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Bittman's No Knead bread is out of the oven - anyone else?

Hi chilibeanpaste. I just made the bread for the first time tonight and the same exact thing happened to me. The dough stuck to the floured sack and it deflated the entire second rise. I baked it at 500 but it burned the bottom so bad I had to throw it out. Thanks for sharing your tip about the parchment paper and large bowl to cover. Your genious! wish me luck, I'll try it again this weekend. :0

Oct 22, 2009
curly201 in Home Cooking

Lobster stock

Can someone share a good lobster stock recipe with me. The pasta recipe I'm trying to make calls for lobster stock with added cream and saffron. The photo looks reddish as though it may have tomoto paste in it? Thanks in advance. with appreciation, curly :0

Aug 24, 2009
curly201 in Home Cooking