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Seeking opinions on L'Auberge du Beaucet in Provence

Thank you so much for your input. My husband and I ate at l'Auberge du Beaucet about 10 years ago, in the dead of winter, and liked the idea of returning in the summertime so we could actually see the view. And it's very close to where we're staying in Pernes-les-Fontaines. We're concerned about wine consumption and driving, so going to Gordes is too far. I stayed at Ferme de la Huppe a couple years ago, under the previous owner, so am glad to know the restaurant is still good. It's such a charming setting.

We plan to eat at Au Fil du Temps in Pernes on another night. We can actually WALK to the restaurant from our rental house, so won't need to have any designated drivers!

May 27, 2011
Tahanto in France

Seeking opinions on L'Auberge du Beaucet in Provence

Have just booked a dinner at L'Auberge du Beaucet in Le Beaucet, for a weeknight in mid-June. My husband and I are traveling with 3 other couples, all serious foodies, so I'm feeling some pressure to get this right. I chose this place based on generally enthusiastic reviews (although couldn't find any on CH) and also because of its proximity to where we'll be staying. When I was on the phone with the restaurant, I learned that the terrace is no longer open (my French wasn't good enough to ask why), and now I'm worried that eating indoors on what will hopefully be a beautiful June evening will be a downer. Have any Chowhounders eaten there recently? Will the quality of the meal offset having to eat indoors?

May 26, 2011
Tahanto in France

New Restaurant in Concord NH: Sunny Table

I just joined Chowhound tonight so I could write a post about Sunny's Table. Had an excellent meal there tonight as well as an all-around good dining experience. Incredibly fresh ingredients, everything extremely tasty. Also loved the decor - the owners have clearly decided to make an investment in this place and I hope it pays off for them. The service was very friendly and knowledgeable too. In short, there was no down side.