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Gourmet Cupcakes?

Has anyone heard of the "Chocolate Brunette" I think that was her name, I remember seeing her on Breakfast television months ago. Anyone know where they sell her products? I am really interested in her nutella cupcakes!

Ribfest 2009 season - anyone been?

With this heat as of late I am not sure if I will actually head down to ribfest in Burlington this year. As great as it is to be down there experiencing the action, I have found that Jake's Grill and Oyster House has a great deal and you can sit down and be served. Not sure the price, I think it was around $13, just a thought

Best romantic, yet creative and modern restaurant in Toronto?

I would agree that Colburn Lane would be your best bet! It is so great, fun and there is nothing more romantic than exploring food and flavours with someone you care my opinion...

Best Burgers in Toronto?

I agree, Craft Burger is great for something quick! Not good for my waistline that they opened one around the corner from my house on yonge and bloor!