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The Underrated- what's yours?

4140 hands down underrated, besides none of the cool kids go there.

Counterpoint, Chef Rose is a very talented young Chef. TRY IT.

Nov 24, 2014
bluefin2na in San Diego

Best San Diego Mexican Food?

You can not sell sport harvested seafood of any kind. You can sell rod and reel harvested if the vessel has a commercial fishing license and ALL on board have on persons a commercial license. In order to buy direct from a commercial fisher one must have a receiver license. Temperature control plays a huge part in that factor. I see nothing wrong buying direct, however you need all the right permits and log book

Nov 23, 2014
bluefin2na in San Diego

Sirena Little Italy

Before we get started here, I would like to make it very clear that i have nothing to do with this place, I eat out, every night.

Sirena: A great place for a meal, (not a night out with all the cool kids). Seating is great and comfortable, service is very good. Deco is nice and to be honest this is a place to have a nice meal, relax, have conversation with out having to yell across the table. You wont find nose rings in the waiters face, or pants sagging down past ones butt crack. You wont find all the 'cool kids' paying $14.00 for a drink. The seats are very comfortable and did I mention you can relax and have a great meal with friends and carry on a conversation?

Apps, are based on seafood and are very tasty indeed, the Chef has a wonderful background, from Peru, to Mexico and even teaching classes in and around T.J. Food Profile was top notch (in my book anyway).

I settled for,,, ready,,,, the Cheese stuff chicken and palm hearts, OH My, very good.

Dessert::: yes please again and again.. with more to come.

Fresh brewed coffee by the cup
was a nice touch rather than the pop on the burning taste.

Most of the menu is based on seafood, with ONE Steak and ONE chicken plate,

Vegan upon request..

While I lack ALL the $20.00 words I will pass the torch to some guy named'fakey or flakey" to write up a much better review than I..

Nov 19, 2014
bluefin2na in San Diego

Is your favorite restaurant at risk of CLOSING its doors?

Is your favorite restaurant at risk of CLOSING its doors? Or has it already RECENTLY CLOSED?

From the Producers of Spike's "Bar Rescue" and "The Hungry Investors" comes a new show that will help save your favorite restaurant and get the owner(s) the investors & financial backing they've been needing!

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Do you own a restaurant that is in jeopardy or want to nominate your favorite restaurant that has had to close or is in danger of closing?

EMAIL US NOW at LastChanceDinner@gmail.com !

Please send us:
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Type of fare / Concept (i.e. Italian food, fast casual, diner, free-standing, pub?)
Status (closed, near closing, leased building, nearing end of lease?)
Photos (if you have) of restaurant, food, owner(s)

Thank you, foodie friends!

Last Chance Dinner Casting
O: 424-236-7500
F: 424-276-0667 (Please put "attention Last Chance Dinner ")

Nov 12, 2014
bluefin2na in Food Media & News

San Diego Night Market - October 4, 2014

This was the worst event I have ever been to. Not only from standing in line for well over one hour to get on the shuttle, but also yet another line to get into the place, (paying 2 bucks to get in was cool and a deal), right up till you got in and saw that it was line after line after line. My heart goes out to the vendors of this event, it was not well planned out in any means.

The best thing that came out of this massive fail of a event was the fact that local places had a great night because of all the people who bailed on this event, they really need to rethink this thing and get it all together, maybe try and use the MURPH parking lot, (yes i said the Murph in honor of all us old folks).

100% epic fail on all parts, but what do I know..

oh, and one more thing, you owe me 6 hours of my life back and i will settle for 3 hours because thats how long I stood in line, not to mention the $30.00 for uber to take me back to the shuttle lot because the line was at least 90 minutes long.... NEXT....

San Diego CLOSED Restaurants: Thread Four (2014 edition)

John T. Tarantino's.......Lubauc's.......the OG butcher shop in Chula Vista ,,,where everything was for sale...... And yes pernicanos, now those 4 places help build this city. What I mean is more deals were made at these places then in city hall.

Oct 05, 2014
bluefin2na in San Diego

restaurant/lounge with food near Humphreys on shelter island

FIDDLERS, hands down the best prime rib in the city.. (for me that is)

Oct 01, 2014
bluefin2na in San Diego

Can $3M food hall rival Pike Place?

It will not work, for many many reasons.

Sep 14, 2014
bluefin2na in San Diego

What say ye, SuperChowers?

Yellowtail collars @ wrench and rodent. The corn dish at comun. Calamari salad at fish public. Fried chicken skins table 10 (Omg). God help me on this one twice baked potatoe skins at LIl B s.

Sep 01, 2014
bluefin2na in San Diego

A fish market find - what is it?

Baja Cardinal Snapper, hook and line harvested fish taken in and along swallow water reefs by pangas. This is not a deep water type snapper however it can still be found in some general area in deep water. This fish while in the snapper family is not of high value therefore not harvested on a massive type scale. This fish while a great value tends to go soft fast and therefore needs to move quick from "Dock to Plate".
One will notice the smaller mouth and that it is not gutted nor gills out.
Fact number one. In gutting of the small fish, the stomach has very little liner to it therefore the inner liner breaks and water will enter the meat making this fish close to un-marketable.

Fact number two: Notice the mouth, is smaller and lacking in jaw mussels and teeth, this shows the main diet of this fish to be small "FIN FISH" which have a high oil content. (fat and oil are not the same in fish)and that being said the smaller fin fish when eaten tend to decompose at a faster rate inside the stomach, therefore this little red fish needs to be moved at a fast rate, one reason why you will see it at the Vietnamese markets. They have a customer base which will help in moving this fish before it goes ,,, south shall we say.

sorry for any and all mis-spelling for i am just a simple fishmonger,

Sand dabs

Cook em whole, Scale em and gut them. Pat dry simple flour try coating and fry in shallow cast iron pan.
You can also trim off the fins which will allow it to cook faster, therefore not allowing a bunch of oil into the fish.

sand Dab is a great fish. Just saying,,,,,,

carry on

Open Air Fish Market (@ The Embarcadero) to Start August 2.

Going out on a very thin limb here, can i post a insiders view and not get it deleted????

Aug 01, 2014
bluefin2na in San Diego

Encore Champagne Bar and Dining Room

It will be long gone in less then 2 weeks from today. Watch for Chef Ryan to land real fast, landing gears are down.

Jul 30, 2014
bluefin2na in San Diego

Atlanta Chef Richard Blais Opening "Juniper & Ivy" in February

Went last night, The kitchen set-up is unmatched by any in SD. Which is not hard to do in this town. The team behind Chef Blais is All-Star like none this town has seen before. Many San Diego Chefs were in last night and from what I saw (as if it matters) this is going to be a great place. The dinning room set up is not cramped, The chairs are very nice to sit in, the booths are right and you dont sink in. What i mean is, i have been to openings where it seems they bought OLDER booths, re-covered em and your butt falls into a hole where you need a booster seat. The small trays of snacks that were past around, seemed to be full of flavors and freshness, again, from what i saw, this place will be not only great dinning for those that want it, but a great place to mingle after work,,,

Feb 28, 2014
bluefin2na in San Diego

Encore Champagne Bar and Dining Room

Been there 3 times, Duck Confit Risotto is great, followed up with the Piquillo Peppers stuffed with albacore was wonderful, Lamb chops were done jut right with a purple mustard sauce. the seared albacore was done to perfection.

All 3 times I rolled past the meat market meet and great bar area, too old for that stuff, the service is top notch and with the open kitchen you can see the crew is hand picked. Meals and service were great. dessert menu is great.

Feb 19, 2014
bluefin2na in San Diego

Best grilled fish?

MItchs in point loma, great view. Bay Park has good food also. Blue water is on the list. Fishery, Chef Paul is tops. speaking of TOPS ,, "top of the market" is by far a great place. North County "El Pescador" for sure.

Pass on spike (IMO)

Feb 10, 2014
bluefin2na in San Diego

April Dinner for 10 on Coronado Island in San Diego

Chez Loma, Chef Alex is the real deal

Feb 03, 2014
bluefin2na in San Diego

San Diego CLOSED Restaurants: Thread Three- The Saga Continues.


Oct 01, 2013
bluefin2na in San Diego

Where is the best fishmonger in San Diego?

Both of these places ROCK and are great to buy fresh seafood from.

Aug 31, 2013
bluefin2na in San Diego

Where is the best fishmonger in San Diego?

I think not

Aug 31, 2013
bluefin2na in San Diego

Hubcap is now spinning.

Forgive him, as he rides a KTM, and sets a higher standard for himself. :)

Apr 25, 2013
bluefin2na in San Diego

Delicias - 9-Course Tasting Menu or Keeping up with Chef McCabe

I have received many phone calls from Chefs in this State about the rant. It seems to have made its way up past SF, and back along the coast. Gezzzz, who knew. While i was a young kid, i was able to grow up on a tuna vessel during the summers here in San Diego then just stayed on em and became a fishermen (kind of), I remember one "COOK" we had a french guy from NY City, who always wanted to work on a boat. I will never forget the meals he served on that vessel. As a kid he would talk to me about restaurants and service, and how it was not all about the food, he also told me something that i will never forget, A Chef, a real Chef will always taste the food before it goes out on the floor,Same goes with the food and beverage director for a major Hotel line as he cooked with us for 7 years, before walking off the vessel in Costa Rica in 1979 and living his dream. Now, i,m no food writer, but I know that during the 38 years my mother managed TARANTINOS on N. Harbor drive, i learned a lot about service and food, while we lost many great places to dine, like John Tarantinos, Lubucs (SP), the old MARINE room and the old Mr. A's , yeah i know Mr. A's and the marine room are still open, but trust me they are not the same as our food sources have changed and most of the family owned meat companys are gone and we must buy from US FOOD, (we keep kitchens cooking) and other 55 foot long trailers, meanwhile if anyone is interested in opening a place here, these are some guildline offered up by a "FRIEND" via email
Recipe: How to Open a "New" Restaurant in San Diego

Step One:
Select: Random Names (preferably put two together)

Step Two:
Add: Mostly Fat Driven Menu = Tuna – Seared or Tartare (form in ring mold, Mango Optional), Burgers (Lots), Short Ribs, Shrimp n' Grits, Pork Belly, Truffle Fries (Correctly called "2,4-Dithiapentane Fries", there is NO truffle in them), Sweet Potato Fries, Charcuterie, Mac 'n Cheese, Beet Salad with Goat Cheese, Pan Fried Brussels Sprouts
Quick Tip: Have small plates to create the allusion of "Value"

Step Three:
Select: A "Mixologist" AKA Bartender = Sprinkle with Skinny Jeans and Ridiculous Mustache (Optional: Tats and/or Piercing)
Blend Together: Stupid Name, Fill Glass with Mostly Ice, Charge 13.00

Step Four:
Mix: Reclaimed Wood, Mismatched Furniture, Bad Art, Look at Me Poorly Trained Servers
Add: LOUD Music (so you don't have to hear the people you actually wanted to converse with)

Step Five:
Avoid: Hiring a Chef

Serve Eventually

Where can I find a great Monte Cristo in San Diego?


Apr 23, 2013
bluefin2na in San Diego

Delicias - 9-Course Tasting Menu or Keeping up with Chef McCabe

While i dont have a lot of $20.00 words, my grammar and spelling is that of a 7th grader (AT BEST) I am sure that "some" got what i was saying. While not all the talented Chefs are leaving San Diego, (give it time) and we still have some great young talent. Most of which come in to see us here at COP and they ask questions about seafood and I show em how to break down fish and blaa blaaaa blaaa, (opps sorry about that). Some have passion for the food they serve, while others clearly are not in the game for long and it shows. My rant was on my facebook page, not a YELP review, while i do not drink the KOOL-AID of yelp.

My comment about the whole craft beer thing, stems from the fact that i have been to 15 or so craft beer dinners (so called) and being a person who loves food, and not beer (well i love alcohol so much so every time I drink it i break out in handcuff because i,m a gutter drunk) wait, back on track here Oh yea beer dinners if I wanted to have dinner with a bunch of drunk frat boys i would go to P.B.

Now Cur8eur sent a message asking me if they could use that rant, so why not? Please put me in contact with the janitor for CRAFT & COMMERCE so i record it for them. :)

Good Food in Little Italy

La Villa is good

Mar 26, 2013
bluefin2na in San Diego

Supernatural Sandwiches--Barrio Logan


Mar 26, 2013
bluefin2na in San Diego