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Knife Sharpening Where Should I Go?

Ross Cutlery. 3rd and Broadway (Bradbury Building), downtown Los Angeles.

May 30, 2009
LA_Eater in Los Angeles Area

Any reports on 15 in Echo Park?

I dropped in last Thursday around 8. The small room is nicely decorated, with quite comfortable chairs. There's a bar with 2 TV's and a couple more across from the bar. The liquor license hasn't yet been given, but the server told me they expect it in a month or two. The room was about half-full, even though there was no air-conditioning. The co-owner, who was greeting everyone, told me that the air would be installed this weekend.

I had the fish of the day -- herb-crusted Hawaiian opah. A generous meaty portion, grilled but rare inside. Nicely served on sauteed spinach on a plate decorated with baby vegetables and pencil-thin asparagus. Definitely the most upscale dinner I've ever had in Echo Park.

Service was very attentive and warm. I'll be back.

There are a few comments at http://silverlakeboulevard.blogspot.c....

Aug 19, 2007
LA_Eater in Los Angeles Area

help me cook this brisket for a bbq

My suggestion is to cut the brisket in half. Use the indirect slow smoke method on each half over two days. Maybe try different rubs on the two halves and compare which you like best. Enjoy!

Jun 26, 2007
LA_Eater in Home Cooking

Did Blenheim apricot season start?

Flora Bella Farm had them at Hollywood Farmers Market today and said they would have them next week.

Jun 17, 2007
LA_Eater in Los Angeles Area

Take out, preferably Thai, Central LA...

Mae Ploy is just up Sunset from Downtown at 2606 W Sunset Blvd. I can't find their menu online but they have all the Thai standards and do them very well. I like the Tom Yum Pla (spicy fish soup), the larbs, and the stir-fried morning glory. Lots of vegetarian choices, try the eggplant salad.

Nov 06, 2006
LA_Eater in Los Angeles Area

Recs for late sushi in Little Tokyo

We ended up going to Oomasa, which is open to midnight. Very fresh, very friendly. For example, the sushi chef at the counter replaces your pile of gari without asking and always clears your dishes. We had tuna, toro, mackeral, oyster, seared albacore, eel, and probably more that I have forgotten. We didn't have any of the hand rolls, but they were generous. $50 for ample sushi for two. Sat next to a guy who recommended Sush Go 55 for a not-so-late Little Tokyo sushi dinner.

Oct 08, 2006
LA_Eater in Los Angeles Area

Recs for late sushi in Little Tokyo

Anyone have a recommendation for a sushi spot for late tonight in Little Tokyo. We'll be out of the theater about 9:30 or 10:00. Would have loved to go to Sushi Gen, but they close at 9:45. What's open later in that area that's good. Don't mind spending 20 - 30 per person.

Oct 07, 2006
LA_Eater in Los Angeles Area