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Mother's day brunch?

Any ideas for an affordable mother's day brunch? Preferably in Markham/Richmond Hill.

Thanks in advance.

Sunny Bay Chinese Restaurant at Elgin Mills/Bayview

I have never tried Bayview Kitchen, but compared to Bayview Court, I think Bayview Court has better wok hay. However, as the dishes are different, I think Sunny Bay is a good alternative for Chinese in that area.

Sunny Bay Chinese Restaurant at Elgin Mills/Bayview

There's a relatively new chinese restaurant that opened up at the plaza with the Little Caesars. So far we've been there for dinner twice, and being chinese myself, we have found the food to be pretty solid and would not hesitate to go there for dinner when we are too lazy to cook ourselves.

Please do not compare this restaurant to other chinese fine dining restos in the area (Yang's, Dragon Boat, etc), as they primarily serve quick stirfries (they have a menu full of $7.99 dishes). On one night, we had the following:

- daily soup with ba wong fa (flower?)
- pork ribs braised with bitter melon
- whole pan-fried fish in soy sauce

The soup was pretty standard, but it had less MSG and tasted more homemade. I liked the touch with the ba wong flower since it is quite rare to see that at a restaurant. The pork ribs were very flavourful and had fully absorbed the sauce. The bitter melon although an acquired taste, was not really bitter but provided just enough zing to the dish. The fish was actually deep-fried, but the coating was so light and crispy and tasty I did not care whether it was actually pan-fried or not - at $7.99 it is a steal. We actually went back for a second time the next week since we thought the food and price were good. The second time we had:

- Stir-fried pork with sliced lotus root, peas, celery in nam yu sauce
- Braised tofu, beancurd, with eggplant
- Fried juk chim fish (whiting fish?)

For the price, I believe they beat other contenders in the same range for a low-key chinese dinner (Hai Tang Cafe, Billy's Bakery) by a long shot. Service was also extremely friendly. The waiters would often come around to ask us if we were doing okay, which I find to be a rare case at Chinese restaurants. I can tell the owner is putting a lot of effort into the quality control of their dishes, but unfortunately, it is not reflected in the number of customers partly due to its location? On a Friday night, there were approximately 3-4 tables when we arrived, and I would love to see this place get more business...

If you are in the area and looking for a quick dinner, I definitely recommend this place, but please keep in mind that it is a different type of restaurant compared to the Yang's/Casa Victoria/Dragon Boat.

Best tasting crab dish in 2013.

I remember eating steamed crab with chicken fat and fa dew at 'Ho Choi Seafood restaurant' in Sheung Wan and really loving it. Thought I'd never find a restaurant in Toronto serving it. Thank you for the recommendation.

One question though, you brought your own fa dew, but will they still prepare it with fa dew if I don't bring anything? Is this on the menu?

Best brand of fish balls/squid balls available in the supermarket?

I've been looking for the best fish balls and squid balls available. My favourite squid balls came from a taiwanese supermarket 'Kuo hua', but I believe their quality has gone downhill. Their squid balls used to taste like the ones I would find at the Phoenix Restaurant, which I enjoyed. Nowadays, I settle on the 'Tung Gong' (East River) brand, which I find at T&T. Can anyone recommend some good brands?

Ming Lou Chinese restaurant closed?

Hello, does anybody know what has happened to this restaurant? This restaurant used to be at the finch and Leslie plaza but I went there a couple days ago to find that it has been replaced by an ayce sushi joint. I am hoping that it has just moved locations and not closed down. If anyone has any idea what has happened to it, please let me know.


Hong Kong - staying for a month

Thank you for all your help!

Hong Kong - staying for a month

Hello chowhounders, so I will be staying for a month in HK and was wondering what I should try. This is not my first time to HK, I've lived here as a kid for ~10 yrs, but living in HK as a family back then, we never really sought out good food in particular. Also, I am from Toronto, and my friends who have been back more often tell me the cantonese food/dimsum isn't that bad in Toronto, so I need some help from Chowhounders to tell me what I am missing out on! (maybe some excellent cantonese dinner/roast goods/dimsum?)

I've done some research and so far I've gone to/am planning to go to:

Mak's for wonton noodles
Random small congee places/fishball noodles
Lin Heung Kui (for oldschool dimsum)
Street food in jordan
Joy Hing for some char siu
One seafood meal at Sai Kung (don't know any specific restos)
High tea at peninsula
Butao ramen
Ruamjai Thai resto

Someone recommended me this chiu chow place in Sheung Wan called Sheung Hing but I wasn't very impressed (thought it wasn't very good and overpriced for what it is)

I am open to all cuisines (not just cantonese)

Thank you!

where to buy clodhoppers in GTA?

do you know if it's the brookside kind?

where to buy clodhoppers in GTA?

Where can I find clodhoppers in Toronto? I've tried Loblaws, shoppers drugmart, and Longos.

Riiter Sport Yogurt (not mini) in Toronto?

which location are you talking about? i went to both today and neither of them had the yogurt flavour in stock

Riiter Sport Yogurt (not mini) in Toronto?

Does anyone know where I can find Ritter Sport Yogurt in Toronto? I've seen the mini variety pack and full-sized packs for other flavours but I've never been able to find the full-sized yogurt flavoured one.

Place to catch up with a friend near Steeles?

Around steeles and kennedy?

Place to catch up with a friend near Steeles?

I was looking for a cozy place to catch up with a friend. Any recommendations?

Recs in Richmond Hill/Markham/Scarborough

Do you guys know any good, budget-friendly ($15-25 ish) restaurants for dinner?
Doesn't matter what type of cuisine, cozy atmosphere for chatting would be good.

Also, any cafes with decent baked goods around this area?