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Planning trip to OR - need recs!!

Pastini works for me because the dishes are wonderful and the price point is quite reasonable....I think around 8-10 bucks if memory serves me. I have not had a bad meal there and I love the is affordable and good too, something like 5 dollars for a glass of Sangiovese. I also like the 3 cheese ravioli, plus they have a wonderful bolognese sauce that is even better than mine! Come to think of it, the carbonara is better than mine, too! The salads are good, we always have the bistro salad and share it. Service is always very friendly, the atmosphere is nice and the food comes pretty quick. They seem to be growing, there are stores on: 23rd, Division; Broadway; Downtown and Bridgepart as far as I know. Oh yeah, I like the tiramisu too.
Oh, and I agree with Leonardo on Pizza Schmizza, it seems overpriced for some pretty bad pizza. The store in Wilsonville looks like it's going out of biz and the staff is scary.

Aug 16, 2009
darmabum in Pacific Northwest