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Cobb Salad Dip

Best. Dip. Recipe. Ever.

This dip pleases EVERYONE. Indulge for once!

Very male-pleasing dip. But even for females ...

Once you get a taste of this dip, you can't stop.

Best served with celery stix or Central Market Blue Corn Tortilla Chips.

I wouldn't make a single change to this recipe. Other than to double it. Because you will want more.

Oct 12, 2010
SoCoBelle in Recipes

Dragged Kickin and Hollerin Into Chuy's on North Lamar

Bahahahahaha! Nice twist! Although I hadn't intended to put it exactly that way, yes, indeedy, our queso did have a flat wang. (Or should I even want to admit that?) Someone was definitely paying attention.

Too bad the B.S. location isn't doing any better. Based on their traffic, guess they truly are just riding on their rep.

And you're right, I WAS being generous describing their margaritas -- should have just said "stong" and omitted the "good." And I think comparing them to Kool-Aid is being just a tad generous. They taste more like Pixie-Stix diluted in water. Rots and rots of multi-colored citric acid. Ah, ode to the dear, good, decent floater we wasted on top of those last night. And ode to the good ol' days when Chuy's did have decent 'ritas. Hell, ode to the good ol' days when Good Eats used to be here along with their excellent fresh lime frozen 'ritas for $2.50 during happy hour.

Aug 17, 2009
SoCoBelle in Chains

Dragged Kickin and Hollerin Into Chuy's on North Lamar


Why all the hate?

No, seriously, I do agree with you 100%.

Back in the day I would have fallen into your "Chuy's apologists" group, the person who would defend this restaurant and all its iterations to the very end.

Not so as of last night.

The hubster and I decided to try the somewhat-new Chuy's on South MoPac. We'd been meaning to try it ever since it opened, but the intimidating always-full-no-matter-what-time-of-day-or-week, large parking lot always put us off.

But, last night, we were successful getting in. Glad/not-so-glad we did. Now we're armed and aware, not only b/c we were simply curious, but b/c now we know what that particular Chuy's is like.

Attentive, friendly greeting/host staff, attentive, friendly waiter. The usual fun, bright, over-the-top Chuy's decor we all love. So far, so good.


So sad that service can be so good but food can be so bad.

No problem getting seated and served chips/salsa (?) (still wondering about this verson -- it wasn't bad, per se; it's just that I've always referred to the "salsa" they served as "pico de gallo," not salsa") and water. No problem getting our drink and food orders in and served.

The problem we experienced occurred taking the first bite. This means: chips and salsa.
The chips we got were not even close to warm and had clearly been sitting cold soaking up their own grease. Not pleasant and very flat. The pico de gallo WAS really tasty and fresh, but it should have been served as pico, not as salsa.

Seems like a lot of people on this board are complaining that the Chuy's queso they've been privvy to is burned/scorched. Not our experience, but that's not necessarily a good thing. The queso we got was not only very watery and tepid in temperature, but had a distinct "off" flat wang to the flavor. But that's not all ...

So we get to the quesadillas ... what in the world is up with the non-grilled, flat bread version of flour tortillas? Really tasty quesadillas served virtually anywhere else consist of very thin flour tortillas, encasing cheese and other varied ingredients, grilled like a grilled-cheese sandwich -- only with tasty, thin flour tortillas, not flat bread which would be more appreciated in a Greek restaurant. The nachos were just plain bland and uninspired -- shmears of no-taste refried beans with small bits of onions, a smattering of melted "cheese" on tostadas that were burned beyond taste-bud recognition around the edges. The flautas were indeed hot, and I'll give them that, but had no flavor whatsoever -- it was clear to the palate they'd been deep-fried in too-cold oil, and that they'd absorbed most of it.

Redemption of the order? Well, the creme fraishe was fine, along with the "guacamole" (and I use that term lightly -- it was clearly just creamed avocado) -- even if we only got thimbles-full of either. And thankfully our order came with plenty of jarred/canned jalapeno slices, along with the salt and pepper shakers on the table, so at least we were able to get SOME flavor from what we ate.

My friends, my vitriol stems from that fact that Chuy's used to serve at least passable food, and at times, indeed, excellent food. I sincerely fear that Chuy's is now just riding on their name only -- that, and on their strong drinks and seriously bovine, Kool-Aid swilling following.

If it is truly good Tex-Mex food you're looking for, please look elsewhere.

If it is good, strong margaritas, lively atmosphere, and youthful, yuppified, see-and-be-seen attitude you're going for, this is definitely the place to frequent.

In sum, I will say this -- this Chuy's location's service is excellent. No complaints about that at all. Our waiter was all over us like a bad suit. All service was great. I have absolutely no complaints about the service.

But with regard to their actual food, if last night was any indication, and I'm sincerely hoping it wasn't, it is not worth considering, unless you have had copious servings of margaritas, are verrrry hungry, and do not care what it tastes like.

Aug 17, 2009
SoCoBelle in Chains