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The Growlers' Arms [Glenview, Oakland]

These people tried their best, no bad name, just a concept not fit for the area, just yet. Best wishes to good people in their future endeavors!

Nick and Aron's (Oakland)

We have enjoyed Nick and Aron's many times since they opened. Agree the corn salad was fabulous! All pizzas have been great...perfectly cooked and fresh toppings. A favorite was one with a tomatillo-based sauce; look forward to seeing that one on the menu again! Additionally, their baked goods are tasty, too.

Dungeness Crab Prices 2014/2015 Season

On Saturday morning we purchased 9 live crabs for $6.99 per pound from Lucky Market #1, 1201 E.12th St in Oakland. Crabs were all lively. Brought the home, cooked, cleaned & iced then chilled them. Deemed "the best crab ever" by our guests. Was worth the price, and have been happy with $5.99 Costco & Safeway previously frozen crab, but will return to this establishment in the future. Very friendly employees, and some nice produce, too.

Best restaurants in SF for 120-person wedding reception dinner and dance party?

Husband had my 50th there for @ 200 people. Plenty of room for buffet, tables & dancing. Can suggest caterers. Parking available, plus a really pretty view & outside access.

It was a really fun party!

Grand Lake Kwik Way reopened: drive-thru burgers and fries [Oakland]

He did live in Oakland, was not a racist and didn't 't "Fail" at previous restaurants. Any one hear about outrageous rents? Go and try and pay rent @$300 a day, excluding payroll, food costs, insurance, etc. geez!

you go away for a week, and the food you miss most is....

So fortunate to have our water! I'd die of dehydration in Los Angeles!

Replacements for retired favorites?

Mussels & clams in spicy broth, Green salad with vinaigrette on a chilled plate at La Roca's Seafood in SF on 24th street. Dream of that place often!

Chowdown: All Season Restaurant (SF)

Worst service...ever. Will not go back. Orders came out unevenly, at best. Expressed complaints, food appeared but no apologies. Regardless of food quality, will never return. This was former Yet Wah location, so much friendlier to all ethnicities and much better food.

Best mexican food in San Francisco?

Tequila Poppers!

Beat Seafood pizza in the Bay Area?

Totally agree! Even better heated up the next day, adds a crispy edge to the crust.

Cheese stores in South Bay (and 680 corridor)

It is in Montclair Village off of Hwy 13. 6218 La Salle Ave. open daily.

Best place to buy cooked & cracked crab in San Francisco?

Baja Nob Hill was the neighborhood I.D. In the 80's when hubby had a bar on Post St. Nothing like glorifying!

Surprise, surprise! All Seasons Restaurant. Big Chinese in Diamond Hts [San Francisco]

All Seasons, Christmas Day 2013.

Surprise, surprise! All Seasons Restaurant. Big Chinese in Diamond Hts [San Francisco]

Had dinner there Christmas day, based on Chowhound reviews, and previously loved Yet Wah. Food was excellent, service was horrible. Management didn't seem to care. Too bad.

chowhound family that likes adventure with great foodie places

We use Caesar Salad dressing as a substitute for red sauce...delicious!

Mexican catering in Oakland - small group

Taqueria Los Comadres in Montclair. 510-336-9002. Friends use them for events, eat there often and really fresh and tasty, plus reasonable.

chowhound family that likes adventure with great foodie places

Agree with you. Went on a recent Sunday. Wait, not too long. Sat on the deck, great service throughout, and food was tasty and fresh. Had sliders and fish & chips, no complaints and cleaned our plates. Good spot for kids, lots to see especially when sitting outside. On another note, while waiting inside, lots of fruit flies but none outside.

Dave's Killer Bread at Safeway in San Francisco

Reliaby available at Cash & Carry locations, @4.00 per loaf.

Costcos in the Bay Area - What Differences Have You Found?

Costco accepts all returns with the exception of cigarettes.

Champa Garden favorites? [Oakland]

Sampler platter, Angel Wings, and best of all the giant condiment platter. Best to go before 6pm. Yum!

Banh Xeo - SF Dish of the Month May 2013


Champa Garden SF Branch to open soon -- any favorites?

Appetizer sampler...everything is delicious and green accompaniments are so fresh and tasty. Make sure you request their full tray of die for!

Banh Xeo - SF Dish of the Month May 2013

Went tonight for our first time tonight and had Banh Xeo for the first time, ala Chowhound of the Month. After reading other reports, I think we hit the jackpot! Crepe was beautifully crisped, no sogginess, even after adding the ingredients. Also had the spring roll which was delicious and fresh, also. Nice sauces and crispy fresh greens as accompaniements...will definitely return. Thanks Dragonboy!

SF Dish of the Month (April 2013) - Voting


Anchovies in six packs gone from Costco!

That Costco in Hayward carries anchovies, but a large can equivalent to several small cans.

Which deli has fantastic sandwich bread/rolls?

Raymond's, SSF. All choices are excellent.

Lake Tahoe in August

Produce before Sacramento...would that be Pedrick Produce in Dixon? They have the very best homemade(or homemade-like) flour tortillas and delicious slab bacon from the refrigerated section. Also, a huge selection of pickled items, nuts, grains and good, seasonal produce. We stop every time on our way from Oakland to Donner Summit.

Aug 30, 2012
macadam in California

ISO Disposable Aluminum Mini Pie Tins

Maybe try contacting Janelle at She does pies and mini-pies at local spots.

Portugese Chouri├žo (Chorizo) in East Bay (or SF)?

Luso Mercado Delicatessen
12 reviewsRating Details
Categories: Grocery, Beer, Wine & Spirits, Ethnic Food [Edit]
15100 E 14th St
(between 151st Ave & 152nd Ave)
San Leandro, CA 94578

Restaurant in style of Chez Panisse, etc. near Embarcadero or Fisherman's Wharf?

We last dined at Boulevard Jan. 2012. Service and food were both excellent, and felt the value/food cost was good. Seared scallops were my choice and were perfectly cooked; beef and lamb chops also ordered and all were really tasty. Friends brought wine from their vineyard, and the corkage was comped with another bottle purchased. Look forward to returning.