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My List for San Diego

Agggggggggg,, must not comment,,,, Must be strong,,,, oh the pain

Apr 25, 2015
bluefin2na in San Diego

White Labs Tasting Room?

saw this late, not sure if you have gone or not. My kid is there and she can help you out if your interested

Feb 21, 2015
bluefin2na in San Diego

Piazza 1909

Eat this.com

many people have argued that to truely understand food you have to also be able to cook on a resaonable level

I,m not very resaonable on any level, but my cooking skills are fair indeed. :)

Feb 20, 2015
bluefin2na in San Diego

Piazza 1909

I dont have alot of twenty dollar words, and cant spell to good, however i do eat out every night of the week, from high end to middle of the road. I like this guys food, period.

Feb 20, 2015
bluefin2na in San Diego

Piazza 1909

From the Chef whom brought us Solare and Cafe Bella, went to a family and friends opening, food was wonderful, all i can say is watch out fay st,, its that good

Feb 18, 2015
bluefin2na in San Diego

Chinese Food in the 50's


Feb 10, 2015
bluefin2na in San Diego

San Diego CLOSED Restaurants...2015 Edition

Local Habit is gonna be back, only thing is its gonna be OLD SCHOOL local habit, some old faces will be back

Jan 23, 2015
bluefin2na in San Diego

San Diego CLOSED restaurants (2015 edition)

Many more to follow, the writing is on the wall

Jan 09, 2015
bluefin2na in San Diego

San Diego Swordfish (and other fish)- Are there tumors, and how do San Diego's fishmongers deal with them?

No, I have a dog, A black Lab, I drive a truck, I have a boat and I ride a motorcycle, I wear boots everyday. CLEAR? NO CAT

Dec 20, 2014
bluefin2na in San Diego

San Diego Swordfish (and other fish)- Are there tumors, and how do San Diego's fishmongers deal with them?

I would not eat a fish in which i had to cut a tumor out of, nor would i feed it to my family and customers, let alone cats,

Dec 19, 2014
bluefin2na in San Diego

San Diego Swordfish (and other fish)- Are there tumors, and how do San Diego's fishmongers deal with them?

I have harvested a massive amount of seafood in my life time, while i am no longer active in that trade i am still in the game as a fishmonger. When i say massive lets just say, several thousand tons a year, upwards of double digits.

Now, Sashi in tuna is on the rise, i am seeing tumors in swordfish, but not more then say 20 to 30 years ago. Bottom fish is starting to show some signs, depending on where they hare harvested. Case in point on bottom fish, there is a active volcano off Mexico San Benedicto (sp) Island, some of the old bigger grouper have small pebbles in the meat from eating the stuff when chasing bait, and the meat can at time taste like a pumus stone used to clean a flat grill.

FISH, taste like the taste of the general area, kind of like Talapia taste like green mossy water, its like that.

Or even better, lets look at farmed salmon, while NOT ALL FARMED SALMON is bad, some are total crap and worthless as a food source, a belly filler yes, but food source nope IMO.

We pack the grow out pens with over stocking and over crowding them, which in case the fish rub on each other swimming around and remove the protective slime which will leave a spot where a rash starts and goes into the meat, then we pump em full of MAN MADE drugs to battle the infection, which in time might or might not help, dont matter cause we humans just want food, we dont care where it comes from, we just want to eat. A tumor starts, yummy right?

I could go on and on about what is really happening to our oceans, but people dont want to hear this stuff, they just want to eat, whatever it may be.

Dec 18, 2014
bluefin2na in San Diego

San Diego Swordfish (and other fish)- Are there tumors, and how do San Diego's fishmongers deal with them?

SWORDFISH AND TUMORS: YES, indeed just like our other proteins like Beef pork, Chicken bigger fish like swordfish have tumors. Some riddled yes, some not at all. Same Bio-mass , yes indeed. Its the luck of the draw for a swordfish.
Now, when your buying a boat full, say 30,000lbs at a time, WE can not cherry pick, meaning pick the best and leave it at that. We buy the whole load from the U.S. flagged vessel, so yeah your gonna get a few bad ones.

'AT' Times one can see from the outside a soft spot or scar where a tumor might be. Other times you can only tell if you lay the fish open,
1/4 it out and check, it should also be noted that even then the tumors are deep inside and you can not tell until you steak it out.

From where I sit, the photo in this post was taken from my cell phone, I can tell you with 100% that this fish was tossed into lobster bait and not sold for human table fare.
Now , while yes it is true that some markets will trim around the tumors cutting them out, it should also be noted that they would call the said vendor that sold the fish for a marked down price, do they then drop the price to the end user? NO, I don't think so.

Our oceans are changing, and we humans are causing major damage to her.
We humans are like a virus, and the only way to kill a virus , is to kill the host. Well guess what kiddies? Mother earth is our host and we are killing her.
Urban runoff, massive dead zones, oil spills, chemical dumps, you name it we are doing it.

It boils down to trust, who can you trust when it comes to your food? MOM? well, our food is not the same as it was say even 20 years ago.

Not all seafood is the same, not all farmed fish is bad, some places are doing it right, and there is not such thing as cheap seafood, you WILL PAY WITH YOUR HEALTH, read the label, know your source. That farmed salmon at your favorite big box store is from CHILI, really, What do they know about salmon? Check deeper and you will MONSANTO has a part of it. Scary right?
Thats why you need to trust a butcher, a fishmonger, a baker, and your farmers , ask questions,
Come in and see for yourself, what we built to help you get a better understanding of seafood.

Tumors in swordfish, yeah you bet they got em, not all of em. Will it end up on your table? not if your buying from a trusted source.

Dec 17, 2014
bluefin2na in San Diego

RedO is Coming

you are trying to bait me

Dec 16, 2014
bluefin2na in San Diego

RedO is Coming

catalina offshore products buys the LOAD, meaning the Whole load from a boat. We do not Cherry pick what we want or what we can sell. While true some places trim it out, its not a common practice at COP.

You can at times tell if a fish is going to be riddled with tumors by looking at scare marks or soft spots on the outside.

The photo posted was taken with my personal cell phone and while the fish was NOT SOLD, it was PAID FOR by COP to the fishermen. Meaning we bought it and lost it due to it being bad meat. When you buy 30,000.00 pounds at a time, you do get a few bad ones, which again do not make it to market

Dec 16, 2014
bluefin2na in San Diego

Swordfish Tumors ?


Dec 16, 2014
bluefin2na in General Topics

Swordfish Tumors ?

TUMORS IN SWORDFISH:: Why yes indeed tumors are in SOME swordfish, like the one in the photo. While most (not all) seafood markets will write if off as a loss, some will cut around this and still place it in a retail case, or grind it up.
While we as humans are dumping toxic waste into our oceans, it is having a really bad effect on all of us.
Cancer tumors? Maybe however just like all our food, hogs, beef, chicken, most have tumors.
We as humans are like a virus. Mother earth is our host, and in order to kill a virus, you must first kill the host. Earth is our host and we are killing it.

Swordfish and tumors, yes, not all but some, just like worms. Yes fish has worms, look it boils down to this.

TRUST, as in Trust your farmers, and ranchers and fish guys. From my seat we have some issues in the seafood world like seafood fraud, and just all around F$#%Sticks that sell seafood and call it something else.
This is one reason why I opened up a retail area at Catalina Offshore, to help educate and promote good seafood for your families.

Ask questions, know where your food comes from. I know this site is based on food and who fixes it and who is the best and all that.

But what one really must know is that a Chef is only as good as the vendor they choose, and that is another story that no one wants to touch.

Know your source, ask questions, you are what you eat.

RedO is Coming

This is what a riddled tumor fish looks like, shall we chat about this? I am asking because i really dont want to spend 20 minutes typing away only to get it deleted by the powers that be,

Dec 16, 2014
bluefin2na in San Diego

RedO is Coming

Thanks for that, now do we chat about tumors?

Dec 16, 2014
bluefin2na in San Diego

RedO is Coming

Are we sure on this comment? not trying to stir up anything, just a honest question

Dec 16, 2014
bluefin2na in San Diego

Table No. 10 (East Village)

It was nice to order a porterhouse steak and not be asked how i wanted it cooked. He knew how it should be cooked. :)

Dec 08, 2014
bluefin2na in San Diego

Table No. 10 (East Village)

Went last night, will be back, BEST yes I am saying BEST Porterhouse in the city, and who said it was for 2 :) It was nice to have a real waiter, one who had a belt on to keep his pants up, and no shinny things stuck in his face, what i mean is, A REAL WAITER, a pro, one who was spot on,
I,m going back again and again, BTW did you know they have a buy out table for 10, at $100.00 a pop for a 12 course meal? Anyone wanna go? I,m gonna book it, Mr. Fakey dude maybe?

Dec 06, 2014
bluefin2na in San Diego

Prime Rib in San Diego

FIDDLERS on Shelter Island,, Callahan cut
bone in,,, best ever

Dec 06, 2014
bluefin2na in San Diego

The Underrated- what's yours?

4140 hands down underrated, besides none of the cool kids go there.

Counterpoint, Chef Rose is a very talented young Chef. TRY IT.

Nov 24, 2014
bluefin2na in San Diego

Best San Diego Mexican Food?

You can not sell sport harvested seafood of any kind. You can sell rod and reel harvested if the vessel has a commercial fishing license and ALL on board have on persons a commercial license. In order to buy direct from a commercial fisher one must have a receiver license. Temperature control plays a huge part in that factor. I see nothing wrong buying direct, however you need all the right permits and log book

Nov 23, 2014
bluefin2na in San Diego

Sirena Little Italy

Before we get started here, I would like to make it very clear that i have nothing to do with this place, I eat out, every night.

Sirena: A great place for a meal, (not a night out with all the cool kids). Seating is great and comfortable, service is very good. Deco is nice and to be honest this is a place to have a nice meal, relax, have conversation with out having to yell across the table. You wont find nose rings in the waiters face, or pants sagging down past ones butt crack. You wont find all the 'cool kids' paying $14.00 for a drink. The seats are very comfortable and did I mention you can relax and have a great meal with friends and carry on a conversation?

Apps, are based on seafood and are very tasty indeed, the Chef has a wonderful background, from Peru, to Mexico and even teaching classes in and around T.J. Food Profile was top notch (in my book anyway).

I settled for,,, ready,,,, the Cheese stuff chicken and palm hearts, OH My, very good.

Dessert::: yes please again and again.. with more to come.

Fresh brewed coffee by the cup
was a nice touch rather than the pop on the burning taste.

Most of the menu is based on seafood, with ONE Steak and ONE chicken plate,

Vegan upon request..

While I lack ALL the $20.00 words I will pass the torch to some guy named'fakey or flakey" to write up a much better review than I..

Nov 19, 2014
bluefin2na in San Diego

Is your favorite restaurant at risk of CLOSING its doors?

Is your favorite restaurant at risk of CLOSING its doors? Or has it already RECENTLY CLOSED?

From the Producers of Spike's "Bar Rescue" and "The Hungry Investors" comes a new show that will help save your favorite restaurant and get the owner(s) the investors & financial backing they've been needing!

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EMAIL US NOW at LastChanceDinner@gmail.com !

Please send us:
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Status (closed, near closing, leased building, nearing end of lease?)
Photos (if you have) of restaurant, food, owner(s)

Thank you, foodie friends!

Last Chance Dinner Casting
O: 424-236-7500
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Nov 12, 2014
bluefin2na in Food Media & News

San Diego Night Market - October 4, 2014

This was the worst event I have ever been to. Not only from standing in line for well over one hour to get on the shuttle, but also yet another line to get into the place, (paying 2 bucks to get in was cool and a deal), right up till you got in and saw that it was line after line after line. My heart goes out to the vendors of this event, it was not well planned out in any means.

The best thing that came out of this massive fail of a event was the fact that local places had a great night because of all the people who bailed on this event, they really need to rethink this thing and get it all together, maybe try and use the MURPH parking lot, (yes i said the Murph in honor of all us old folks).

100% epic fail on all parts, but what do I know..

oh, and one more thing, you owe me 6 hours of my life back and i will settle for 3 hours because thats how long I stood in line, not to mention the $30.00 for uber to take me back to the shuttle lot because the line was at least 90 minutes long.... NEXT....

San Diego CLOSED Restaurants: Thread Four (2014 edition)

John T. Tarantino's.......Lubauc's.......the OG butcher shop in Chula Vista ,,,where everything was for sale...... And yes pernicanos, now those 4 places help build this city. What I mean is more deals were made at these places then in city hall.

Oct 05, 2014
bluefin2na in San Diego

restaurant/lounge with food near Humphreys on shelter island

FIDDLERS, hands down the best prime rib in the city.. (for me that is)

Oct 01, 2014
bluefin2na in San Diego

Can $3M food hall rival Pike Place?

It will not work, for many many reasons.

Sep 14, 2014
bluefin2na in San Diego