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SRF "American Kobe" Roast Beef @ Costco

To your point, my cousin said she got oxtail at the Sacramento Costco.

SFBA Dish of the Month (Feb 2015) - Nominations/Voting


SFBA Dish of the Month (Feb 2015) - Nominations/Voting

Veggie lasagna

Shrimp and Grits - SF Dish of the Month January 2014

Jaiko, hohhh, I'm on it!

Grayelf, I agree! Add a drool tray w the button.

Newbie CH'er here...

Organic Thai grocery/takeout at El Cerrito Ranch 99 Center [Richmond]

The dishes offered have changed. Had the chicken curry and although the herbs and seasonings are the same deliciousness, the use of chicken pieces w small bones (not drumsticks, thighs, wings) was not a good change for me. I had driven in a ways from work to grab lunch but the bone thing was too much work and effort to eat, especially on the go.

Oakland Chinatown--best of, by restaurant

Those are my EXACT favorites there too! Add a crueller with the jook.

Smoke -- new BBQ (maybe) on San Pablo, Berkeley

I also went based on the good reviews, however, I went in mid December. Had the pork ribs.The flavor of the sauce (not the spicy one) was good. I didn't like the meat though, particularly the preparation and resulting texture. There was not much flavor in the meat itself, seasone/smoke or otherwise. It was slightly chewy actually...definitely not slow smoked. It was not even close to fall off the bone with the fat slightly rendered which is the way I like it. I had about 4 ribs with the plate. They were large ribs but what was a bit odd was they they came out in hot but not from a BBQ, grill or ?? The meat was not tender with some chewiness so I was not impressed. I remember feeling disappointed. Will head to B-side.

Nopalito, Chocolate Lab, Marcella's Lasagneria, SF report w/ pics

Your post inspired me to go...had the mushroom and it was as you described. Quite cheesy, smooth and tasty considering so many layers but wished there were more shrooms. I missed the truffle lasagne by a day as I was very interested in trying it. The son said his father has connections in Italy for truffles so it will definitely appear again soon...maybe next week I believe. I will be back to try the truffle one.

Organic Thai grocery/takeout at El Cerrito Ranch 99 Center [Richmond]

The pumpkin curry is delicious. It's got a little kick to it. She says it is spiciest item she makes. The food/entree items come with rice; choice of jasmine or brown but the brown usually goes quick. She also has red and green homemade curry sauce in jars for sale.

Good pupusas in the East Bay?

I agree! The first time I tried them at the swap meet, I had the combo which had everything: beans, cheese and chicarone. Delicious. Second time went back because the first was so memorable. Not quite as good as the first time. They had put the cabbage on top and that had made things soggy. Lesson learned. I found these better tasting than the truck on International (forgot the name).