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out of towner needs help

Thanks all. These sound great! I figure we can get in about 12 meals in 2 1/2 days if we plan well.

Jan 11, 2011
kitchenkate in Prairie Provinces

out of towner needs help

I will be in Calgary (from Boston) for a few days in February with my culinarily adventurous 17 y.o. Any recommendations for chow-ish, not to be missed spots? Anywhere on the scale from high end to down and dirty are welcome, particularly things that are distinctive to the area. Thanks in advance.

Jan 10, 2011
kitchenkate in Prairie Provinces

Best Halibut in a Cambridge/Boston restaurant?

Try the fish tacos at Picco in the South End. Always halibut, always good.

Best pizza

Is Picco still in the hunt? I enjoyed it quite a bit but have not been in several months.

Me and Mrs. Jones

I wandered into Mrs. Jones last Wednesday...empty, but for the very friendly proprietors. I walked out with some ok fried chicken and some of the best ribs I have had in the Boston area. Spare ribs, trimmed to the St. Louis configuration (no tips or brisket attached). Very lean, mildly smoky, and lightly sauced. No superfluous fat at all. Four stars. I'll be back.

Sit down BBQ w/ alcohol?

I second Soul Fire. Good meat, good sauces.

kielbasa to buy!

Golema in Worcester, just outside of Kelly Square.

Sound Familiar?

Yup, Village Fish is gone--the sign says it will be reopening in Needham.

On the original topic, Dok Bua does great things with some fish. Super Fusion in Washington Square is pretty darn good, and there is that new pan-Asian storefront on the block just before Stop & Shop on Harvard, the name of which escapes me. And, of course, there is always Jae's.

cafeteria tropical JP

the HS fish market has a sign that says "coming soon." Unfortunately, i cannot comment yet on the fried chicken as the only fried chicken available on my visits has been chicharones de pollo--the deep fried little pieces--and they were on a par with Yely's.

Business-ish dinner in Needham Area

If Indian works for you (them), Masala Art was pretty ok the last time I went, which, granted was about 6 mos. plus ago. Not Your Average Joe's is pretty average, and can get a bit loud.

cafeteria tropical JP

Centre Street, Jackson Square.

cafeteria tropical JP

Now open, and I love it already.

On my first visit (breakfast) I had eggs, chicharones, sausage, maduros, and yuca. Plus a mango shake and a taste of the lobster ceviche that the owner offered (available for $12 a serving). Everything was great. Second visit (afternoon) featured ribs and fried chicken. Still great.

Third visit will follow extensive run this evening. Calorie balance, you know.