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LI Italian Sunday Night

It looks great, but their website says they're closed on Sundays.

LI Italian Sunday Night

We will be taking my Mother out for dinner this coming Sunday to celebrate her 80th birthday. If we could go to Arthur Avenue, I'd be all set, but my Mom lives in Massapequa. She can travel, but not too much; I think she could handle 15-20 minutes each way, but not a lot more than that. We will be a party of seven: my mother, my sister and her partner, my wife and I, and our two boys (12 and 13 and actually well-behaved, at least in front of company). We will be moderately well-dressed (ladies will be spiffed up; I'll wear jacket but no tie; boys will wear collared shirts and pressed khakis). We are looking for Italian: not so rarefied and intimidating that my 80-year old mother and teenaged boys will feel uncomfortable, but with food prepared with quality ingredients by someone who cares about what they're serving. A decent wine list and competent service wouldn't hurt either. I've done a search of this board already, and from what I saw it looks like I might be thinking about Luigi Q or Benny's if we were going on another night of the week, but they're both closed on Sunday. All suggestions will be highly appreciated.

Three Days in DC


We're from NYC suburbs and taking our first family visit to DC next week while the kids are on spring break. We'll be staying in a hotel near Fifteenth and M, and will be there Tuesday night through Friday morning. We'll be doing the big tourist activities: the Capitol, Library of Congress, Lincoln and Jefferson Memorials, Washington Monument. Smithsonian Air and Space and Natural History Museums, Spy Museum, etc. My wife and I love good food, but our boys are 8 and 10 and are not super adventurous food-wise (although they occasionally surprise us). I'd like to get recommendations for the following:

1. Good sit-down breakfast picks near our hotel;
2. Casual lunch spots in the downtown area we can go to during our days of sightseeing;
3. Dinner choices, both casual and better places that are not too (in the words of my 8-year-old) "fancy-pants" (i.e., no uniformed waiters, no hushed atmosphere, not super-adult). These can be in the area of our hotel, but we are also fine with hopping in a taxi to go someplace worth the ride.

We're looking forward to our trip, and any and all suggestions will be most sincerely appreciated.