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The Basics: How to Make Buttermilk Fried Chicken

WRONG wrong wrong. IF you want the coating to really stick to the chicken, you must let the coated chicken SIT on the rack for about 20 minutes or so, allowing the coating time to adhere. THEN place in skillet, do NOT flip until the first side has had time to actually brown/crust on the bottom (12-16 minutes) then flip and cook until crisp and meat cooked through (utilizing thermometer to ensure meat temperature.

Jul 19, 2012
alpinmd in Features

HELP!?! New to Silver Spring/Aspen Hill/Rockville/Wheaton with nothing to eat!

Finally tried Pizza Stop (pick up not delivery). Pizza was okay; not terrible, not great. Better day 2 also. The sauce is HEAVY on oregano. The crust is nothing to speak of, either good or bad, but it worked to hold on the sauce and topping. Overall, MUCH better than any of the chain pizza joints; compared to Sole D'Italia, I'll stick with Sole D'Italia.

Pizza Stop
2231 Bel Pre Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20906

Good Delivery Pizza in Silver Spring/Wheaton

ZERO stars: I tried this place last night with high hopes for a good pizza. First clue: when I called to place the order the person answering the phone seemed to be incredibly high, didn't even say the name of the establishment when she answered and she was not able to spell my name (even when I spelled it SLOWLY) . BUT that has NOTHING to do with the taste or quality of food, right? So I ordered, we drove to pick up. Arrivived for pu: the restaurant was dead but yet the person behind the counter (I think the same girl) wasn't sure where our pizza was or what we ordered. It took her a few minutes to figure it out. Okay, so the service is terrible, but hope lived on ..

Pizza: TERRIBLE. While there was some spice in the sauce, the spice was nothing more than lots of red pepper, so there was some heat but zero flavor. The crust was ridiculously chewy and flavorless. If I'm going to splurge on carbs and calories, I want it to be worth it. My friend ordered the garlic knots, WASTE. Knots of flavorless dough served with a side of red sauce flavored with, you guessed it, nothing but pepper. I don't know how this place has survived much less received such high reviews. IF you KNOW ZERO about pizza and have nothing to compare this place to, maybe just maybe you'd order from this place a second time. Anyone else who has even a scintilla of pizza sense will know after one try, stay away from this place. They deserve to NOT be around.

Flippin Pizza
6544 Little River Tpke, Alexandria, VA 22312

Good Delivery Pizza in Silver Spring/Wheaton

Sole D'Italia: I've ordered from them a few times (pick up) and have found it to be pretty good. NOT great but better than most around here.

I just saw Flippin PIzza today (on my way to lunch on dim sum at Oriental East) and am going to try their pies.

I'm having one heckuva time finding good pizza; I like a thinnish crust and flavorful sauce (something with some spices in it that I can see and taste). How is it that there isn't a pizza place that easily stands out as the go to place?

Oriental East
1312 E West Hwy, Silver Spring, MD 20910

HELP!?! New to Silver Spring/Aspen Hill/Rockville/Wheaton with nothing to eat!

I'll check out PIzza Stop. Thanks for the info.

China King: It's my default Chinese delivery place.

HELP!?! New to Silver Spring/Aspen Hill/Rockville/Wheaton with nothing to eat!

I read through this thread again and thanks to all. I have found a few places that are great, some are old favs and some are new ones.

1. Dim Sum: Oriental East (Silver Spring): An old favorite of mine is still around and going strong. FOOD is fantastic; waiting for table on weekends is NOT (waited an hour a couple weekends ago).
2. Taiwan/Noodles: Bob's Noodle House 66 (Rockville).
3. Tex Mex: Mi Rancho (Silver Spring and Rockville): I always like this place.
4. Pizza (Layhill Road): Sole d Italia: Good. A bit pricey but MUCh better than Dominos or Papa Johns.
5. Chinese Delivery: China King (Aspen Hill): Not GREAT but BETTER thank most delivery places I've tried. They have an extensive menu for delivery. The Ho Fun noodles are good.
6. Thai: Thai Derm (Silver Spring): I rediscovered this place recently. GOOD and affordable. HIGHLY recommend.

I'm sure there are other places but can't think of them right now. What I've discovered is that driving is mandatory and that traffic must be factored in when calculating time of meal.

Urban BBQ: I've found to be BORING, nothing spectacular. That being said, I prefer NC-style BBQ with tang and flavor. So..UBQ doesn't hti my tastebuds just right.

Oriental East
1312 E West Hwy, Silver Spring, MD 20910

Urban BBQ
10163 New Hampshire Ave, Silver Spring, MD 20903

Thai Derm Restaurant
939 Bonifant St Ste 1, Silver Spring, MD 20910

Mi Rancho Restaurant
1488 Rockville Pike Ste A, Rockville, MD 20852

Good Delivery in Silver Spring?

I'm in the same boat, so to speak. Any decent delivery in the Aspen Hill locale?

HELP!?! New to Silver Spring/Aspen Hill/Rockville/Wheaton with nothing to eat!

Thanks for starting this post. I'm a new transplant to Aspen Hil and so far have only had mediocre (at best) Chinese food delivered. Are there any decent delivery places for Chinese/Pizza/Anything?