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Camellia Grill

There are too many great places to eat in NOLA to waste a meal here.

Omlette burnt.
Asked for cheddar, got American even though they confirmed cheddar TWICE.
Fake syrup on the counter beside the liquid margarine.
Bland grits...almost the worst I've ever had.

Apr 06, 2012
hobokenhound in New Orleans

Good Eats in Cozumel

Thanks so much! We had a GREAT meal at El Turix. Our 6 yr old son had a fresh, ripe mango smootie (all fruit with a little ice) while we had mango daquiris (sp?)For a starter they gave us oaxacan cheese (melts like fresh mozzarella) and fresh zucchini blossom quesadillas. We had the pork slow-roasted in banana leaves and a wonderful shark dish (baby shark that was poached then cooled, shredded and then fried with tomatoes and onions) that was amazing. Both served with warm tortillas. Coconut pie (w/ homeade crust) that did not disappoint. Rapahel regaled us with tales of the hurricane ("3 days and nights people locked themselves in their bathrooms while the wind was blowing wooosh wooooosh") he then gave us directions to a great family fish place at Chen Rio beach on the east (windward) side of the island. El Turix was mentioned in a NY Times article on Cozumel and as a "Slow Food" member.

Chen Rio: We had great conch seviche and a fried "family style" snapper. We insisted that we wanted a WHOLE FISH not fillets and then the waiter took us seriously. We were surrounded by mexican families and only one or two other american tables where we saw some TREMENDOUS margaritas. A large lagoon/ surf-pool nearby was filled with children playing in the water; families on the beach.

2 beers, big bottle water, conch and snapper for two=440 pesos + tip

Apr 19, 2009
hobokenhound in Mexico

restaurants in Cozumel

Just got back from the island yesterday. Coconuts and bob marley's are such american tourist traps. Menus in english, frozen shrimp, etc...Coconuts is NOT a hidden jem. (i don't consider something that had five signs, it's own dedicated parking lot and 3 guys outside waving you into the parking lot to be "hidden" Better off trying the fish place just south of coconuts that is on the beach and filled with natives. Excellent conch ceviche and grilled snapper.

Apr 19, 2009
hobokenhound in Mexico

Reservations for late July in NYC

Also...Sullivan Street Bakery.

Used to be on Sullivan just south of spring. Long story short (and not too sure about the accuracy) but seems that the husband and wife split. He got the name (makes product out of comissary in midtown west and she got the location. She renamed it GranDaisy ( ). Both locations have basically same product (i guess the recipes were commom property). Original location has a few small italian sandwiches (on great bread) sweets from Cece-Cela and amazing bread. The best part is the "Roman Pizza"-generally no or little cheese but square slices like tomato puree, pecorino, potato-rosemary-oliveoil, zuchini-greuyere, fresh baby artichoke (seasonal), and my favoite mushroom-onion-thyme-oliveoil.

(I know the mid-town location ( ) has pizza and bread but not sure about the other stuff.


After a slice (or three) ob the bench outside stop in next door to the greek yogurt place for a full fat yogurt to go with a fruit compote and nuts.

Jul 08, 2007
hobokenhound in Manhattan

Reservations for late July in NYC


asparagus with miso butter


Jul 08, 2007
hobokenhound in Manhattan

Portland, Fore Street or Back Bay Grill?

We were there last year in August and Fore Street was Amazing, but yes, a small fortune. Go during the day to the bakery located below and behind the restaurant. The product is as good as any in New York.
Duck Fat is also great but very informal (...more of a lunch crowd?). They fry the fries in duck fat (oh so good). Try the truffled ketchup. I think they were building another restaurant but can't remember.