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"If I have _______ in my kitchen, I can eat."

Blue Moon in Fells Point Baltimore is famous for their Cap'n Crunch french toast. A unique treat that can't be beat!

Sep 04, 2011
mobtown999 in General Topics

Pier Six Pavilion Area

Just head over to Fells Point and you will find quite a few choices. I usually go for the Mexican places from Eastern Ave. north (especially Tortilleria Sinaloa if you are early enough; and the truck on Broadway - Tacos Jalisco- if you don't mind eating outside; La China Poblana right on Eastern for informal authentic Puebla grub, etc) but there are plenty of nice places south towards the water. Duda's for crabcakes would be a nice way to start the evening, as would several other options. Peter's Inn rocks, but you might have a hard time catching the show early. Bagby Pizza in Harbor East is almost right next door to Pier Six and you can BYOB for a quick and inexpensive food fix before the concert. If you can walk about six blocks each way there are more than enough choices to kick off your night.

Peter's Inn
504 S Ann St, Baltimore, MD 21231

La China Poblana Restaurant
4907 Eastern Ave, Baltimore, MD 21224

If I go to Baltimore, MD what kind of foods are the known for other than crabs and crab cakes? Thanks.

Chicken box.

Eat Bertha's Mussels

My favorite dish of mussels there are the Moroccan stuffed mussels in which the mussels are stuffed with mixture of rice, dried fruit and spices. Unusual and delicious.

Pizza in Baltimore

Just to update: the place to which I refer is Italian Graffiti Pizza & Grill at 1635 Fleet Street (410-534-5454). They have apps, soups & salads, pastas and other entrees, subs, panini, wraps, pizzas, calzones, and desserts. They also cater.

Pizza in Baltimore

A new place opened up in the 1600 block of Fleet Street in Fells Point by the name of Grafitti Pizza that is kicking out some pretty good pies, along with other Italian fare. Some of their toppings are a little...unconventional but by and large it's good, handmade, with honest ingredients. Oddly enough I have found slices to be better than whole pies. I can also recommend the calzones.

Pizza in Baltimore

Most slice places in Baltimore suffer from bland undercooked crusts, topped with over sweet sauce and gummy cheese. HOWEVER, The best slice I have found is at Hot Tomatoes on Broadway in Fells Point. Excellent crunchy chewy crust and everything is hand made. This place is one of Baltimore's unknown gems. Plus, they are open late - until 3am weekends.

Hot Tomatoes
717 S Broadway, Baltimore, MD 21231

Eggs Benedict

Blue Moon in Fells Point has a few nice variations on Eggs Benny, and they have been consistently delicious every time I have been there. Perfectly cooked eggs and interesting add ons like artichoke or crab pretty much set me up for a full days worth of weekend recreation, whether it's an athletic afternoon out and about or just riding the couch.

Blue Moon Cafe
1621 Aliceanna St, Baltimore, MD 21231

Top five Baltimore area pizza places?

Hot Tomatoes - opposite side of Broadway and one block south of Little Italy - has much better pizza than LI. Pretty much everything - crust, sauce, cheese, topping - is much fresher, tastier and more well executed than Little Italy. In fact, I would say it is easily the best in Fells Point and one of the best in southeast Baltimore.

Problems with Whole Foods in Harbor East

For a litany of the sins Whole Foods commits check out Michael Pollan's Omnivore's Dilemma. You might as well shop at Wal-Mart.

What is Maryland known for?

Silver Queen corn is native to the Eastern Shore, developed by a horticulturist ot the University of Maryland.

Seeking a semi casual and/or hip seafood joint in baltimore...

Not much in Mt. Vernon, but Mama's on the Half Shell in Canton fits your description and is just a short drive or cab ride away.

List of Baltimore wants/questions

Mehek closed a while ago.

List of Baltimore wants/questions

For brewpubs you have to start with The Brewer's Art, recently named to several "best bars in America" lists. They have great food, too. The Wharf Rat in Fells Point has some tasty house made ales. Brewer's Art does Belgian style, while Wharf Rat does British.

Fell's Point - ideas for a late afternoon drink outside?

Alexander's Tavern on Broadway has outdoor tables and a good location.

JD's Smokehouse - Canton, Baltimore

I'm not looking for anything fancy or particularly mind blowing, just some acceptable 'cue. Worth it, or would the disappointment factor bring me down?

Soft Shell Crabs Yet?

I saw soft shells at the fish stand in Cross Street Market a couple of days ago...sure sign of spring

Louisana Cooking

Zatarain's is now owned by Maryland's McCormick, so you might want to look around for their stuff. Most everything else can be found at Lexington Market. Chesapeake cooking is not too far from a lot of Southern cuisine, except we have have the sense not to boil our shellfish.

Fishmonger in DC?

I used to work at Eastern Market (Southern Maryland Seafood) and the merchandise we handled was first rate. In fact, it is what I judge every seafood counter by. Now this was quite a few years ago, but it is run by the same family and I would have a hard time believing that it has changed much.

Eggs Benedict in Bmore

My roommate went there about a week ago and he raved about it. He is a professional waiter and is pretty particular about restaurants, so I take his recommendation quite seriously. But, this post says nothing about eggs benedict...

No More Good Bakeries? (Balto. version)

Well...I live across the street from H&S Bakery which, in addition from being one of the largest baked goods factories on the east coast, is also a major landlord around here. If it's good enough for McDonald's, then it's good enough for the nation. Almost every other day the entire neighborhood smells like burnt toast! The sound of their industrial kneeding machines lulls me to sleep every night, and the odd noises coming from tanker trucks pumping flour, oil and sugar into nozzles on the side of the building awaken me every morning - the truck drivers beat the sides of their trucks with rubber hammers to get every last bit of that wheaty goodness out. But seriously, I can get three half-loaves of sliced rye bread for a dollar right there, and that's not even the good stuff. The best part is their bread never goes stale. In fact, I can leave it on my kitchen table for a month before it even starts to get moldy. The sheer amount of preservatives I get from their tasty treats ensures that my descendants won't have to spend any money on embalming after I'm gone. If that's not good baking then you must hate freedom!

BBQ Near Asheville NC

Thanks for all the suggestions. I went to Bridges Barbecue Lodge in Shelby and it was GREAT! If I am ever within 50 miles of Shelby I will go there again. Everything about that place rocked my world. Excellent pork and the best hush puppies I have ever eaten. Southern hospitality at its finest!!!!

Pupusas in Baltimore

Restaurante El Salvador on Broadway has excellent papusas. I usually get mine at the cafe in the Broadway Market (North Stall). They are great, but there is not much in the way of seating etc. Since papusas are snack food I think it is OK to do it market style, especially since they are so delish!

Where would you take Anthony Bourdain?

Pollock Johnny's for a big sausage with their "The Works" sauce. The sausage is great, but that sauce is something special. Ostrowski's would be good, too, just so you can be where it's made. BTW, in Kitchen Confidential he has more unkind words about Baltimore than anything else in the book, which is saying something.

BBQ Near Asheville NC

I will be traveling between Charlotte and Asheville early next month, and I really want to get some North Carolina pulled pork. I will probably be in Asheville for a couple of days, so anything nearby would be cool. Looking for any and all recommendations. Would prefer something along the lines of a roadside shack, but anything that really qualifies as the real deal is OK with me. The more recommendations the better, thank you!!

fish tacos in Baltimore

I go to Tortillaria and Las Palmas all the time, but have never had fish tacos (my favorite at Las Palmas are the Enchiladas Verdes.) Neither have margaritas. For a completely different atmosphere, Taco Fiesta in Harbor East has really tasty fish tacos, good drinks, and an extensive salsa bar. They also have nice happy hour deals.

Baltimore area, live crabs, where?

I just saw some pretty nice ones at the seafood stall in Broadway Market. I poked at them, and they were kicking. Didn't ask the price, though, since I was buying a white bass at the time.

Baltimore Goat

I just discovered that my roommate has never eaten goat. I usually get my goat (no pun intended) at Caribbean fests, street venders and the like. So my question is: where is the best goat in Baltimore? Bonus points go to the closest to downtown, as I suspect that Park Heights might be the best neighborhood for this delicacy. Extra bonus points for a butcher that can give me fresh goat that I can cook at home. Cheers!!!

Soft Shells in Baltimore

It's that time, and I need my fix. Any good soft shells in Baltimore now?

Bmore: El Taquito vs. Tortilleria

El Taquito is probably the oldest Mexican joint in the neighborhood, and although I haven't been there in a while, it has always been muy autentico. I still think Tortilleria is the best for just tacos, nothing else. I think they have the best tacos in town. For Salvadoran, especially papusas, I like Restaurante El Salvador. The enchiladas verde (chicken) at Las Palmas (on Eastern, not in the Latin Palace) are excellent, other dishes are hit or miss, but always a bargain and never too bad. I have had the tamales from the taco truck up the street and they hit the spot, especially since a lot of the places down here don't make tamales. The only negative comment I can make is about the rotisserie chicken place on Broadway - although I've only been there once - but I found their chicken to be way too salty.