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French Laundry in Napa or Joel Robuchon in Las Vegas - Which one?

I've also dined at both and although Robuchon is excellent, FL is in an entirely different league. For my tastes, FL has a better setting, better scenery, and is a more relaxed dining experience.

Sep 29, 2009
drycap in San Francisco Bay Area

Spencer on the Go truck

Funny, I did the exact same thing with the puff pastry the other day when I tried this. I had the sweet breads which were as Robert described and also tried the escargot pop; which is escargot encased in batter with garlic butter inside, on a stick...very tasty. They also sold Sweet Construction cookies, which are absolutely fantastic, especially the sandwich cookie with rasberry and creme filling.

Aug 21, 2009
drycap in San Francisco Bay Area

Prettiest and most picturesque winery?

Since wine isn't your primary goal here, you might consider Jordan in Healdsburg. I think you can tour by appointment. It's basically a French chateau perched on the top of the hill overlooking the valley. Stunning views.

Aug 19, 2009
drycap in San Francisco Bay Area

Trying to find SF or East Bay coffee shop or cafe with comfortable seating

I've been trying to hunt down a good place to sit, relax, and enjoy several cups of espresso while reading. The key is somewhere that has cushioned comfortable chairs. I'd prefer somewhere fairly quiet, decent coffee, maybe something to nibble. The place I go to that most fits this is Cole Coffee on College Avenue in Berkeley, but they really only have a couple arm chairs (like you'd have in your living room) so they are usually occupied. Some of the Peet's in the Bay Area have some cushioned bench seating, but I'd love to find seating I can really sink in to.

I would appreciate any suggestions anyone has of a place that would fit this description, preferably in SF or the east bay...but I'd venture out farther for a great spot. Thanks.

Aug 13, 2009
drycap in San Francisco Bay Area