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Indian restaurants [Sonoma County]

Thanks, Melanie-

We live in Healdsburg and have had takeout from Sizzling tandor multiple times. Not bad, but not stellar- the quality has improved over time, though! We'll have to try Himalayan- too bad it's Monday.

Indian restaurants [Sonoma County]

Just kind of playing- we live in Healdsburg and have not been that satisfied with the indian restaurant here! I suppose I'm more interested in Northern Indian food, although all regions have interesting dishes!

Indian restaurants [Sonoma County]

interested in good indian restaurants in sonoma county. Any ideas?

Looking for a caterer in the East Bay

please see my review of Ann Walker-we loved her, and my wife is a serious foodie and a great cook! ( I just eat and sometimes clean up)

Ann Walker Catering in San Anselmo

I left a message here about 2 monthes ago looking for a caterer of my retirement party and Ann Walker was suggested. She was fantastic. How many caterers would say-you have enough food-don't order any more? The food was delicious-appetizers and small plates for five hours. She was substantially more reasonable than several of her competitors.Highest reccomendations. She works anywhere in the Bay Area. We live in Montclair.

Ann Walker Catering
40 Kensington Rd, San Anselmo, CA 94960

Retirement dinner

We're having a retirement celebration in April and are looking for a caterer. We want to do smallplates with a streets of San Francisco and Mumbai theme to cover all the ethnicities in the group about 100-125 pperson in the late afternoon and early evening. (not including liquor) Any suggestions. The party will be in Oakland.

eastbay bbq

having a meeting on Telegraph ave in Berkeley tomorrow nite and need good takeout bbq somewhere reasonably close by- not everett and jones or trex!

Good butcher in Northern Sonoma County?

Does anyone know a good butcher in the Healdsburg Santa Rosa area. Also, we're interested in goat meat.