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Gainesville recommendations?

Mr Hans has been around for a long time. They started as a hole in the wall on 13th street, before the move to the present location.

Always terrific Chinese, though now it is deservedly pricey. They do take-out, but I don't know if they do "Gator Food".

I just tried Satchels pizza after being able to break away from their calzones. Leonardos is still my favorite, though their quality has become catch as catch can (at the milhopper location) since the kitchen staff changed.

If you want real bar-be-que in Gainesvill, try some of the local's mobile BBQ vans east of town.

"Terrell's" is parked on the grass in front of the shopping center in 16th Ave NW at about 9th street thurs - sat, and there are others on Hawthorne Rd (E. University ave) generally around E 15th street. These are mostly open thurs - saturday or some such.

Tried Chopstix for the first time recently - 'eh' . So So.

For high end Italian I recommend "Allesandros" next to the Hollywood video on NW 16 Blvd and 43rd street.

The owner was the chef at "Amelias" near the Hippodrome for a long time.

Dec 11, 2009
jimlynn in Florida

Gainesville...anything special?

If you're a fan of BBQ don't miss the mobile BBQ vendors. 'Terrell's' is regularly on E. 16th Ave near the FoodLion, and there are others East on Hawthorne Rd.

Travel east and look for the truck/trailers. You hit most by East 15th Street.

Aug 18, 2009
jimlynn in Florida