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Fun Palm Springs Chef for Hire?

About 10 of us girls are headed to Palm Springs for my best friend's bachelorette party in May. We're more of the low key types and will be renting a house. I was thinking it would be a great experience to hire a FUN and knowledgable chef to come to the house and do a demonstration and help us prepare dinner for the night (also to give my soon to be married/not such a good cook friend a cooking lesson!). We don't have a fortune to spend so I'm not looking for anyone hoity toity and stuffy- fun is more important. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks!!

Jan 12, 2010
JDobies in California

Restaurant ideas for gift?

I am hoping for a little help from all of you in the know in Austin. I live in Los Angeles but hope to order a gift certificate to a nice restaurant for my in laws who live in Austin. She is a vegetarian (not very strict, but prefers to eat vegetarian), he is not. Any suggestions where they can enjoy a nice dinner (under $100) where he can get some meat and she will have a nice vegetarian selection? We're hoping to give them a great night out that they otherwise wouldn't splurge for in this economy.

Thanks so much!

Dec 21, 2009
JDobies in Austin

Cuban Tapas for 30th B-day Celebration- Any Ideas??

Hi there,
My husband has mentioned that one of the best meals he ever had was Cuban Tapas in Seattle years ago. I am trying to find a reasonably priced place for Cuban Tapas on Saturday night for a group of 15-25 for his birthday celebration. Any neighborhood in Manhattan will do! Any suggestions?

If not cuban, a great Spanish Tapas place would do.

Thanks in advance!!

Jul 08, 2007
JDobies in Manhattan