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Perfect Margarita

You are all a bunch of Margarita-Hosers. Triple Sec/Cointreau?, White/gold?, premium/rotgut?, salt/no salt? rocks/blended?.........these all make NO difference in the "perfect" margarita. It's a matter of personal taste, as long as you stick to the 3 ingredients - fresh lime juice, tequila and orange liquer (simple syrup is optional depending on the acidity of the lime) then there would and are as many "perfect" margaritas as there are "perfect" margarita tasters - which we all are, by definition. The flavor an/or color and/or quality of almost any tequila will be overshadowed by the acidity of the fresh lime juice anyway on first sip. The tequila flavor will be the secondary but lasting flavor. Fresh lime is a neccessity yet I hear no discussion of the kind of limes. I suppose y'all go down to the supermarket and buy a bunch of really old high acid Bearss limes picked in California a season ago - at least. That's about all they sell in stores - but there are a several varieties of much, much better limes for margaritas. The Mexican Sweel Lime (not the Mexican Lime which is OK but a different, more acid fruit) which is very very low in acidity, hence the "Sweet" in the name, with a hint of bergamot flavor makes a margarita so well balanced that you can taste the nuances of the tequila from the moment it touches your lips and you never need to add simple syrup. Smooth as a baby's butt they are. I guarantee they will make a better margarita than any of you have ever tasted.....even with $1 a gallon real Mexican white lightning and the cheapest Triple Sec you can find !! Good luck finding them - I had to plant a tree.

Aug 22, 2009
taakeelaDave in Recipes