaps someone else may be able to find the info helpful?

Anyway, it's on the corner of Moncton St. and Third Ave.

Fraser Valley Favorites


I'm new to this message board/forum, and it looks like an awesome place to find lots of good info!

Now, on to my first post here!

I always seem to be able to find lots of info on restaurants in and around the city of Vancouver, but find it sometimes a little more challenging when looking for something new east of the Fraser River. So, that being said, if I'm not the only one here living on this side of the bridge, where are some of your favorite places to go and have a meal?

I'll list a couple of my favorites in no particular order:

"New York, New York" in Surrey
"Luna Loca" in Surrey
"Vault" in Cloverdale
"Olive Garden" in Langley
"Lou's Grill" in Abbotsford

So, where do you like to go when you don't feel like crossing the river?