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" Fisherman Lobster Clubhouse Restaurant " - The 'other' giant lobster specialist in town

Decided to try Lobster King, it was okay,with a minus.

Ordered the HK style lobster, steam sea bass, and eggplant with olive leaves.

The lobster was okay, interesting with the white fried anchovies. The steam bass needed 2 more minutes of steaming. Eggplant with olive leaves was good, but part of it was a tad greasy.

Is this restaurant ever full? Went on Saturday and it was 80% empty.

" Fisherman Lobster Clubhouse Restaurant " - The 'other' giant lobster specialist in town


Thinking of going this weekend. What to order?


Flour Bakery

The name was misleading since the better things aren't the baked goods.

I'll have to try some of the other places that you guys have suggested.


Lucullus Bakery -

Now on Elm Street between Bay & Yonge; south side. I was hesitant to try; but glad I did. Will go back.

Yes the BBQ buns are good and so is the roll cake; very buttery.

Flour Bakery

Am I missing something?

I did not eat this all in one sitting ... but had a taste of each...

I had the:

Sticky toffee pudding. Nothing sticky or toffee about it.

Boston cream. Was good but missing some wow .... Like the fluff, chocolate, and cream...but still something missing.

Hazelnut chocolate chip cookie. Was good but not wow again.

Chocolate Meringue. I like meringue this was quite good.

Double chocolate cookie. This was also good, no wow.

They were just all ok. I thought I would get some wow factory but :(

Chops Steakhouse & bar

So I couldn't find any chowhound reviews. What do you chowhounder's think?

Kim Moon Bakery new management?

I just went by today. I thought it felt different.

I bought a coconut bun and a bbq pork bun. It was no good. It tasted like they were from yesterday; and not at all soft. Wait I have to retract; I can't even say its from yesterday; I've tasted day old ones...and this is even worse. And they were $1 each... I went in August to buy buns they were 60 cents each and was nice soft and fresh.

Yes, the women behind the counter were not the same. And the offerings were odd.... who wants to buy chocolate chip cookies from a chinese bakery!!!

I won't be going back!

The Blu Pig, Pasta Jay's - Moab, Utah


I had the - prime rib, with fried okra, and gumbo -- prime rib and okra was good. gumbo was too salty and gooey; they need to work on their recipe.

My friend had - the ribs with gumbo, potato hash casserole; ribs were all right; they weren't that juicy; just okay. And the potato has casserole was weird and gummy...

Overall I give it a 2 star out of 5... maybe 2.5 ... but its pricey and not that great. Eventhough my prime rib was good.


Ate most meals there, everything was very very good.
Macanudo Pizza and Chicken Pomodoro was my favorites ... yum
also had the Chicken Genoveso, Jumbo Shells...(where can I get Italian food like that now that I'm home...wahhh)

I give it s 4 star out of 5.

Aug 12, 2013
Chocaholic in Mountain States

Springdale, UTAH - Zion National Park

I just wanted to write a review on the restaurants I visited during my stay at Springdale since I didn't really find any recent ones on chow.

-- Zion Lodge Dining Room for Lunch:
I had the salad bar, very fresh with a good variety, refreshing after a long morning in the park.

-- Thai Sapa - Dinner
Fried rice, and chicken skewers, the fried rice was done very well ; it tasted great. So did the chicken skewer appetizer.

-- Wildcat Willies Ranch Grill & Saloon for Dinner
Visited Wildcats the last day, had clams linguine; they did a great job. Yum
My friend had the fried chicken and that was good too. Too bad we visited Wildcats the last day there, would have come back for dinner again.

--The Spotted Dog For Dinner - pricey and not that great for what we got.
Great beets and blue cheese salad. This was the best part of the meal.
I had the almond crusted trout.... was just ok.
My friend had the lambshank. Was just okay too.

Aug 12, 2013
Chocaholic in Mountain States

Spring Villa - Seldomly mentioned, Surprisingly good!

I just went today -- a big thumbs up! And service was great too! Thanks chowdies for the recommendation! burp!

Joey's - Eaton Centre

I agree the portions are not big enough for you to feel FULL.

But I enjoy their ahi tuna burger has great mix of flavors with yam fries -- which tthey can give me more fries that may make me feel more full.)

And ahi tuna salad .. give me more lettuce and other salad stuff ..

Also enjoy their bellinis. However; I went a couple of weeks ago it wasn't as good as it before and it didn't come in the large martini glass instead it came in a glass.

Yes, my friend had the lobster ravioli and said the same thing. Nothing special.

Might be the 'Best Tasting' Dark Chocolate Ice cream out there??!!

I bought a box today!

:( nothing special.

The Magnum ones are more chocolatey. I can't rmmbr if it chocolate or vanilla ice cream but Magnum are coated with a thick layer of dark chocolate. And the ice cream is much creamier!

Sweet dreams at our deluxe Chocolate Bar @ The Langham

I love chocolate and good desserts But I know what you guys are much dessert and chocolates can I eat before being nauseated? I probably would have to not eat the day before to make it fully enjoyable even! Who knows!

It's not $40 its $80 since I won't be going by myself! Like who goes by them self!

Is it packed at Toro's on Friday after work?

Where to park?

And do they take reservations?

Sweet dreams at our deluxe Chocolate Bar @ The Langham

Has any chowhounders tried the deluxe chocolate bar?

Is it worth while for $40?

Or is the Deluxe Sunday Brunch better!


Where to buy Coca-cola (without high fructose corn syrup)?

I asked at the Coke store is Las Vegas, and the lady said now it should be carried in stores like Walmart and Target!

It is bottled in california she I am not sure if that means it is made in California too.

It's definitely nicer than drinking the regular coke... less sweet but also less fuzzy tho! And it is refreshing... unlike the regular coke which makes you thirsty after the fizz...

Sep 03, 2012
Chocaholic in Manhattan

Visiting for 3 days in August...

Am yes, am hard core foodie!

Ok I come back when I know where I'm gonna be based in. I am sure I will do touristy sites.

Jul 18, 2012
Chocaholic in San Diego

Visiting for 3 days in August...

After reading some posts there seem to be no good food in SD? Is that true?

Pls let me know where are the must / good eats .... up to $50 per person! Lunch or dinners!

But not sure where I'm staying yet. Still planning away. Will have car!


Jul 18, 2012
Chocaholic in San Diego

South of Temperance, 20 Adelaide

Went there to meet up with a couple of friends after work and we had shared some appetizers Summer Dip Duo, there was so little dip compared to chips, Shrimp a la Plancha was bland, Fish Tacos - very little fish, Crispy Calamari - this was the only dish that was good, Bruchetta - no fresh tomato taste, more like a pizza.

Overall very bland without freshness and flavour! And portions were really small.

And the cocktails and beers all seemed watered down.

Summerlicious apparently blown off by Chowhounders...??

Yeah I haven't gone to Summerlicious for quite a few years now! If I go its only because I was walking around and go have to go in somewhere for dinner!

New Sky - Hope the 'lousy' food is not an indication of current China Town's standard and quality??!!

Where is New Ho King?

I just went to New Sky last week, I had ordered 2lbs of lobster, ham yu gai lup bo, and ....can't rmmbr... but it was all very good. The service was good too. What was that third dish???

Lunch / Take-out near Eaton Centre...anything worth having?

I just went to Rare for lunch the other day ... and yes the roast beef sandwich was nice...I was so full I didn't have to eat dinner that day!

I agree with Salad King, after they reopened I went there and it was so noisy I didn't bother staying ... yes also those chairs its not meant for you to stay there longer than after u finish eating.

I'm gonna have to rmmbr all those other suggestions. Thx. Everyone.

Garden Restaurant 153 Dundas St. West / near Bay St.

I just bought take out of beef and rice noodles stir fry and fried fish tofu hot pot! Both very good. I go back.

I've been there before and I had lunch (chinese bbq pork, soy chicken over rice), was cheap, didn't think much about going back .. always passed by but now I know to go back. Better than Kings Noodle in chinatown. And closer to home!

Close to Delta Chelsea and Air Canada Centre

I just went there.... and we had the,
CAPRESE SALAD -Fresh garden tomatoes, with fresh bocconcini cheese, olive oil, & fresh basil -- the tomatoes were nice and sweet, dressing was just right!
FETTUCCINE ALLA PANNA - Fresh noodles with diced mushrooms in light cream sauce -- sauce was nice and light ... and fresh pasta noodles was fantastic!
ZUPPA DI PESCE - Sauted shrimps, scallops, calamari, mussels, clams in tomato sauce on a bed of fettuccine noodles -- the calamari was nice and tender and the tomato sauce was fantastic!

for dessert: raspberry and lemon sherbert.

Even the bread was nice and tasty! Only restaurant that served bread at the table that I've gone to lately. -- Did they stop serving bread at restaurants these days?

Go back soon again!

All very good, I'm not a tourist I live in Toronto, and I'd go back!

Bistro Six-One --- Niagara on the Lake

Hmmm I guess I didn't read carefully. And obviously a tourist trap! Went to Fort Erie and Niagara on the Lake, was hungry and had dinner there. I had the osso bucco and my friend had the seafood bouillabaisse... WHY!!! put it on the menu if you are not even going to try to do a good job!

Miu Garden - Cheap & Good Chinese Food (review + pics)

I was there Sunday night, dinner for 2. 1 tiny lobster (bay feng tong style)- tasted good, lobster season, fresh, and not over cooked, steamed talipa -- boring should not have ordered that, and baby bok choi & fish maw & straw mushroom. It was all mediocre, nothing special. This was the tiniest lobster, they should have thrown it back in the water!

Restaurant close to the AGO for lunch on Sunday?

Oh yes, it is Karine's in the food court that is quite popular. Vegetarian mostly. But I think I had bacon in my dish.

And my co worker went to Sin & Redemption, sister restaurant of Village Idiot (becuz it was full), she said it was very good.

Wikki Hut is good, asian tho. Only open on weekdays.

Restaurant close to the AGO for lunch on Sunday?

There is a pub across the street on the corner! Can't rmmbr the name. I recommended it to a friend she said it was fantastic.

You can go in The Grange food court, there is a vegetarian place. Very popular. Can't rmmbr the name but you will notice it. Long line, decorated bring pinkish purplish. Across the Greek fast food. This would be a good cheap food.

For chinese, I would just head over to dundas / spadina its not that far of a walk. You can go to Swatow on Spadina, or House of Gourmet, or kings noodles.

LOBLAWS Maple leaf Gardens

I went over there last night. No dim sum. Sushi looks good. I bought some olives. Very good.

Also, I got some of that pricey giant block of chocolate! $39.99 kg. I got a bag worth $6. I haven't eaten any yet. Anyone know why its so pricey?

Yes tons of staff! I wonder how long they will keep that up though!

Sultan's Tent or other Ideas?

Yes, I've been to the Sultan Tent, a couple of years ago now. We went for a girls night out. We had fun. But it was pricey.

The food is so so. It's like fast food.

They had a time limit of 2 sittings for the evening I think.

I'm don't think its all that worth it.