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Thanks so much! I'm eager to try it and decide if it is just a gimmick or if it does add something.


I'll be the bridey looking one!
Do you happen to know if Brouhaha still has Randall The Enamel Animal? Were Dying to try it.


Yes we are!
We come to Montreal about once a year on a beer adventure, we always return with anywhere from 50 - 100 bottles, I love the smoked beer at Dieu Du Ciel, were super beer nerds.
Oh yeah and were also eloping on the Saturday, hoping to get some cupcakes from Cocoa Locale, last year we bought a wee cake from her and it was amazing!! I'm also hoping to get brunch at The Sparrow and maybe a dinner at La Montee and a trip to Jean Talon and a sandwich from Santropol. Some people bring back snowglobes from their trips, we bring back food.


I'm a big pickle fan...I could easily eat a vat all by myself.
Any suggestions on desserts? We are going to Dieu du Ciel that evening so we might go somewhere in between those two places..


My fiance made reservations there...can't seem to find any recent posts about it(other than about snootiness).
Lesley Chesterman last reviewed it in 05.

Please tell me about it so I can be prepared.....


Eloping in Montreal in September please help.

Thank you everyone! I'm going to check out all the places mentioned, I love the sound of Newtown and I just read an article about how Joe Beef has it's own garden!

Eloping in Montreal in September please help.

After lurking for years I've finally registered.
My fiance and I visit Montreal yearly where all we do is eat, drink and eat some more. It's "our" city so we decided that we'd elope there this September after 10 years of dating.

Thing is whenever we visit we don't really go to fine dining establishments, but obviously for our first meal as a married couple we want something special.

I've already done the searches and cancelled out a few places. There will be 4 of us and were foodies, but not so much into things like tongue, sweetbreads, fois gras etc. Two of us don't eat red meat (we were vegetarians for years and now enjoy poultry, fish and uh...bacon.) so APDC is out, I think Toque might be a wee bit out of our price range. Laloux looks good but one of our 4 is allergic to shell fish which there seems to be a lot of.

We love artisan cheese, craft beers, good wine, fresh and local produce, perfect bread, lots of butter, rustic homestyle foods as well as molecular gastronomy. Oh and dessert must be out of this world, lets make a baby mind blowing. (We'd be willing to go elsewhere for a good dessert.)

We're also getting married at 1:30 so we could possible to a later lunch/brunch instead of dinner.

Please help me find a perfect place!

On a side there a market near the Fairmont hotel that sells flowers?

Thank you so much!