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Once Special Meal - Pierre Gagnaire or L'Ambroise

So I will be in Paris on a saturday and sunday night, which has limited some of the restaurants i wanted to try. I am trying to decide on L'Ambroise on a Saturday night or Pierre Gagnaire on Sunday night. I have read that the ambiance is a little more romantic and intimate at L'Ambroise, but I have had trouble finding discussions on the food. I have also heard that Pierre Gagnaire can be hit or miss. In terms of ambiance and food quality, can anyone point me in the right direction?

Apr 04, 2011
arib12 in France

The Best Brunch In Manhattan?

Tribeca Grand Hotel has a Sunday brunch buffet for $40.00 per person. However, they only do the buffet from Septmber through May. Summer is only a la carte.

Jul 27, 2010
arib12 in Manhattan

Is Le Cirque Really Worth it or Should My Money Be Spent Elsewhere?

Looking to go to dinner with my mother (not a very adventurous eater) and my girlfriend. My girlfriend and I have already been to Le Bernardin, Daniel, Jean Georges, and Bouley. We loved Bouley, Daniel, and Jean Georges (probably best out the ones just mentioned) but were disappointed with the tasting menu at Le Bernardin. With that said, one of my favorite meals in the city has to be Degustation. Anyways...

Looking for a new tasting menu to try next weekend. Is Le Cirque worth it or am I just going there because of the HBO special? Anywhere else i should try, perhaps Adour?

Mar 12, 2010
arib12 in Manhattan

Gilt or Sho: Shaun Hergatt??

Looking to go for a really nice dinner with another couple. I have been to most of the high-end pri-fixe restaurants and have been wanting to try Gilt for a while now. However, there does not seem to be much about Gilt on the boards and Sho has had some mixed reviews (poor service seems to be the main complaint). Has anyone been to either recently? Any special dishes that should not be missed? Thanks for the help!!

Mar 10, 2010
arib12 in Manhattan

Restaurants you love that are rarely mentioned on Chowhound

Zucco: Le French Diner!. Simply amazing! Its a favorite for my girlfriend and I. Tiny french restaurant on Orchard and Houston. Maybe eights seats at the bar in front of the kitchen and three tables. The owner is always there setting the mood on his ipod. Mussels, steak a poivre, and hamburger on a baguette are second to none. Just don't ask for ketchup! Highly recommended

188 Orchard St, New York, NY 10002

Nov 16, 2009
arib12 in Manhattan