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ALDI Stores: Quality Products at Deep Discount??

Most of Aldi's ready to eat breakfast cerals are made a Ralston Food's in Lancaster, Ohio. I don't care for Aldi's cheeses either they are rubbery and tasteless (bars or shreds) but most everything else is fine.

Apr 19, 2013
mellibean in Chains

ALDI Stores: Quality Products at Deep Discount??

I buy a lot of my "basic" food items here. I love Aldi's EVOO and butter, cooking oils, shortening and dairy products. The EVOO is the best on the market at any price and the dairy is a good as the national brands. I however don't care much for their pasta sauce. It is very pasty tasting. I think they add a lot of food starch to stretch the sauce and thicken it. I have no troubles with their meats fresh or frozen. They are very high quality. The fresh produce is not the best. Its usually not that fresh and suspect at best.

Apr 29, 2010
mellibean in Chains

Government Cheese

Perhaps if you knew a recipient of this cheese they might sell or give it too you. I am poor and have received it at food pantries. It always is a generic label but if you read carefully its made by Land 'O Lakes. I can post a pic if you like. I guess it would be illegal for them to sell it to you but they might trade for something else like a tasty steak or two.

Aug 28, 2009
mellibean in Cheese

Ever have ham loaf?

Yep, many times. I grew up in Ohio (so I guess we were neighbors) and it was served often in the winter especially. It was always served with scalloped potatoes and greenbeans here as well. I remember occassionally it being paired up with mac and cheese. My mom made it and it made regular rounds at my school (moms was better). They still sell prepared loaves of this here in Lancaster Ohio at the Carnival supermarket. Again I see it more in the winter time.

Aug 17, 2009
mellibean in Home Cooking