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Best Place For Lunch Near Newark International Airport

Thanks for the Ferry Street heads seem like my kind of foodie. I will explore the area and report back on Hamburgao.

Best Place For Lunch Near Newark International Airport

Wow Ferry Street and the entire Ironbound area looks way too amazing not to explore. Most of the Portuguese, Brazilian, Basque, Iberian, Spanish places look too expensive for my unemployed budget...but I did manage to stumble upon Hamburgao, a Portuguese Burger place just off of Ferry Street.

I can't wait to experience this and review it.

Cheers Menton1!

Best Place For Lunch Near Newark International Airport

Can't even believe I'm asking this...or maybe I can really believe I am asking this...

Point is, my friend is flying into Newark and we have time for a quick lunch before he is picked up and whisked away to Atlantic City by another friend.


he's from Denmark and thought some good Mexican or Latin American food would be nice...


Chinese in Staten Island (don't say Jade Island), and other yummy ethnic...

Flaco, sounds like you're someone I can trust...channeling many of the things I often say about ethnic foods.

I guess my foot was shoved in my mouth regarding Pho Mac, but you must understand how SI and Richmond Ave. Asian restaurants under the SI Hotel must look to someone seeking quality asian food. I will be trying Pho Mac soon.

If I can get Min Joo Kim to eat Korean BBQ on SI, I will check it out. We've been making the trek to Queens because even 32nd street in Manhattan was disappointing our first visit.

Thanks for the candid comments.

Respect is mutual I hope...

Mayling's was a tip from my italian (married to a chinese woman) landlord. He even remarked she doesn't like it that much.

Haven't been to Forest Thai yet, just know that it's yelp score is off the charts...probably due to SI locals lack of trying much Thai food because there isn't much around.

Aug 26, 2009
HaryBosco in Outer Boroughs

Chinese in Staten Island (don't say Jade Island), and other yummy ethnic...

Will do...thanks for the tip.

Aug 26, 2009
HaryBosco in Outer Boroughs

Blowfish Blowfish Who's Got the Blowfish!?!?!?!?!?!

Just got back from Long Island where I had my blowfish for the second time in my life. Once in a Korean Soup...and this time as little pan fried sensations.

Please help me out with some good NYC spots to get blowfish. All boroughs and surrounding metro welcome.

I appreciate it much.

Aug 25, 2009
HaryBosco in Manhattan

Chinese in Staten Island (don't say Jade Island), and other yummy ethnic...

Pho Mac is the only Vietnamese place on Staten Island. Although I've yet to try it, I venture a guess that it's not very good. Yes Vietnamese food is amazing! It is fresh, spicy, herbacious, citrus and ever so satisfying. I just don't know about PHO MAC. If you've tried it since this tip, what's your honest report. I grew up in LA where you can get great Pho and other Vietnamese...Staten Island doesn't seem like the place.

As for "Little Sri Lanka" on Victory at Cebra, NEW ASHA is the place we were tipped off to try by a Sri Lankan man. New Asha is a veritable hole in the wall, so if you're squeamish about the Roti Place, New Asha would be no different. I suggest you find a way to get over this because New Asha is the spiciest, the most unique food around. All for about 5 bucks. Just ask for a plate of Mutton or Fish Curry to go and couple Roti Appetizers and you can't go wrong!

As far as Chinese and Thai....slim quality pickens. We've heard good things about MAYLING'S KITCHEN (Chinese) on Forest in W. Brighton and Forest Thai (also on Forest in W. Brighton), but I can't vouch. If you want the best Chinese, Vietnamese and Thai it's in and around Flushing, Queens.

Staten Island destroys for Italian, and seemingly has some good Middle Eastern, Halal, Indian, Sri Lankan, but when it comes to Asian Cuisine, I've yet to be pleased.

Aug 24, 2009
HaryBosco in Outer Boroughs