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L.A. foodies need to know: Proof? Corduroy?

Sounds like Proof is a hit! Can't wait to try in two weeks. Thanks so much!

L.A. foodies need to know: Proof? Corduroy?

Darn darn! Marcels! Grrrr auto-correct!

L.A. foodies need to know: Proof? Corduroy?

We have read up and eliminated Citronelle and Marvels. Had to narrow it down! Also eliminated OvalRoom. No tapas, please. Would love a great and memorable location...outdoors maybe even? Staying near Dupont Circle, although with public transportation readily available (hooray!) Not limited on location. Would love advice. Lastly, want to be dressed a trendy 30 something way. Thanks in advance for help!

3000 M Street NW, Washington, DC 20007

L.A. 30 somethings looking for a great bar to watch football in D.C.

We want a fun locals spot with good food and drink.

Suggestions for my wife's 30th birthday in the South Bay?

How about Chef Melba's in Hermosa Beach? AWESOME food. Ambiance quaint and can see chef and owner cooking away in kitchen/at grill. Could be a bit more than price range if you have to tackle alcohol issue. For a fun, low-key place, Riviera Grill is great in Redondo as well.

Aug 12, 2009
Sharonr5 in Los Angeles Area