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Best margarita mix??

I've tried TONS of margarita mixes. Some are so disgusting and you can tell by looking at them. the bottle is an abnormal green and the ingredient list is missing any sign of real juice. i primarily use mixes because i have a margarita machine and it's WAY EASIER to use a lime based mix than squeeze a crap load of limes. the best one i have found so far is margarita texas mix. usually pour in my blender at this ratio:
4oz mix
3oz tequila
2oz orange liqueur
link: http://margaritatexas.com/mix

Mar 10, 2011
smithy in Spirits

margarita mix

just to add my 2 cents to an old post. i've tried many margarita mixes, including those horrible florescent green ones. i recently stumbled across one i tried at a festival called Margarita Texas Mix. it actually tastes like a bunch of fresh squeezed limes with simple syrup. easy to use in my margarita machine rather than squeezing tons of limes.
link: http://margaritatexas.com/mix

Mar 09, 2011
smithy in General Topics