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First trip to Boston, need recs!

Hello Chowhounds!

About me: I'm from southern California traveling to Boston/Providence for the first time. I'm going to be a grad student at RISD and will be in the area looking for apartments. I'm bringing along my Chinese mom to help. I'll be flying into Boston this Thursday morning and driving to Providence.

Can anyone recommend some good restaurants in the area? Anything special to the region or that can't be found in CA? We're both pretty adventurous eaters. Ideally, I'd like to spend about $20/person, so as not to increase my debt load by too much.
1) I'd like to find a place sort of close to the airport or along the way to Providence for breakfast/lunch.
2) Lunch/dinner places in Providence! I'm going to be there for a whole week!
(hmmm, should I post this in the NE board?)

Thanks a bunch!

Vietnamese - Little Saigon recs needed?

I'd suggest Brodard for their spring rolls with crunchy bits of deep fried rice paper tucked inside.

For mon(?), soupless rice noodles, there's a place by the Thanh Son tofu store on Bolsa that serves the best egg rolls outside of my mom's kitchen. Sorry I can't remember the name right now.

Jun 23, 2008
lemon seeds in Los Angeles Area

Vietnamese in Culver City

Drove by yesterday and saw the owner/family having lunch inside. The sign on the window said that the grand opening is today!

Jun 16, 2008
lemon seeds in Los Angeles Area

Cold noodles, where are you?

Thanks for all the great suggestions you guys!

Apr 27, 2008
lemon seeds in Los Angeles Area

Cold noodles, where are you?

It's hot as heck in LA today and that puts Korean cold noodles on my mind.
A couple of years ago, I was taken to a cold noodle restaurant on Alexandria in a strip mall in K-town. The soups there had shaved ice in them and came with cups of hot beef stock. Yum yum yum. I've tried looking for it but haven't been able to find it.
Can anyone help me? Or has it closed? (I really hope not!)

Apr 11, 2008
lemon seeds in Los Angeles Area

FATHERS OFFICE - Culver city to open

I hope the new FO is bigger than the original. That one was way too crowded and I ended up having to fight for a table, not the way I wanted to start my evening. I've tried the burger but can't rave about it. Apple Pan's is better in my opinion. However, the sweet potato fries were awesome! That's what I'd go back for. That, and the beers.

Mar 14, 2008
lemon seeds in Los Angeles Area

Watermelon Juice

Tacos Por Favor at Olympic and 14th in Santa Monica has it. It's delicious!

Mar 14, 2008
lemon seeds in Los Angeles Area

Where to rent lazy susans?

There's a restaurant supply store below the Korean Galleria Supermarket. I know they rent huge rice cookers and other cookware. They should have lazy susans but I'm not 100%.

Feb 03, 2008
lemon seeds in Los Angeles Area

Where can I get good Vietnemese sandwich's?

I second Banh Mi Che Cali! Sandwiches are buy 2 get 1 free. But if you're not in the OC, I believe there's a place in the San Gabriel Valley called Banh Mi Paris that's also good.

Jan 14, 2008
lemon seeds in Los Angeles Area

Vietnamese in Culver City

I'm excited about the prospect of good pho on the westside, too. We'll soon see if this place holds up the cutesy name=faux pho theory.

Nov 10, 2007
lemon seeds in Los Angeles Area

"Best" Japanese food around Sawtelle?

I eat on Sawtelle a lot because of the lack of good chinese food on the westside. My recommendations are:
FuRaiBo: I second debra's choice of extra spicy chicken wings. Eggplant with meat sauce is yummy with plain rice balls to soak up the sauce. I think the baby halibut is called karei karaage. It's a lot of fish, though. Scallops with enoki mushrooms and clams in sake broth are also good for seafood lovers. The ground chicken skewers are also good. My fav fav favorite dish is the hanpen cheese, which sounds weird but is oh so good! When I'm having a bad day, that's all it takes to turn everything back around. :*)
Ramen-ya: This is my pick for ramen. It's not on Sawtelle but on Olympic a couple blocks west of Sawtelle. I like the spicy ramen with ground pork.
Manpuku: Oh my god, the beef is good here! The chicken leg is another must-try. And the marinade is so much better than that place on Pico. They also have good lunch specials.
Blue Marlin: The om-rice is really good here. Pasta is also very yummy. The ginger pork turned out dry. Avoid the clams; they had sand in them.
Sawtelle Kitchen: I've only been here twice. The chilean sea bass is good. I think portions tend to be small, though. I had to take my brother to Tito's afterwards because he was still hungry.

Hope this helps!

Aug 15, 2007
lemon seeds in Los Angeles Area

Sexy restaurants for bachelorette party

Yes, sexy is hard to define. I do like the suggestions you guys have given, especially Katana and Red Pearl. Nirvana is out of the way, but it sounds really sensual, so I'll also check it out. Thanks!!

Jul 08, 2007
lemon seeds in Los Angeles Area

Sexy restaurants for bachelorette party

I'm planning a bachelorette party in September and am looking for fun, sexy places to go. We'll be staying at the Standard downtown and then heading to Highlands in Hollywood for the Hollywood Men show. :*) What restaurants would you recommend that are along the way? I was thinking of Katsuya but it's sort of out of the way. Any suggestions would be helpful!

Jul 07, 2007
lemon seeds in Los Angeles Area