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Scottsdale, Old Town Area, Restaurants with Veg Options

They can't all be birthday dinners, right? For a more casual dinner, try Green in South Scottsdale (5 minutes south of old town). It's vegan all the way, but doesn't suffer from the typical pitfalls of your vegan fare. Great mock chicken wings!

2240 N Scottsdale Rd, Tempe, AZ 85281

Sep 13, 2010
tabe1978 in Phoenix

Barrio Cafe

Agreed with above. Easily in anyone's discussion for best Mexican in town, and my personal favorite. But I haven't been in over a year due to consistently long lines (over 45 minutes for dinner, no res taken, small waiting area).

Jul 13, 2010
tabe1978 in Phoenix

Need recs for a casual restaurant with a great beer list in PHX

I have read heard positive comments about Old World Brewery. But from what I understand, it's more of a brewery with an occassional band playing than a pub and grub spot. Still, it's on that side of town and is a local brewery spot. Check it out and report back!

old world brewery
201 W Lone Cactus Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85027

May 05, 2010
tabe1978 in Phoenix

5th & Wine, Old Town Scottsdale. Anyone been?

I strongly recommend 5th and Wine for drinks, casual dinner or happy hour. It's a cheaper version of Postino's, with a little less "scene" and a shorter wait.

The drink menu is ample, and very well priced. They sell about 20 wines by the glass, all of whcih are $5 before 6PM. After 6PM, the prices range between $5 and 7$ per glass. I haven't gotten bottle service from there.

The atmosphere is warm and inviting, with leather sofas and seats along the front window, and tables for diners scattered around the rest of the house. The service has been very friendly both times I've been (though a little slow when it gets busy).

The menu is limited (sandwiches and sandwiches, mostly). The bruschetta is the clear winner here. While the quality of the ingredients doesn't quite match the bruschetta from Postino, the bargain price more than makes up for the difference (2 for $4, 4 for $7, 6 for $10, 8 for $13).

How often can you say there's a wine bar that's got good food at good prices? That alone justifies a five stars recommendation.

Mar 04, 2010
tabe1978 in Phoenix

Seeking great pie in Scottsdale (preferably) or Phoenix

The lack of action on this thread proves my longstanding belief that Phoenix is seriously lacking in quality bakeries. There's Simply Bread and...... Arizona Bread Co? No corner bakeries in Phoenix.

Simply Bread
2117 N 24th St, Phoenix, AZ 85008

Arizona Bread Co
315 W Elliot Rd # 108, Tempe, AZ

Nov 05, 2009
tabe1978 in Phoenix

Downtown Phoenix lunch options

There's a strip of 3 restaurants on 1st St between Filmore and Jefferson.

Turf Pub (Irish food. I've been for happy hour, very average food, but good selection of suds).
Sens Tapas (Japanese style tapas. Excellent and unique)
Pasta Bar (self-explanatory menu. It's supposed to be great, have yet to try myself)

705 N 1st Street 120, Phoenix, AZ 85004

Pasta Bar
705 N 1st Street 110, Phoenix, AZ 85004

Oct 15, 2009
tabe1978 in Phoenix

Need a Bar in Phoenix

My workplace is currently on a run of heading to Turf Associate for happy hour. Good beer selection, easy atmosphere, fair prices. Food is standard bar food, very average. Located downtown, on 1st St between Filmore and Roosevelt. Parking can be an issue.

I also enjoy Carly's Bistro, at 2nd and Roosevelt. More funky, less pub-ish. Again, good beer selection, and good HH prices. Food is above average, non-bar food. Salads, and sandwiches and dips.

Turf Pub

Carly's Bistro
128 E Roosevelt St, Phoenix, AZ 85004

Sep 09, 2009
tabe1978 in Phoenix

Favorite Italian / Pizza places In Tucson.

Fiorito's (traditional italian restaurant, with great pies. Crisp, buttery crust)

Brooklyn pizza (very casual, fold-over style pizza. Garlicky sauce. Affordable

Basil's (Excellent, thin crust. Rich sauce and top quality ingredients

Aug 31, 2009
tabe1978 in Southwest

Coffee shop in Phoenix/Scottsdale

Jolta Java (Scottsdale and Acoma)

Aug 15, 2009
tabe1978 in Phoenix

PHX - need a nice bar with good food for a date

Several good North Scottdale suggestsions here. Do those count as N. Valley?

Zinc Bistro (sit outside, if the weather is tolerable)
Cafe Pino (a bit more casual)
Yasu Sushi Bistro (more of a restaurant)

Adding links is busted.
Cafe Pino-

Aug 14, 2009
tabe1978 in Phoenix