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Help?! Daughter's 16th---any suggestions?

Yeah--thinking Plum Tree. I haven't been there in a while though the last time I was, it felt pretty tired. My understanding is that they've redone it all. That private room seems really convenient. Food has always been decent--not anything I'd rave about but yes, it's so close and so convenient.

Too funny--needing to arrange my older son's graduation dinner as well. Both go to St. Luke's. Tis the party season, no? :)

Help?! Daughter's 16th---any suggestions?

Great minds think alike....just emailed Sakuras. Have you looked into their private dining rooms? Hibachi sounds good though I was thinking of going really traditional. Good luck!

Honeymoon in Newport, Where Should We Eat?

Moorings is EXCELLENT....

Help?! Daughter's 16th---any suggestions?

Good morning everyone--My daughter's 16th bday is coming up and I was hoping to find a fun place for dinner for her and several of her friends. I was thinking a good, traditional Japanese (low tables, etc) place. We're in New Canaan, CT and I don't mind driving. Hoping not to trek into Manhattan but I'm up for any/all suggestions--Japanese, non-Japanese, etc.....Ideas anyone??? thanks!

New Canaan - South End

Did a girls night there last night. Food was good, service was terrific. There were six of us total. 3 did regular entrees (though they all happened to order the same thing--the pumpkin tagliatelle) and the rest of us did several small plates. The mini calzones were delicious but not true calzones (I believe they used wonton wrappers), meatballs very good but strong lamb which took me back a little. The figs were excellent and the fried artichokes good but a little too cut up so tough to get real bites (though the accompanying sauce was excellent). We also order two specialty cheeses (the manchego and another one as well as the wild boar sausage. Those were very small portions and pretty expensive for what we got. Atmosphere was nice--felt very New York. A little loud but it was fun. Waitstaff was terrific.