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Where can I get Andouille sausage in Hamilton?

They were fresh and nicely spiced.Fine for a Jambalaya.
Pork, water, sea salt, seasonings, toasted wheat crumbs, dehydrated parsley, smoke flavour, garlic extract. In hog natural casing.

Where can I get Andouille sausage in Hamilton?

Check your Real Canadian Superstore.
I used the PC Andouille Sausage in a Paella.

The Great Toronto Ethnic Bakery Tour (really, really long)

Great to read about the Bakery Tour.
The group missed a couple of meet ups during the winter,so it was good to see you guys out there again.
I still remember the mini bakery tour some of the group did before an outing for Chicago Pizza in Maple!

C5 Restaurant in the ROM

Our Family Matriarch(in town from B.C.)had this to add:
"The ambiance of C5 is perfect for a special birthday dinner. We enjoyed Toronto's landmarks from our table in the architecturally exquisite ROM diningroom.
Our special corner table gave us a private place to share family secrets only we would laugh at.
The service was superb-attentive, without being intrusive. We enjoyed the carefully prepared food and felt we had been royally wined and dined"

C5 Restaurant in the ROM

Bit of a stretch to figure things out because I went with what I could remember.
I'm sure it's within $50 dollars up to $650,tax is a killer true!
Wine list was expensive as in what was available on the list but there were some reasonable choices available.
Guessing again,all I can recall was two Canandian bottles selected at roughly $85(red) $35(white)$50(Italian Red)and port(2 glasses $25)
Bottom line is:I and the guests liked C5 for my Birthday celebration.
The other choice that came up was Hy's Steak House,maybe for the next family Birthday that ends with a 'zero'!

C5 Restaurant in the ROM

So I was a Birthday Boy at the C5 on Saturday and didn't have access to the final bill but I know for five people with gratuity we dropped around $600 dollars.
For this we had a prime round table right in the point of the wonderful space,where view of the CN tower and the sunset are afforded.
Don't pull on the blinds if the sun gets in your eyes-they are power assist.
Expect a full-service manner i.e.-water,wine,bread all replinished mostly without asking.
Napkins are placed on your lap and attended to if you leave the table.
Pleasant servers,I found the crew unobtrusive.
Expensive wine list.$200 was spent on three bottles of wine,including two glasses of $12 tawny port to go with the cheese platters.
There was a option to go with the seven course $95 per person chefs tasting,with the stipulation that everyone at the table had to order it.So,not for us this time.
Menu was different that what is currently shown on the website.
What we ordered:
C1-two large mixed Charcuterie Platters
C2-Four people had:
1XRabbit parpadelle,pasta
2Xprosciutto,salad greens
1XPorkBelly,Beluga Lentils,Calamari
C3-Main Course:
1X-Cumbrae 60 day aged Beef Tenderloin with duck foie gras(Me!)
C4-After Dinner:
2X-Assorted Cheese Platters with Thin Crostini
[Abandon restaurant and head back to our rooms at the Marriot where we celebrated with homemade birthday cake,champagne and presents!]

Guests indicated they would return for another type of venue i.e.-lunch or tea.
For myself,it really was a night of good memories,celebrating an event with family.We do not often have the opportunity to get out togetther as a group.
Parting with such a large sum would lead me to obviously try other restaurants.
Hopefully an equivalent experience presented in a different way.
Here are some pictures:

Downtown Wheelchair Accessible Restaurant

Thanks for the reply.I found that the wheelchair accessible suggestions on this board were getting dated and Arcadiaseeker had a fresh eye.
The NOW search engine gives accessibility but not a good restaurant review.
I am pleased to report that the C5 restaurant inside the ROM on the West side of Michael Lee Chin Crystal off Bloor St. is fully open to wheelchairs.

Also at this time I would like to recommend for prebooked wheelchair service.
The extended Chevrolet van had a ramp and space for the wheelchair passenger to be secured inside without transferring from the wheelchair.
Room for four additional passengers,we had a comfortable and convenient ride to and from the restaurant.
Only had to call a half hour before departure on a Saturday to pre-book pickup.
Great service.

Downtown Wheelchair Accessible Restaurant

Thanks for the informative reply,Arcadiaseeker.
I simply couldn't wait any longer and booked C-5 at the ROM,which is all access for a wheelchair.
Front desk assured a pleasant experience and I am looking forward to the celebration!
After,I'll try check back on this thread and post the opinions.

Downtown Wheelchair Accessible Restaurant

Party of 5 adults,one in a wheelchair.

Celebrating a 50th birthday.
Contacted The Corner House but it is 3 steps up,then another 5 steps to get in.
No main floor washroom either.

Happening this Saturday evening.Any thoughts?

New Lindt Warehouse Outlet Store!!

I work right beside the Lindt Mississauga outlet.It's been there for over a year.
Nice chocolates in a small space.

Best butter chicken in the Toronto area
7330 Yonge St. (at Clark) Thornhill
I've had take-out twice,those 500g tubs are expensive but tasty!

ATTN: Toronto Visitors. RE: Peameal - Back Bacon

Steaming just to the point of doneness is an important part of cooking a good peameal(cornmeal) bacon chunk.(I use a covered pyrex dish with a half inch of water ) Sliced and fished off in a pan of butter/oil to brown/grill,is that part of what they do down there at the St. Lawerence?

Looking for the best smoked meat in Toronto

Really enjoyed that article.Disappearing breed indeed.Hilarious outtakes,great biograghy!

Looking for the best smoked meat in Toronto

Took me a month to get down to Moe Pancers's Deli,3856 Bathurst St.,north of Wilson on the west side.Sunday at 11:30am was a good window of opportunity to tuck into the $9.95 hot beef tongue on rye/sm.potato salad/sm.coleslaw/dill pickle special.Felt good enough to order a smoked meat on rye afterwards too! Signifigant crowd started to build after 12:30.(semingly local patrons/friends of longtime owner)"Bite into History" is the restaurant motto and a Zagat recommend is printed on the bottom of the menu.Still awaiting L.L.B.O. approval,I had a coffee(extra)and I understand they have been at this location for 2 years, after a long tenancy futher north on Bathurst.Enjoyed the old restaurant atmosphere,even though it was my first time inside and preferred the overall experience comparatively to Center St. deli.Saying that,Center St. does offer more of a shopping venue but I still reserve my current opinion on their smoked meat sandwich...untill I go back for another "eat in" special.

Another Owl of Minerva

Congee Time,on Yonge St., south of Steeles,in the Newtonbrook plaza,east side.(Look for FoodBasics,ShoppersDrug and BlockBuster)Tried the huge beef tendons noodle soup and was not so fond of the peculiar dish.Other menu items I have tried as take out were generous,reasonably priced and tasty.

Another Owl of Minerva

Located on Yonge St. south of Finch, is another Owl of Minerva.
On a cold winter night after 2:00am on a Friday,my friend and I scurried in to join a bustling crowd.They are open 24/7.Ordered soup and another main,the bill was less than 14 bucks for both of there you go,it was comfort and convenience,late at night on a cold snowy evening!

The Fifth SteakHouse?

Sold out since this?
Plenty to go on here...

Knife Sharpening?
Professional Instuction.
Alton Brown video.

Acme Malacarne Grinding Ltd.

Address: 468 Gilbert Ave
York, ON
M6E 4X5

Telephone: (416) 789-0644
Ask for Joe.
Never tried them,or asked for Joe...


Heh heh,Singapore traveller simply found Duff's wings(College St.) "dry" and the sauce lacklustre.I went to St.Louis on Yonge St. north of Sheppard and found the taste getting "tired" like no one gives a flyin "F" anymore...the other two joints I recommended (ND on Finch,E of Dufferin and TJ on Hwy 10,N of the 407)at least are tasty and juicy!Everyone on here is their own "best" judge of what agrees/pleases them gastronomically.

Corn Roast Time! [Moved from Ontario board]

Labour Day weekend has always included a corn roast gathering from when I was a child.
Tried many techniques and since I am attending a country corn roast this weekend I should like to appeal for your favorite Corn on the Cob styles...
Thought I would do up some Hobo Corn for a change,the original I had around a fire in the USA,involved an emptied potato chip tin(large size with lid)with the corn packed in the bottom husk on ,standing upright,then layered with smoked sausages and filled with water to just cover.Sealed with the lid,a small hole was peirced in the middle of the lid and when the steam whistled through it was a corn delight!
My variation will be to husk the cobs and center them on heavy foil sheets.Add some smoked sausage ,salt, pepper,butter and a couple ice cubes and wrap tightly.Grill for 30 minutes,turning once and voila!(fancy it up with some chopped potato,onion slices,baby carrots and tomato in the packets)

Aug 29, 2007
ultrablue in Home Cooking


Took my Singapore friend to Duff's and they were pronounced "unremarkable"(Same for St.Louis)
For a change,I like Noodle Delight's deep fried XL wings...Turtle Jack's New York Buttered Regular Wings are good for a feast too!

Looking for the best smoked meat in Toronto

$10.95 for the smoked meat on rye with fries,small coleslaw and a pickle.
Taxes not included.
Center St. Deli special,to go.
Pricey and forgettable.
Preferred the $10.00 smoked beef brisket at Toronto's Festival of Beer.

Beer Festival,Fort York

Internet sales seem to start as early as March!
Advance at The Beer Store started July06 and Saturday was gone by the end of the week...
V.I.P. is available only if you have a brewery contact.
Really,don't be put off by the "sold out" status of Saturday.Finite number of tickets means capacity is not exceeded.No problem getting around and served,unless you suffer from Enochlophobia/Demophobia(fear of crowds)

Beer Festival,Fort York

Prefer not to wear headgear and now have a parboiled look from the neck up.Oh yeah was it hot!
Mr.Ted had quite the corral set up,with a very large commercial smoker and the sandwich was replete with slaw and his signature sauce...King of the "Q"! so here is his link,it's all I can offer apart from the memories...(curiously,there was a vendor putting together fresh,chilled lobster submarine sandwiches and beside that another that did grilled vegtables and mushrooms! Regrettably by the time I wandered past,I was too full.Never did find TheOysterBoy for a platter of P.E.I. goodness.

Beer Festival,Fort York

Travelled to Union Station via Yonge St. subway and hopped onto the 509 Harboufront streetcar which stops at the south entrance to the fesival.Arrived at 1:30pm and stood in line for a good 45 minutes while security processed the mostly college student crowd that packed the place.Sold out weeks ago,my $27.50 ticket allowed 5 four oz. taste tokens picked up at the entrance.
Tasting glasses were also picked up at the gate,heavy plastic with a 4 oz. fill line and an 8oz.fill line,costing one and two tokens respectively,extra tokens sold in multiples of five,available at two locations inside for a buck per token.Motto on entrance signs"Love your glass,it's the only one you get!"For those patrons whose focus wasn't strictly on consumption, questions could be asked about the brews and answers readily provided. Even at tents where numerous bottled micros were being served, the distributors who were pouring were very knowledgeable and informative.
The physical layout was a reasonable compromise between shaded tent setting and an outdoor one. The large main outdoor stage featured round tables in front with umbrellas. Each brewery seemed to have enough space to both showcase and serve their beers. Draughts outnumbered the bottled products. Drinking water and rinse buckets were noticeably present. The various bands/DJs kept the mood in the tents festive,particularily the Red Stripe tent,lots of crowd dancing and singing! Outside, the mood, like the crowd, was more eclectic. A few dozen picnic tables in the center of the square offered a place to sit and relax while open grass to the side provided the vantage point for people watching. Regardless of your location, your senses were inundated from all directions. From behind, the unmistakable fragrance of hops, as fresh beer was poured. From the right, the smell of BBQ ribs and roasted corn-on-the-cob. From the left, the amplified sounds of the various singers who took the stage. From the center, the shouts and cheers of the Tent Crews doing a successful job of getting the crowd to enjoy themselves. Coming with the breezes from all direction was the occasional scent of cigar smoke, confirming reports that this fad is indeed sweeping through the craft beer scene.
There was a healthy mix of tasty food and beers, and although a bit crowded, people were well behaved and there were uniformed police present.
Oh yes,for the food,I enjoyed Ted Readers slow smoked beef brisket sandwich on the way in for $10 ,while I happily sampled another $15 bucks worth of beer on a picture perfect,hot August summer afternoon!

kebabs east end update and review

Harkenening back to my youth,I worked in a chain butcher shop cica 1975-77.
Owner/Management practices in the drive for the bottom line remain unchanged to this day.
Product that hit the floor put back into the foodstream.Unsanitary cleanups.Outdated, discolored ground beef mixed in with the fresh.Mystery "meatspread"made from all the deli endcuts,ground up and loaded with mayonnaise,salt and pepper to mask the main ingedients.Shall I go on?Sad but very true,I was there and being so young,too anxious/carefree/indifferent to voice a concern...

Headcheese in North York area

My reply was split from this board and placed into Home Cooking,so check the board for a reply!

Headcheese [split from Ontario board]

Head cheese, also called souse and brawn, is a jellied loaf or sausage. Originally it was made entirely from the meaty parts of the head of a pig or calf, but now can include edible parts of the feet, tongue, and heart. The head is cleaned and simmered until the meat falls from the bones, and the liquid is a concentrated gelatinous broth. Strained, the meat is removed from the head, chopped, seasoned and returned to the broth and the whole placed in a mold and chilled until set, so it can be sliced.(Food Facts and Trivia)

Head Cheese

20 lbs pork
5 lbs beef
1 oz pepper
1/2 lb salt
1/4 oz Allspice
1/2 oz cloves
1/2 oz caraway seed (if you like it)
4 lbs meat stock
The pork used for this usually consists of heads, hearts, tongues, and if using beef, should be shanks and necks.
Put the meat in a large kettle and cover with water then cook at a simmering temperature for 2 or 3 hours until the meat is very tender. The meat is then taken from the liquid and separated from the bones. Cut the meat into about 1/2 inch cubes. Add the seasonings and measure 4 lbs. of the liquid in which the meat was cooked (meat stock) and add this. Mix the whole thing thoroughly with your hands until the seasonings are properly worked into the meat. The meat is then put into hog paunches or beef straight and laid out to cool. They may be pressed by laying a weighted board over them. If you prefer you may place the headcheese in bowls or bread pans.

This has to be eaten fairly soon as it is a fresh meat product. It would keep several months frozen.
Remember Mama's Recipes
Compiled by Marlene and Mabel Mertz
in 1973 by the Stirling, Alberta
LDS Woman's Organization
Key is to use bones/cartiledge that contain enough gelatin to provide the "set"
(collagen in the bone marrow?)Many variations to this recipe such as onion,garlic,bay leaf,peppercorns,the list goes on regarding texture(chop or grind),process and specific ingedients,the idea being not to waste any part of the farm livestock...
Supermarket varieties usually have the gelatin added which does not come naturally from the requisite ingrdients.If left at room temperature real headcheese begins to soften rapidly,which is why it makes such a delicious sandwich, as those tasty oils and butter soft meat melt into the bread!

Aug 04, 2007
ultrablue in Home Cooking

Headcheese in North York area

Ahh yes,third also had paprika but was "hot" and what I had in the sandwich...
Thankyou,DP,for the tip about the HoneyBear Deli.I most definitely will return!
Elmira is not so far from where I spent my youth,Ariss ON, and where my father still remains on the farm...(I'm near Yonge and Sheppard now)
Pig Tails and Beef Bone Marrow for the win!(where are they now?)

Headcheese in North York area

Trailed into Hungarian Honey Bear,
Chunk style Head Cheese in 3 varieties is indeed in the deli case and the sandwich on a bun was most tasty.
Also a small hot table case,from which I ordered Schnitzel,rice with peas,dill pickle and a small pepper stuffed with sauerkraut.Container of beef stew included 2 slices of bread and all foods were most satisfying.Look to the weblink for the 411 on this cool European Deli!
Still have yet to find the German grey,ground meat version of Head Cheese loaded with black pepper from my youth...