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Peet's vs Starbucks Iced Coffee

Peets iced coffee is 100 times better than starbucks iced coffee. Starbucks Coffee is non drinkable.

Aug 24, 2009
Eater0329 in Chains

Has anyone been to the new Henreys market in Woodland Hills?

A month ago I went into the new Henreys market in Woodland Hills where the Vons used to be.

I wasn't that impressed. Their produce is low quality and their service deli is limited. Henreys is just like a Vons or Albertsons with some natural foods. I prefer Gelsons or Whole Foods over Henreys.

Will Henreys survive in Woodland Hills with all the competition in a few blocks?

Aug 24, 2009
Eater0329 in Los Angeles Area

Does any one know when the Whole Foods in Tarzana is going to open?

On Ventura Blvd near Yolanda there is a building being built with a sign that says Whole Foods coming soon.

It will be interesting on if this new Whole Foods will be able to compete with the Gelsons in Tarzana based on the poor parking that is going to be at this Whole Foods. There is also a Whole Foods 3.5 miles away at Ventura/Canoga in Woodland Hills.

This Whole Foods is going to have underground parking like Gelsons in Pasadena and Ralphs Fresh Fare in Downtown LA.

When you enter the parking lot at this Whole Foods you will take a parking ticket for the gate to release. You will need to keep the parking ticket to get it validated at Whole Foods.

You are going to have to go up an elevator with your cart to get to the parking lot.

People in the valley are not going to like this too much.

Aug 24, 2009
Eater0329 in Los Angeles Area

Has Trader Joes gone downhill over the years?

I have shopped at Trader Joes for over 20 years. Many products that I used to buy have dissapeared.

It seems as if Trader Joes is trying to change its focus. In the 1980s Trader Joes was known to have wine, cheese,snack foods, frozen foods and dried fruits/nuts.

Over the past 10 years Trader Joes has become more of a mass appeal store trying to lure customers away from stores like vons and Ralphs.

They no longer carry large cut up blocks of Ghiradeli chocolate that they used to have at the checkout.

Today thier selection of one day breads(La Brea bakery bread) has been cut in half. I was looking for Youngs double chocolate stout beer and they don't carry it anymore.

Being more positive Trader Joes gets all of its fresh squeezed juices from Juice Evolution or Perocines. The prices on Juice Evolution fresh squeezed juices are half the price of Whole Foods or Gelsons.

Many Trader Joes parking lots are very very small.

There frozen food items are a hit or miss.

Whole Foods has a better selection on most items but they are more expensive.

The produce at Trader Joes is medicre at best.

At many Trader Joes locations if you don't arrive by 12noon the store is wiped out like a tornado.

Why are Trader Joes stores so popular and busy?

I shop at the Encino, Sherman Oaks, Studio City and Woodland Hills locations.

Trader Joes is also expanding to locations that don't make any sense such as Santa Maria,CA and Palmdale,CA.

Aug 24, 2009
Eater0329 in Chains

Best chocolate chip cookie in LA?

Nieman Marcus in Woodland Hills in the Westfield Topanga Mall. The nieman marcus cafe bakes Nieman marcus famous cookies.

Bloomingdales Cafe at the Westfield Fashon Square in Sherman Oaks makes an excellant chocolate chip cookie.

Aug 24, 2009
Eater0329 in Los Angeles Area

Does anyone enjoy shopping at Gelsons market as much as I do?

For years I have enjoyed shopping at Gelsons Markets in Encino and Tarzana. Their stores in Calabasas, Northridge, Sherman Oaks, Century City and North Hollywood are nice too.

It seems that when you are a Gelsons customer you get spioled and nothing else will do.

For some items I shop at Trader Joes and Whole Foods. On rare ocassions I shop at Ralphs and Vons.

Gelsons has excellant meats, produce, service deli and wolf gang puck. Benes bakery is also very good.

Prices for regular groceries are competetivly priced to Ralphs and Vons. Gelsons service deli, produce and meats may be expensive but they are much better than other places.

Why do so many people hate Gelsons and make comments like Gelsons is just an overpriced Ralphs? I find it that people are ignorant.

Whole Foods has rude employees and the food isn't as fresh ans Gelsons. Trader joes is good for certain frozen items, fresh squezed juices and wines. Trader Joes isn't good for that much elese. Whole Foods is for that unique item that you can't find anywhere else.

I hadn't been in a Ralphs in a while and I was very very dissapionted. Last night while visititing a friend in Pasadena I went into a Ralphs on Lake Ave. He wanted me to pick up some items. At the Ralphs on Pasadena on Lake I left the store empty handed and depressed.

The Ralphs in Pasadena didn't carry anything except for cheap brands of wine that were way overpriced. I was going to get some grapes and they didn't look fresh or even taste sweet.

Today on my way to the beach I stopped at Ralphs in Calabasas. The Calabasas Ralphs was so poorly stocked and carried hardly any specialty items. The Calabasas Ralphs didn't have any fresh fruit, doesn't carry juice evolution juices and was stocked with basic products.

I ended up going out of my way to Gelsons Calabasas.

Even many of thier fresh fare stores are a joke.

Whole Foods I find to be just an okay store. I have had a love hate relationship with Whole Foods.

Ralphs prices have gotten very high. Even high than Gelsons for some things.

When I tell people I prefer Gelsons they think I'm a snob. People say things like you are overpaying for your produce at Gelsons. I tend to dissagree.

Everytime I go to Whole Foods I find rude employees and produce and meets that don't look or taste fresh. Why do people love Whole Foods so much? I'm talking about Whole Foods large stores in Thousand Oaks, glendale, Venice, 3rd/fairfax and Santa Monica.

Vons is a little better than Ralphs. Vons actually has better produce and more selection of unusual grocery items.

Aug 24, 2009
Eater0329 in Los Angeles Area

Pizzeria Mozza: as good as they say?

Over a year ago my friend and I went to Pizzeria Mozza and it was one of the worst restuarants I had ever eaten at. Its just a trendy place to be seen at. I have had Amys forzen pizzas that tasted better than the pizzas at mozza.

Aug 24, 2009
Eater0329 in Los Angeles Area