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Calgary 4 hour layover, ethnic restaurant recommendations?

Thank you: I will check those out. I think I'll leave Tiffin's for another day though, I am concerned about getting back to YYC during rush hour.

Mar 13, 2009
bmacdon in Prairie Provinces

Calgary 4 hour layover, ethnic restaurant recommendations?

Contrary to a recent post regarding a 2 hour layover at the airport, my friend and I have twice that much time. So, we would like to try an ethnic restaurant in the NE, any cuisine, (especially Thai or Chinese), is OK, just not too spicy hot. The only problem is that I am picking her up around 2:30 pm, so it would have to be a place that is open all afternoon. Also, it needs to be sit-down. I live in the NW, so have no idea what is out there by the airport. Thank you.

Mar 12, 2009
bmacdon in Prairie Provinces

Shirataki Noodles in Calgary/Edmonton

It's been quite a while; but I found them to be very rubbery/slimy, and yes, tasteless. I wonder if we found the dried ones more to our liking because we could control the cooking time and amount of salt in the water (although we use minimal amounts of salt). Also, the dried ones are thicker if I remember correctly; more of a pleasing texture than the "worm-like" ones in water. I hope this makes sense?????

Sep 24, 2008
bmacdon in Prairie Provinces

Shirataki Noodles in Calgary/Edmonton

I have purchased the yam noodles in water at the Calgary T&T as described by Sharonanne. We weren't overly impressed with them, so I gave up. Then I discovered dried yam (well, actaully they are sweet potato) noodles at the Korean grocery store near Hankang Restaurant in the NW (across from Winston Churchill HS). They are labelled Korean Style Sweet Potato Starch Noodle (vermicelle coreen) and the ingredients are sweet potato starch and water. I can't really say why, but we love them; although to be sure, they are chewier than wheat noodles, some would say rubbery :)

One serving size (50 gm) is 170 calories, which is not much less than Catelli Multigrain Spaghetti at 182 calories. However, we eat them for the gluten-free factor, so the calorie count is secondary for us.

Sep 23, 2008
bmacdon in Prairie Provinces

Hankang korean, calgary, reviews? What to order?

We enjoyed it immensely, but it was my first Korean experience so I'm unable to compare it and I can't even name the dishes we ordered. I can comment on the following; the main dish portions were substantial, the sides which seem to arrive at every table were sooo tasty, although next time I would order more of them for a table of four. The restaurant was mostly full; just a couple of empty tables; this was a Friday between 6 and 7:30 pm. The owners(?)/servers were very pleasant and took time to answer all our questions. Oh and the wine; we ordered one glass each of the house red. It was served almost full to the brim, probably a good 7 - 8 oz? It wasn't the best house wine ;) but for $5, it was darn good value.
Finally, I try to eat as gluten-free as possible, so I was thrilled to discover their noodles which are made from sweet potato starch, I've also heard them referred to as glass noodles (they are "clear" when cooked). I now purchase them at the Korean grocery close to the restaurant.
We will definitely go back to Hankang.

Good takeout pizza in NW Calgary

My favorite NW pizza is Gus' across from the Foothills Hosp. When possible, I prefer to eat it in the restaurant hot from the oven. But when I do choose to take-out, it's still darn good in the time it takes me to go from there to Scenic Acres where I live as well.

My latest discovery is Rocky Mountain Flatbread Company (from Canmore) frozen pizza. Yeah I know, "frozen pizza"!!!!!! Are you kidding me? ...... The ingredients are very high quality (many organic) and it's available so far at Amaranth and Planet Organic in the NW. The instructions tell you to thaw it first before cooking; which we did and it wasn't in the least bit soggy. More expensive than most other frozen pizza, but worth it IMO for a quick, no-hassle meal.

Apr 11, 2008
bmacdon in Prairie Provinces

Hankang korean, calgary, reviews? What to order?

I'm sorry to hear about your experience jay_kay. I appreciate all the feedback and am thinking we'll give it a go.

Hankang korean, calgary, reviews? What to order?

Going to Hankang (across from Winston Churchill HS in NW) this Friday, 4 adults. We are new to Korean cuisine and would appreciate any suggestions, we are all pretty adventurous except for offal, feet etc!

Valentine's Day in Calgary

How about Laurier Lounge; an old house that's been renovated into small rooms for dining? Loads of candle-lit, romantic atmosphere, very good service, tapas and other well-done dishes at a reasonable price point. I was there last weekend and we enjoyed it immensely. The only table I would ask not to be seated at is the cute little table for 2 at the top of the second-floor stairs which unfortunately is right beside the washroom. Check out the good review in the Jan/Feb City Palate for Cheap Eats under $50.

The new Crazyweed - Canmore

Had lunch there this past Friday; they don't take reservations for lunch for small groups. We walked in around 12:30, no problem getting a table for 2, in fact, at no time was the restaurant completely full.

Our service was impeccable and I loved the decor, especially the very comfortable chairs at the tables and the way each one is done in a different but complementary color.

I had the Lambwich flatbread with eggplant relish; amazing! I could only eat half, so they packaged it up and I ate it cold two days later; still amazing and not at all soggy; the lamb melted in my mouth.

My daughter had the Eggplant panini with brie and fresh basil. One of the definitive signs of a good chef for me, is someone who can serve eggplant that is neither bitter, soggy nor greasy and this eggplant did not disappoint. The pefectly fresh basil was refreshing and her accompanying simple green salad with a yuzu fruit juice dressing was a lovely touch.

I think their prices are very reasonable as well, at least at lunch.

As an aside, we spent the weekend in Golden and went to the Whitetooth Bistro for dinner on Saturday night. What a gorgeous space; cinnamon red walls with chocolate brown upholstery and accents. It has been recently opened by the former chef from the Eagle's Eye Restaurant at the top of Kicking Horse Mountain Resort and that is pretty much all that needs to be said! However, I do have to add more!....... my risotto cake entree was one of the most delightfully textured dishes I have ever tasted. Imagine the creaminess of risotto pressed into a thin cake which is stuffed with Brie and fesh sage and then lightly pan-fried to create a golden, crispy caramelized crust. I will dream about this risotto.........

The service was excellent and the prices incredibly reasonable. The winelist was well thought out, with a good selection of offerings by the glass; both in the usual 6 oz size, but also in a 9 ounce size which I think is a great idea if one wishes to drink more than one glass of wine with a meal but not order a full bottle for whatever reason.

They are not taking reservations at this time; but are waiting to see if there is a demand. When we left at 7:30, there was no line-up, but it was full; as well, it is considered to be low season for most of January in Golden.

One-week road trip - Calgary to Vancouver via Banff, Kamloops, Squamish ... where to chow?

Oh yeah, Communitea in Canmore, what a great space! Best biscottti I've ever had, made in town by the Cookie Lady; I suggest taking some with you for the road. Also, can't resist mentioning their really cool bean-bag chairs made by a company in Quebec. We loved them so much, we ordered one for home. So comfy to relax on with a book, or watch a movie.....

Sit-down lunch in Calgary, NE or SE?

Thank you ybnormal. I'll run your suggestion up the flagpole as well.

One-week road trip - Calgary to Vancouver via Banff, Kamloops, Squamish ... where to chow?

Jonking; one suggestion I would make is to head for the mountains as soon as you get your rental car in Calgary and lunch in Canmore if you can wait for a "late lunch".

The drive will take you about 1.5 hours, give or take, depending on traffic, etc. My premier choice would be Crazyweed, always excellent food (many reviews on this board, admittedly service has been spotty at times) and they should be in their new, much larger location about mid-July (not sure when you're coming). There are other very good choices in this vibrant, not-as-touristy-as-Banff mountain town. I've attached a recent review of a new venture by the former sous-chef of Crazyweed in conjunction with Crazyweed's chef/co-owner. Sounds tantalizing, but I haven't heard any feedback. Banff is only a further 15 minute drive from Canmore.
Hope you have a great road trip, sounds like fun!

Sit-down lunch in Calgary, NE or SE?

Wow, that's great news Yen. That may well go to the top of our list!

Sit-down lunch in Calgary, NE or SE?

Thank you. I didn't mention that this will be a weekday, so dim sum unfortunately is out. Shikiji, Jenny's and Tazza all sound like good choices for us.

Sit-down lunch in Calgary, NE or SE?

Being a long-time lurker of this excellent website (actually almost every day!), I've taken the plunge to ask this question that I've been unable to narrow down with the search function. I'm going strawberry picking out near Strathmore with two friends and then we'll have a sit-down lunch in (or near) Calgary.

We'll be coming back into the city via the Trans Canada which opens up a whole realm of possibilities outside our normal experience (we all live in the Crowfoot area). We're adventurous and prefer quality over quantity; made-from-scratch and /or local ingredients when possible and small portions of meat. I would choose Anpurna but it's closed temporarily. Thank you for any suggestions offered, just don't want to go into downtown or far SE or far SW.