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Best Pizza (NY Style) in LA

That you wouldn't take a date to an authentic NY-style pizza place seems like a strange criticism.

Oct 05, 2009
mattraibert in Los Angeles Area

Vegetarian Austin

I'll be in Austin later this week and I'd like to eat some vegetarian food. I don't mind if the place isn't vegetarian. I'm from the northeast and would love a place that highlights some high quality, flavorful produce. Raw and local are both plusses. I'm especially fond of tomatoes, okra and fresh spicy chilies and peppers.

Aug 24, 2009
mattraibert in Austin

Best Okra in Houston

I'm in Houston for a few days and I'd love to eat some good Okra. Eating vegetarian for the time being, but the place doesn't have to be vegetarian. Crunchy, slimy, stewed or fried. Where's the best Okra around?

Aug 24, 2009
mattraibert in Houston