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Girls Trip - Need Upscale Dinner Recs, Casual Lunches

good to know
okay then - will kick out Hugo's from the list...

what else?

Jan 05, 2012
truestorytraveler in Las Vegas

Girls Trip - Need Upscale Dinner Recs, Casual Lunches

Thanks for your response.

Charlie Palmer's could be an option except I live in DC and eat their frequently with clients.

We are staying at Caesar's Palace...

The partial list of places I have going including the following:

Casual Options:
No Name Pizza Place at the Cosmo
Border Grill
Hash House A Go Go

Moderatly priced dinner options:
Chino Poblano (Jose Andre's new place)
Julian Serrano

Upscale Options (that still keep in mind the 100pp limit)
Hugo's Cellar
Strip Steak
Aureole Swan Court (though would this be difficult with 5 women to talk?)

Jan 05, 2012
truestorytraveler in Las Vegas

Girls Trip - Need Upscale Dinner Recs, Casual Lunches

Have scoured the boards and am still coming up short.

Going to vegas for a quick weekend in January.

There are 5 of us girls - need dinner for 2 nights and lunch for 2 days.

Must be on strip - we are not renting a car.

Would like upscale but not crazy expensive for dinner. No more than 100 per person inlcuding drinks. Even better if I could get a couple 60 - 75 pp recs.

Also some casual fun lunch places.

Any type of cuisine.

Please help! Thanks!

Jan 04, 2012
truestorytraveler in Las Vegas

2 Nights in Bermuda - Staying at Fairmont Hamilton Princess

Wondering if anyone can give me an idea or 2 for dinner.

We're staying at the Hamilton Princess so we'd like to be able to either walk to dinner or take a short taxi ride.

open to cuisine except for sushi.

price not an important. maybe 1 nice option and 1 casual option.

Please help! We leave in 2 weeks!

Bermuda - please help, leaving in 3 days


My husband surprised me this morning with a trip to Bermuda....we 3 days! Things are crazy at work, so as much I would love to pour through posts on this board and do other research (like I normally do) for restaraunt recs our lack of time will not allow it.

Is there any way someone can give me a couple of good recs? We are staying at The Fairmont Southhampton. We'd like to stay there one night for dinner and then maybe have a couple of options in Hamilton and a maybe one other amazing place that its worth taxi-ing to somewhere on the island. We like anything and everything. Only stitch is my husband would love to get away without packing a sportscoat. Likely the extent of our "fancy" wardrobe will be khakis and a button down for him and a nice cotton dress or sundress for me.


Thank you, thank you, thank you in advance!

Also, should we make reservations at any of these places or just show up?