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Good Ottawa Restaurant?

My mom is coming to Ottawa (from Montreal) for a visit this Saturday and wants to go out for lunch. I am looking for a place that is not cheesy and not too expensive. I am still dying to try the Wellington Gastropub but for some odd reason, restaurants think its OK to close on weekends here (it's beyond me!) Does anyone know of another (and perhaps similar) option?
PS mom's pallet it a little more conservative than hubby's and mine.

Some Ottawa Questions, Wings and Japanese Ingredients

I shop at Green's which seems better than the place on Bank (for my needs). I have also heard there is a TNT somewhere in the Ottawa Suburbs, but I'm not sure where.

Visiting family in Ottawa - where to get organics and meat?

sorry, here's a link for the butcher I mentioned:

Visiting family in Ottawa - where to get organics and meat?

I am not sure about the suburbs of Ottawa, but down town you can get organic produce and meat at Loblaws. I know this is not the most exciting option, but Ottawa is not the most exciting place to eat. If you do want to venture down town (Ottawa is so small it will not take you more than 10 minutes to drive there) you should check out the market. In the winter you can't get local produce, but there is an amazing butcher called Aubrey's. They are really nice and helpful and their products are unbeatable. I am not sure if they are organic, but they are definitely better than Loblaw's organic stuff.

Flour - Hard to find in Toronto?

The Loblaws on St. Clair between Spadina and Bathurst (Forest Hill Market) has a large organic section with a wide variety of flours. I don't do well with gluten, so I tend to go for flours in the other direction, but they do have many different organic flours there. I am not sure of the other Loblaws in Toronto have the same variety, I have only shopped at that one and it is quite large.

Ottawa Tappanyaki

My husband's birthday is coming up and I would love to take him out to a great teppanyaki restaurant. We just moved to Ottawa and have not had a chance to sample the Japanese food in the city. Any suggestions on where to go? While I am usually after casual, for this occasion something more up-scale would be better.
Thank you!

sushi - quality and prices

Try Sushi Eaton on Eglington a few doors east of Yonge. If you can, order it out (pick up or delivery). There are many bad reviews out there, but they are all focused on the all-you-can-eat menu, which I have tried and is far far worse than the made to order options. From what I have heard, there is nothing in Canada comparable to Vancouver sushi, but I thought the Eaton was a good price/value pick. It is not fine dining, but it's tasty, and in my experience fresh. If you do give it a try, make sure to get an order of age gyoza- they are just amazing!!

Your favorite (and least favorite) restaurant/food chains in Toronto/the GTA

Don't know if this is the kind of chain you are looking for, but the various Sotto's are quite good, especially during the summer/winter-licious festivals (which I am pretty sure they don't officially participate in, but still offer the same deals during.)
As for inexpensive fare, Albert's on St. Clair is a hands down fav- Mashu Mashu on Spadina Rd. is quite good too, great portions if you go for platters rather than sandwiches and their rice with almonds has become a household staple for us!
As for worst- I have to agree with Fresh! When I moved away from Toronto one of the few comforts was knowing that I would no longer be out-voted and forced to eat their psuedo-healthy deep-fried tasteless beans.

Aug 23, 2009
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Best Burgers in Toronto?

Bialy, I completely agree. To be honest, I do not think I ever had a burger I really enjoyed when I lived in Toronto last year. I tried Groucho's on Eglington and to me, it was actually the worst! I couldn't finish it. I ended up dissecting the thing, hoping that the toppings were causing the foul taste, but ended up eating them alone with the bun because the hamburger itself was so jam-packed with crap that you couldn't taste the meat- which only fueled my suspicion about Toronto ground beef, which started with a general city-wide refusal to serve a hamburger less than med-well. What ever happened to a simple and delicious great-tasting patty?

Strawberry paste

If you found it on an Italian website, maybe you could find it in one of the little grocery stores in little Italy?
It also sounds like something you could find in a store that specializes in French products, but when I lived in Toronto those were equally dificult to locate.

Ottawa Hot Dogs

I just moved to Ottawa, and what started out as a late-night craving has turned into an obsession: hot dog delivery. Does anyone know of a restaurant in Ottawa that offers delivery to the down town area and has regular hot dogs on the menu?