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Recommendation for restaurant


I'm writing in the hope of obtaining restaurants that are suitable for a family member who is on kidney dialysis. Unfortunately there are food restrictions associated with kidney disease, ie. low salt intake, and low potassium in foods. Suggestion is much appreciated.

Dim Sum

Royaljelly; thank you... Will give this place a try next time...

Dim Sum

I heard that Premeire BallRoom and Convention Restaurant in Richmond Hill is the same owner as Crown Prince. Has anyone been to Premeire ? and what is your opinion of their dim sum?

Crown Princess
1033 Bay Street, Toronto, ON M5S 3A5, CA

Any good seafood markets in the GTA?

At St. Lawrence Market - there are a number of fish stores; ie, Domenics, Seafront Fish Market, etc.

St. Lawrence Market
92 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5E, CA

Ideas for dining before going to Birdland Jazz

We are seeking a decent restaurant in the vicinity of Birdland Jazz which is on West 44 St (betwn 8th and 9th Ave) on the 25th of December. The price range per person is between $25-40.

We are staying at W Hotel Manhattan and would also welcome suggestions for restaurants (not steak house, please).

Dec 21, 2010
lchow4983 in Manhattan

GOOD Turkish Delight?

Travelled to Istanbul ths spring, and discovered Turkish Delights by Koska. These lokums were delicious, especially with pistacho. You can purchase these turkish delights in Highland Farms store on Ellesmere.

Highland Farms
850 Ellesmere Rd, Toronto, ON M1P, CA

Where to find good bread in TO.

Stonemill Bakery carries a good selection of breads, pastries, etc, Located St. Lawrence Market (south bldg.), in the lower level. Better arrive before noon, as their baked goods get sold quickly after 1:00 in the afternoon.

St. Lawrence Market
92 Front St E, Toronto, ON M5E, CA

Need Asian restaurant recommendation in Toronto DT and GTA

WRT to japanese-run restaurants, here are a couple located downtown:

Ema-tei on St. Patrick St and Toshi on King St West.

Restauarnts in High Park area

Would appreciate suggestions for restaurants for breakfasts and/or dinner on Saturaday..

Maxim Patisserie on Finch Ave.

We have been going to Maxim for ages (from the days they originated on McCaul Street as a bakery, now to their present location (from the smaller bakery/cafe and now to the expanded location) on the strip mall. Have always enjoyed the baked goods as well as western style meals.

Has there been a change in ownership of the bakery/cafe?

Recently had dessert at Maxim (between Leslie and Bayview) and was not impressed. The young wait staff have an attitude along with therir curt replies in not so great English speaking (perhaps we spoke in English? to them) Did not experience this type of attiude from the staff in the past. The meringe cake and apple flan which we ordered are so-so, not as great as we remember . When placing the order of an apple flan to a young male staff, he curtly replied "it is apple pie". Obviously he does not the difference b/w applie pie and apple flan! Secondly, when seated, he came by and asked abruptly, "what do you want to drink?".
Thirdly, when my husband paid the bill with credit card, a female wait staff said "we don't take credit card" with no explanation and left our table. We were perplexed, as we noticed a VISA logo on the front door of the cafe/bakery. We flagged the female wait staff to about table and asked for an explanation. She curtly replied, "under $20.00 no credit card. We normally have no problem about cash only, but to advertise a logo on their establishment, and to rudely told of the rule of under $20.00. However, we did note, on the way out, a handwritten note " under $20 cash only" on a piece of white paper 5 x 7" clipped to a stand on the cake counter. To add insult to injury, there is a gratuity added to the bill (which normally would have been acceptable, but not in this instance). We certainly will not be frequently this place soon !

Good pho in the scarborough or east end...

Pho Saigon is a restaurant which we frequent quite often and their pho/rare beef soup is good, as well as their shrimp roll (not deep- fried) with peanut sauce. the restuarant is located in a strip mall on Warden/Eglinton Ave. E. (1921 Eglinton Ave. E.)

Where to dine for our anniversary dinner

Great suggestions everyone! It was a difficult decision to make from all the suggestions but in the end have reserved at the Europea. Kept Cafe Ferreira and Pinxtos on the short list after our anniversary dinner. Thanks again. :)

Where to dine for our anniversary dinner

Thank you all for the suggestions. Will continue to research from the given list.

Where to dine for our anniversary dinner

My husband & I will be in Montreal for a couple of days in midOctober from Toronto We were given suggestions for BIce and Forquet, and would appreciate receiving a couple more suggestions for restaurants. We are staying in Intercontinental hotel, but distance is not an issue.

DIM SUM on carts - Markham/Richmond Hill - where to go?

Hi Toronto Guy;

Century Palace restaurant in an indoor plaza on Ferrieir St (Steeles/warden) is "right down the alley" for dim sum on carts which are reasonably priced, and the noise level is loud; a typical Chinese restaurant.

Best Sushi in Toronto

ramseywannabe - Absolutely agreed with you WRT japanese restaurants operated by Japanese folks! Went to J-Town recently on Woodbine/Steeles, where there is a small cafe which has a small menu for hot udon noodle soups , Japanense curries with rice. The cafe doesn't servce sushi; however, if desired, walk over to the Japanese grocery store, or fish market(s) where they sell prepared boxes of sushi, sashmi, and bento boxes and then pay for the item. Bring the food items back to the cafe to complement the meal ordered there. The sushi is fresh and good.

Try also the Japanese bakery. yummy pastries and traditional japanese cheesecake.

Best Sushi in Toronto

We can certainly recommend Zen, which is on a non-descript strip plaza, in Scarborough, and Mikado in Leaside., as we have been going there for the last 20 yrs There was a change of owners with Zen; but the quality of sushi has not changed. Both restaurants are frequented by tourists from Japan so it must tell us something.

Farmer's booth on Birchmount Road, Agincourt

Thank you everyone for your reples.
Wahooty, you're right. We drove by on Saturday and lo and behold , a truck with "Sweet Ridge Farm" painted on its door was there, with loads of corn piled at the back for sale.
Have sampled the corn, which was sweet but rather mature and not young corn. Actually we purchased corn (3/$1.99) from Sun Valley store,and they're sweeter and young.

Farmer's booth on Birchmount Road, Agincourt


Would someone be kind enough to tell if a local farmer's booth on Birchmont Road (north side), north of Sheppard Ave. E., is still operational? Farmers would come in with their fresh produce and sell them in the tiny outdoor booth which is near a local golf course and Stephen Leacock HS. I used to buy fresh corn from them. Thank you.