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One Day in Richmond

Hi everyone. I am looking for some local RVA advice. I will be visiting Richmond, Virginia in June for approximately five hours - 10am through 3pm. I am looking for the one restaurant, and one bar, to represent Richmond cooking and hospitality. I've put a list together from some web research, but I would love some honest talk about the places I should stop on my way through town. Here are the priorities: 1) A menu that represents what Richmond does well, and 2) somewhere in/between Carytown and Downtown. Thank you for the help!

Apr 15, 2013
Anjou in Mid-Atlantic

Breakfast on Long Beach Island

Hey folks. My wife and I will be visiting friends on Long Beach Island (northern end) this weekend and I'm looking for advice on a good breakfast location. From perusing previous threads, it seems that Uncle Wills and The Chicken of the Egg are good bets; however, we are staying up around 70th Street. Any good breakfast locations on the northern end of the island?

Thanks for the help!

Aug 31, 2011
Anjou in New Jersey

One night in DC - dinner & drinks....

Hey folks. I have one night for dinner and after-dinner drinks in DC. Starting at the Dupont Circle Metro and ranging from there on foot. Pre-dinner drinks might also be a possibility enroute to dinner. Currently thinking about Estadio and then ChurchKey. Any suggestions on places with a reputation for innovative, fresh food and/or quality beer list with walking range of Dupont?


Milwaukee Brewery Tour (and Beer Bars...)

Hey folks. Looking for advice on beer bars and recommendations on brewery tours in Milwaukee. I will be spending a Friday in late April in Milwaukee as part of a bachelor weekend in Chicago (we're flying in through Milwaukee). I think we'd be remiss if we didn't pay homage to the beer gods in town.

If you had time for one brewery tour, and two beer bars (or vice versa), what would be your recommendation?

Thanks for the help!


Apr 21, 2010
Anjou in Beer

Milwaukee for a Day in April

Hey folks. Looking for a couple of Milwaukee restaurant recommendations for breakfast, lunch and dinner on a Friday in late April, 2010. This is a three-guy bachelor weekend in Chicago; however, we're flying into Milwaukee and intend to do some brewery touring before heading back to Chicago.

Looking for good midwestern fare. I'm from Cleveland originally, so I'd love some some good Old World ethnic food suggestions. We are flying in early on Friday morning, so we'll be in need of breakfast. Lunch should support beer consumption. I've heard about the Friday night fish fry at Lakefront, and that might be a winner. But, other suggestions are very welcome.

Thanks all,

Apr 21, 2010
Anjou in Great Lakes

One Day (and Night!) in Portland, Maine

Just wanted to give a quick thanks to all of you for the advice. We did get the opportunity to eat at Street & Co. while in Portland. After four days in Baxter, just soaking up the warmth and excellent service was worth it. And, then, there was the food. The bluefish filet with squash and poblano peppers was amazing, as was the crab-pastry-brown butter appetizer. I couldn't give the restaurant a higher recommendation.

Thanks again!

Oct 09, 2009
Anjou in All New England Archive

Acadia and Downeast Maine in September

Hi folks. I will be hiking in Acadia for two days and will spend one day traveling down to Schoodic and probably wandering a bit further downeast. From reading the boards I've come up with a few thoughts on Acadia and I wanted to vet them with you all. As for Schoodic and downeast, I'm a little lost and I'm looking for suggestions.

I am usually focused on fresh, local ingredients and professional service. Value is a consideration, but I'm already splurging on this trip, so why not go all-the-way. :)

Acadia/Bar Harbor:

Mache Bistro (new ownership?)
Burning Tree
Red Sky
Two Cats (breakfast)
Cafe Blue Fish (for the strudel)
Lompoc for a beer


Chester Pike's
Fisherman's Warf
Country Charm
Tandoor Downeast
Tall Barneys (for pie)
Wildfour Bakery

Any help in narrowing down and/or recommending a must-visit is greatly appreciated. I'd like to make a reservation soon for the dinners, hence the cry in the wilderness.

Thanks, and cheers!

Aug 31, 2009
Anjou in All New England Archive

One Day (and Night!) in Portland, Maine

Quick bump. Thanks all!

Aug 28, 2009
Anjou in All New England Archive

One Day (and Night!) in Portland, Maine

Hey all. I will have one day, and one evening in Portland, Maine in early October. The city's culinary reputation preceeds it, and I am looking for suggestions. If you had one lunch and one dinner to eat in Portland (for a party of two) what would it be?

Dining preferences are: fresh, healthy and genuinely local dishes served by warm, professional staff. Value is a consideration, but this just might be the place to swing for the fences. I have a hunch that seafood should be a priority here, but anything done well with local ingredients is always welcome.

Thank you for your help and I'll let you folks know the review when we get back. Cheers!

Aug 25, 2009
Anjou in All New England Archive

Searching for West African Beer in MD/DC

Hey folks. I am on a mission to locate some West African beer (primarily from Benin, Togo, or Niger.) I'd love suggestions for beer stores in MD or DC where I could purchase something along these lines: Flag, La Beninoise, Biere Niger or Star. I've been looking for some time now, and I seem to be hitting a wall. Any suggestions are welcome.