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Good places to live in Brooklyn based on food/bevs?

Park Slope and Prospect Heights are close to a good Farmer's Market at Grand Army Plaza, good specialty food stores like Larder on Flatbush Ave, Blue Apron on Union, Union Market, Bierkraft (for beer and cheese), etc.

Good ethnic food is scattered throughout the City, so you'll have to travel for the "best" of any ethnic food.

IMHO, good delivery type neighborhoods with a good range of options are Park Slope, Cobble Hill, parts of Prospect Heights.

Prospect Heights and Park Slope have a good number of restaurants open for lunch during the week, with good affordable lunch specials. Park Slope also has a sizable freelance/work from home community so there are lots of cafes/coffee shops around. Yes there is the stoller brigade in PS, but is also has a good number of singles living there as well.

If you pick a place in walking distance to Atlantic Terminal you will have access to just about every train line going into Manhattan. There are two taxi cab hubs on 4th ave in the Park Slope/BH area, so you can get taxis relatively easy throughout the day if you live in the area. That is also a plus after late nights in Manhattan.

I would suggest that you of course check out your top neighborhoods during the day and at night if you can.

Dec 24, 2009
k_brklyn in Outer Boroughs

GODFATHER style Italian restaurant

Try Lanza in the East Village.

Sep 12, 2009
k_brklyn in Outer Boroughs

seasonal fruit pies in brooklyn?

Bubby's sour cherry pie is delicious. I've tried it at the Tribeca location over the years. They started as a pie company, so hopefully they've kept up the quality.

Aug 25, 2009
k_brklyn in Outer Boroughs

Best French (Traditional) Restaurant in Brooklyn?

Also check out Bacchus in Boreum Hill

Aug 25, 2009
k_brklyn in Outer Boroughs

Date Night Ideas in LIC or Brooklyn?

any ideas on fine dining and dancing/music in Long Island City or Brooklyn?

Aug 24, 2009
k_brklyn in Outer Boroughs

Looking for a Recommendation for a Big Group in Park Slope tonght

Bussaco, Bogota, Get Fresh,

Aug 24, 2009
k_brklyn in Outer Boroughs