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Where could I find Mozartkugel in Montreal?

Brill! Thanks will try there then! (there goes my diet!) :)

Where could I find Mozartkugel in Montreal?

Hey peeps,

Unfortunately, just got completely addicted and I need a fix! :)

Any can point me to an Austrian / German shop which might stock these chocolatey sins?

Thanks in advance!


Les Enfants Terribles?

Unfortunately... food still not great and service worse! I went yesterday, and the staff is stressed... they're noting everyone's mistake amonsgt themselves while serving the clients (not very relaxing let me tell you!)

The owner is also very rude! It was made clear that as soon as you pay you need to vacate to make room to other wallets. I've never been treated so unrespectfully after paying a 150$ to a restaurant on a Wednesday night.

The terrasse and decor are indeed great, but for a restaurant, the owner should stay well-hidden, the waiters should relax a bit, and the cook should try to at least like his job a bit.

Will wait for new management to go back!!!! In the meantime, I will continue to stick around Lemeac.