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"Meet the parents" dinner in Cambridge or suburbs

Will do. Thanks guys! :)

"Meet the parents" dinner in Cambridge or suburbs

Thanks everyone for the great suggestions! We decided to go with Summer Shack. My mom has been there before and likes it a lot, so it's in her comfort zone -- perfect. I agree that putting my parents at ease is probably the most important thing.

Meanwhile, the boyfriend and I are planning to try EVOO the next night. Very excited. Thanks again for your thoughts!

"Meet the parents" dinner in Cambridge or suburbs

Thanks for the suggestions! EVOO sounds perfect except that it's a bit expensive. I did some searching and found another place that might work: Scutra in Arlington. Has anyone ever been there?

"Meet the parents" dinner in Cambridge or suburbs

Hi Boston-area Chowhounds,

I'm looking for something pretty specific and am hoping you guys will have some suggestions. My boyfriend is meeting my parents and brother over dinner next week, and I'm trying to figure out where to make reservations. It's been a while since I've lived in the Boston area so my knowledge of the restaurant scene is sadly limited.

Variables in this equation:
* My parents live in Concord, but we could probably go as far as Cambridge for the right place
* I want someplace low-key so this dinner doesn't seem like too big of a deal
* My mom doesn't eat spicy food and is not a super adventurous eater in general
* My boyfriend doesn't tend to like Italian restaurants; he really likes New American food with local ingredients and yuppie stuff like that :)
* Nothing too pricey (again, keeping it low-key)... looking for entrees in the $15-22 zone

Any thoughts? :)